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Product Catalogue 2017 | Mahn Medizinprodukte GmbH



X-RAY UNITS 69 X-ray Units were designed, manufactured and marketed radiological systems for dental and medical applications. Leveraging more than 50 years of experience in X-ray field and the know-how covers all technologies which can create either a modern radiographic examination room as well as an efficient imaging integration of a comprehensive dental practice. From full-digital Radiographic/Fluoroscopic rooms up to dental 3D systems featuring innovative „Cone Beam“ technology, our catalogue permits a complete and flexible configuration of all systems, while our preventive maintenance programs and service contracts, totally adapted to customer‘s needs, are assuring a regular and qualified support for our partners worldwide. Furthermore you will find our portable X-ray units to have the distinction of being different specifications and features to the customer´s request. GENERAL RADIOGRAPHY SYSTEMS 70 Villa moviplan 800 70 Villa moviplan iC 70 CEILING TUBE STAND 70 Villa LEM Plus 70 Villa LEM Plus iC 70 R/F RADIOGRAPHY / FLUOROSCOPY SYSTEMS 71 Villa apollo 71 Villa apollo EZ DRF 71 Villa apollo EZ 71 Villa apollo DRF 71 Villa apollo DRF open 72 MOBILE RADIOGRAPHY UNITS 72 Villa Visitor T4 72 Villa Visitor T30C 72 Villa Visitor T30 C-DR 73 Villa Visitor T30 M 73 Villa Visitor T30 M-DR 73 R/F RADIOGRAPHY / FLUOROSCOPY SYSTEMS TILTING TABLES Villa vision 74 Villa viromatic 74 MOBILE FLUOROSCOPY UNITS 74 Villa Arcovis 3000S 74 Villa Arcovis 3000R 74 MAMMOGRAPHY X-RAY UNITS 75 Villa Melody III 75 Villa Melody III D 75 Villa Melody III D TS 75 STRETCHER 75 TT 9201 75 TT9202 75 DR DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY SYSTEMS 76 Villa Armonicus 76 Villa Moviplan iC / DR 76 DENTAL PANORAMIC SYSTEMS 76 Villa rotograph prime 76 DENTAL PANORAMIC SYSTEMS WITH CEPH. 76 Villa rotograph evo + evoD 76 DENTAL 3D CBCT SYSTEMS 77 Villa rotograph evo 3D 77 Villa rotograph prime 3D 77 INTRA ORAL IMAGING SOLUTIONS 77 Villa scanograph 77 Villa videograph 77 DENTAL INTRA ORAL X-RAY UNITS 78 DENTAL INTRAORAL – WALL Villa endos AC / endos ACP 78 DENTAL INTRAORAL – MOBILE Villa endograph DC 78 PORTABLE X-RAY UNITS 79 meX+20 79 meX+40 79 meX+60 79 meX+100 79 meX+20BT 80 meX+40BT 80 meX+100BT 80 MOBILE STANDS 81 PXMS-1800 81 PXMS-2010 81 STATUS: NOVEMBER 2017

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