NTI Brochure

Take a look through the National Theater Institute brochure! Founded in 1970, NTI's credit-earning theater intensives — taught by industry professionals and master teachers — train actors, singers, directors, dancers, designers, playwrights, and composers in comprehensive training. Graduates leave NTI with the skill sets to produce, write, direct, and act in their own work, as well as create their own path in the industry.

Take a look through the National Theater Institute brochure! Founded in 1970, NTI's credit-earning theater intensives — taught by industry professionals and master teachers — train actors, singers, directors, dancers, designers, playwrights, and composers in comprehensive training. Graduates leave NTI with the skill sets to produce, write, direct, and act in their own work, as well as create their own path in the industry.


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Artistic Director<br />


<strong>NTI</strong> is a practicum. It is your laboratory. We hope<br />

to test your limits. We hope that you exceed your own<br />

expectations and perceptions of what those limits<br />

may be. We hope to redefine what you believe is<br />

possible, the possibilities of what can happen in a<br />

day, and the possibilities of what can happen on<br />

the stage. The people you work with here join you<br />

on your professional and personal journey sharing<br />

a common experience, language, and work ethic<br />

in a craft that we believe is vitally important,<br />

essential to our lives and our society.<br />

Ready? Let’s begin.

<strong>NTI</strong> IS THE PLACE...<br />

where driven young artists flock to learn 10 hours a day,<br />

seven days a week, training across all theatrical disciplines.<br />

where master teachers and industry professionals choose to teach.<br />

PHOTO<br />






MUSIC<br />



where aspiring theatermakers meet one another and go on to<br />

create their own work for decades afterward, founding new<br />

companies and pushing American theater forward.<br />

PHOTO<br />

<strong>NTI</strong><br />



where actors find they are also playwrights; where<br />

directors find they are also designers and dancers.<br />

<strong>NTI</strong><br />



where new composers, directors, writers, designers, and actors<br />

realize they can do it all.<br />

to Risk, Fail, and Risk Again.<br />

MOSCOW<br />



THEATER-<br />

MAKERS<br />

SUMMER<br />


Much of what we now take for granted<br />

in contemporary theater contains DNA that<br />

can be traced back to a green patch of<br />

land overlooking the Long Island Sound in<br />

Waterford, CT.<br />

– The O’Neill: Transformation of Modern American Theater<br />

by Jeffrey Sweet. Published by Yale University Press 2014.<br />

your launchpad<br />


The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center is the nation’s preeminent developmental theater<br />

and the recipient of two Tony Awards and the National Medal of Arts. The O’Neill is<br />

home to the National Theater Institute and dedicated to nurturing new work and new<br />

artists. Additional programs include the National Playwrights Conference, National<br />

Music Theater Conference, National Critics Institute, National Puppetry Conference,<br />

and Cabaret & Performance Conference. Originating the process of developing new<br />

plays through script-in-hand staged readings, scores of projects developed at the<br />

O’Neill have gone on to full production at other theaters around the world including<br />

Broadway, off-Broadway, London’s West End, and major regional theaters.<br />

The launchpad of American theater, the O’Neill is and has been an artistic home<br />

to writers August Wilson, Wendy Wasserstein, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Edward Albee,<br />

John Patrick Shanley, Kia Corthron, Christopher Durang, Jeanine Tesori, John<br />

Guare, Robert Lopez, David Auburn, Theresa Rebeck, Samuel D. Hunter, Jennifer<br />

Haley, Alfred Uhry, Tom Kitt, and John Logan; directors Lloyd Richards, Jason Moore,<br />

Leigh Silverman, Thomas Kail, and Rebecca Taichman; actors Michael Douglas,<br />

Meryl Streep, Danny DeVito, Kristin Chenoweth, Al Pacino, Sarah Jessica Parker,<br />

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Cynthia Nixon, Kelli O’Hara, and Steve Kazee.



<strong>NTI</strong> is a 14-week laboratory where you gain tangible<br />

tools while creating new work. From 7:30am to 10pm,<br />

seven days a week, you work as a member of an<br />

ensemble finding out what excites you about the art of<br />

theater and developing the skills to boldly apply that<br />

knowledge to your work.<br />

Fall &<br />

Spring<br />

Semesters<br />

20<br />

Credit<br />

Hours<br />

Two<br />

Weeks in<br />

London<br />

Classes include Contemporary Acting, Playwriting, Directing, Singing, Dance, Stage<br />

Combat, Improv, Producing, Shakespeare, Design, Droznin, Movement and Voice,<br />

Composition, Audition Technique, and Acting for the Camera.<br />

Two Weeks Studying Abroad offers exposure to the cultural, historical, and theatrical<br />

richness of London. You train in Lecoq technique with the internationally renowned<br />

company Complicite, see shows, and participate in <strong>NTI</strong>’s singular series of master classes.<br />

Weekly Theater Labs challenge you to put what you’re learning in class on its feet.<br />

When given just 15 hours to stage a scene, you learn to trust your creative instincts.<br />

Under the mentorship of a professional director, you gain practical experience with a<br />

wealth of classical and contemporary texts.<br />

Attend Professional Performances on Broadway, off-Broadway, and at notable<br />

regional theaters throughout the semester.<br />

Playwrights’ & Librettists’ Week is dedicated to the staging of original oneact<br />

plays written, directed, designed, performed, and produced by your ensemble.<br />

This collaborative week supports and amplifies the voices of the next generation of<br />

American theater writers under the mentorship of several professional playwrights.<br />

During Company Project, your ensemble collaboratively produces a full-length<br />

work guided by a prompt. You have two weeks to devise a new piece of theater<br />

unique to your ensemble. Through public performances, you showcase what you<br />

have learned and what has inspired you throughout the semester.



NMTI is a laboratory, an exploration into the depths of what it<br />

means to be a complete music theater artist. From 7:30am to<br />

10pm, seven days a week, you are creating theater. The 14-week<br />

program enables you to hone your craft, find your voice, and meet<br />

with like-minded collaborators all while creating original work.<br />

Fall<br />

Semester<br />

20<br />

Credit<br />

Hours<br />

Two<br />

Weeks in<br />

New York<br />

Classes include Song Performance, Acting, Dance, Choreography, Composition,<br />

Lyric Writing, Song Analysis, Voice into Text, Music Theater History, Droznin, Audition<br />

Technique, Business of the Business, Improv, Directing, and Movement and Voice.<br />

Two Weeks Studying in NYC, the epicenter of music theater, allows you to train<br />

with professionals in a singular series of master classes. Attend nightly performances<br />

and participate in Q&As with artists working in every facet of music theater.<br />

Weekly Music Theater Labs challenge you to put what you are learning in<br />

class on its feet. When given just 15 hours to stage a scene, you learn to trust your<br />

creative instincts. Under the mentorship of a professional guest artist, you gain<br />

practical experience with a wealth of music theater works.<br />

Attend Professional Performances on Broadway, off-Broadway, and at<br />

notable regional theaters throughout the semester.<br />

Playwrights’ & Librettists’ Week is dedicated to the staging of new<br />

30-minute musicals written, composed, directed, choreographed, performed, and<br />

produced by your ensemble. This collaborative week provides a first glance at the<br />

future of the American musical under the mentorship of current contributors to the<br />

music theater canon.<br />

During Company Project, your ensemble collaboratively produces a full-length<br />

work guided by a prompt. You have two weeks to devise an original work unique to<br />

your ensemble. Through public performances, you showcase what you have learned<br />

and what has inspired you throughout the semester.

<strong>NTI</strong>’s Advanced Semesters provide<br />

student and early-career artists<br />

the opportunity to hone their craft<br />

and create a solid body of work<br />

with the guidance and tutelage of<br />

master teachers.<br />

<strong>NTI</strong>-ADVANCED<br />


<strong>NTI</strong>-ADVANCED<br />


Fall &<br />

Spring<br />

Semesters<br />

16<br />

Credit<br />

Hours<br />

Two<br />

Weeks in<br />

London<br />

Spring<br />

Semester<br />

16<br />

Credit<br />

Hours<br />

Two<br />

Weeks in<br />

London<br />

Advanced Directors are immersed in the practice and theory of stage directing.<br />

Integrated with the <strong>NTI</strong> Semester, you learn about all facets of theater with the specific<br />

intent of preparing you to excel as a director. Studying with professional directors<br />

helps you understand the history of directing and challenges you to dream about<br />

the future of your craft. Skills are acquired through observerships, special theater<br />

trips, and two weeks studying abroad in London. With weekly opportunities to direct,<br />

this practical-based program strengthens your passion for directing, expands artistic<br />

boundaries, and emphasizes collaboration. It teaches you how to think about the big<br />

picture and how to convey that vision to an audience.<br />

Advanced Playwrights expand their craft and refine their voice at the home of new play<br />

development. Under the guidance of some of America’s best contemporary playwrights,<br />

you learn the process and craft of playwriting as well as the business of producing your<br />

own work. Advanced Playwrights write new plays every week which are given readings by<br />

fellow ensemble members. You leave with a portfolio of plays and an arsenal of contacts.<br />

Through integration with the <strong>NTI</strong> Semester, you will take a variety of workshops and<br />

master classes to deepen your skills as a well-rounded theater artist and spend two weeks<br />

studying abroad in London. Advanced Playwrights also take part in the Humana Festival<br />

of New American Plays in Louisville, Kentucky.



Fall<br />

Semester<br />

20<br />

Credit<br />

Hours<br />

Acclaimed<br />

US-Russia<br />

Partnership<br />

“Why go to MATS? We offer a total immersion in the craft of<br />

theater. You will experience the vitality of one of the world’s<br />

first-class theaters and Moscow’s best teachers. Come to Moscow<br />

to challenge yourself as a professional. There are very few places<br />

in the world where theater truly matters. This is one.”<br />


President, Moscow Art Theatre School<br />

Classes include Daily Acting, Russian Movement, Ballet, Traditional Dance,<br />

Stage Design, Russian Theater History, Russian Language, Singing, Cinema History,<br />

and Stage Combat.<br />

Experience Conservatory Rigor with classes 10am to 6pm, six days a week,<br />

taught by masters at one of the world’s most renowned theater schools.<br />

Immerse Yourself in the Culture by attending up to 25 performances of<br />

theater, opera, ballet, and concerts as well as frequent museum and cultural visits,<br />

plus a weekend in St. Petersburg.<br />

Live in the Heart of Moscow in a newly renovated dormitory, offering double<br />

or single rooms, with a kitchen, Wi-Fi, excellent security, and laundry.<br />

Discover the Birthplace of Modern Drama as a student of the Stanislavski<br />

method in the very theater where he developed his approach. <strong>NTI</strong> and the Moscow<br />

Art Theatre School enjoy one of the longest and most celebrated continual cultural<br />

exchanges between the US and Russia.



6 Week<br />

Summer<br />

Program<br />

8<br />

Credit<br />

Hours<br />

New Work<br />

Intensive<br />

Theatermakers invites actors, directors, and playwrights to<br />

train intensively in a single discipline while producing<br />

new works alongside the O’Neill’s professional conferences.<br />

Classes include Business of the Business, Authentic Movement, Songwriting,<br />

Acting for the Camera, Droznin, Shakespeare, Composing for Non-Composers,<br />

Puppetry, Audition Technique, New Play Development, Improv, Music Theater, and<br />

exclusive Q&As with prominent guest artists.<br />

Original Work comes to life each week written, directed, and performed by the<br />

Theatermakers ensemble. Your work is given public presentations as part of the<br />

O’Neill’s summer season. Theatermakers enables you to perform in at least six new<br />

shows throughout the summer.<br />

Mentorship is provided through daily master classes and workshops. Train with<br />

award-winning professionals and emerging artists who help guide you through the<br />

rigorous practice of producing your own work each week.<br />

Cultivate Professional Experience through assistantships and observerships<br />

while creating new work with the National Playwrights Confer ence and the National<br />

Music Theater Conference. Additionally, you also gain exposure to the latest<br />

developments in the arts of Puppetry, Criticism, and Producing.


<strong>NTI</strong> brings master teachers and industry<br />

professionals into your classroom. Often you’ll<br />

see the work of your faculty on Broadway,<br />

off-Broadway, at regional theaters, and on<br />

film and television in the same semester. You<br />

will spend 10 hours a day working with these<br />

professionals, building skills, expanding your<br />

range as an artist, making connections, and<br />

gaining valuable mentors.​<br />

Learn more about our faculty at<br />

NationalTheaterInstitute.org/faculty<br />

15<br />

75 98%<br />

Tony Award-nominated actor Forrest McClendon<br />

teaching “Choicework,” a technique for actors<br />

NMTI Associate Scott Murphy teaching Composition<br />

core faculty<br />

members<br />

work with you<br />

each week<br />

guest<br />

artists teach<br />

throughout<br />

the semester<br />

of faculty<br />

are currently<br />

working<br />

professionally<br />

Performance artist Shakina Nayfack<br />

rehearsing a reading of her new play with students<br />

14 10 95%<br />

students<br />

on average<br />

per class<br />

hours of<br />

instruction<br />

per day<br />

practical-based<br />

classes<br />


A haven for artistic development,<br />

the O’Neill welcomes professional artists<br />

and companies to work in residence during<br />

the semester. Students have the opportunity<br />

to learn from these artists and see the<br />

first stages of new professional work.<br />

Broadway actress Susan Blackwell<br />

teaching her signature class Now. Here. This.


Living at the O’Neill<br />

The historic campus boasts four performance venues, two libraries, administrative<br />

offices, a cafeteria, and residences for students, staff, faculty, and artists. A recent<br />

multimillion-dollar expansion created rehearsal and dance studios, a state-of-theart<br />

composition classroom, laundry facilities, and new dormitory cottages. Cottages<br />

have double and single bedrooms as well as a common area to study, socialize, or<br />

even stage a scene. All meals are served by our resident chefs. Apprentices, often<br />

<strong>NTI</strong> alums, ensure your well-being and are reachable 24 hours a day, seven days<br />

a week. Easily accessible by car or train, the O’Neill is located two hours from<br />

New York City and Boston.<br />

America’s Theater Campus<br />

The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s Waterford, Connecticut campus is a collection<br />

of renovated 19th-century mansions, farmhouses, and barns overlooking the Long<br />

Island Sound. To study at the O’Neill is to create theater on equal footing with the<br />

theatrical luminaries who have also called this campus home for over 50 years. The<br />

theaters are your classrooms and every day you are tasked with presenting your best<br />

work onstage and off. Come discover what it is to work in an atmosphere of complete<br />

creativity, where you are encouraged to risk, fail, and risk again.


Join a community of over 3,500 alumni working in<br />

all facets of the arts, theater, film, and televsion!<br />


Actor, Producer<br />

13 Going On 30<br />

<strong>NTI</strong> Fall ‘93<br />


Actor, Director, Writer<br />

The Office • <strong>NTI</strong> Fall ‘01<br />


Actor • Hamilton<br />

MATS ‘09<br />


Actor, Writer, Comedian<br />

SNL • <strong>NTI</strong> Fall ‘86<br />


Obie Award-winning<br />

Playwright<br />

<strong>NTI</strong> Fall ‘84<br />


Playwright<br />

<strong>NTI</strong> Spring ‘01<br />


Actor, Director, Writer<br />

How I Met Your Mother<br />

<strong>NTI</strong> Spring ‘95<br />



Tony Award-winning Director<br />

<strong>NTI</strong> Fall ‘92<br />


The Civilians The Debate Society The Neo-Futurists<br />

Superhero Clubhouse Drive Theater Company<br />

MaineStage Shakespeare 500 Clown The Hearth<br />


Actor • Avengers<br />

MATS ‘09<br />

Alumni from the past five years are working in<br />

a variety of roles across theater & entertainment:<br />

Performing in national tours<br />

Acting at regional theaters<br />

Directing off-Broadway<br />

Booking commercial voiceovers<br />

Assistant to Encores! Off-Center co-artistic directors<br />

Jeanine Tesori and Anne Kauffman<br />

Leading role in The Book of Mormon National Tour<br />

Assistant to Paula Vogel<br />

Digital Producer at The Boston Globe<br />

Assistant to the Artistic Director at<br />

Williamstown Theatre Festival<br />

Working off-Broadway at Ars Nova,<br />

Sleep No More, Primary Stages, and Bedlam


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy The National Theater Institute seeks to attract<br />

students of diverse backgrounds. No applicant for admission is discriminated against on the<br />

basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or national or ethnic origin.<br />

Program Fees<br />

For current rates, please visit NationalTheaterInstitute.org<br />

<strong>NTI</strong>, NMTI, <strong>NTI</strong>-AD & AP<br />

Comprehensive fee includes<br />

• Tuition<br />

• Housing<br />

• Three Meals Daily<br />

• Two Weeks All-Inclusive<br />

Residency in London/<br />

New York City<br />

• Theater Tickets<br />

• Two Official Transcripts<br />

MATS<br />

Comprehensive fee includes<br />

• Orientation in CT<br />

• Airfare to/from Moscow<br />

• Tuition<br />

• Housing<br />

• Theater & Museum Tickets<br />

• Trip to St. Petersburg<br />

• Two Official Transcripts<br />

*Meals & Visa not included<br />

Theatermakers<br />

Comprehensive fee includes<br />

• Tuition<br />

• Housing<br />

• Three Meals Daily<br />

• Theater Excursions<br />

• Tickets to 12 O’Neill Summer<br />

performances<br />

• Two Official Transcripts<br />

Application Deadlines<br />

Summer and Fall Semesters: March 20<br />

Theatermakers, <strong>NTI</strong>, <strong>NTI</strong>-AD, NMTI, MATS<br />

Spring Semesters: October 20<br />

<strong>NTI</strong>, <strong>NTI</strong>-AD, <strong>NTI</strong>-AP<br />

Apply Online: NationalTheaterInstitute.org<br />

Admission to <strong>NTI</strong> is competitive; applicants are encouraged to apply in advance of<br />

the deadlines. Early applications may receive early acceptance.<br />

<strong>NTI</strong> welcomes applications from gap-year students, undergraduate students,<br />

and post-graduates. When selecting students, <strong>NTI</strong> looks for a proven ability to<br />

handle the demands of disciplined theater work and to be a positive and contributing<br />

member of an ensemble. Applicants must demonstrate a clear understanding of the<br />

opportunities and challenges of an intensive study and a determination to complete<br />

the chosen program in a conscientious manner.<br />

Contact<br />

(860) 443-7139<br />

Admissions@NationalTheaterInstitute.org<br />

Visit<br />

305 Great Neck Road<br />

Waterford, CT 06385<br />

www.NationalTheaterInstitute.org<br />

Financial Aid The National Theater Institute endeavors to ensure access for those seeking<br />

the transformative experience of <strong>NTI</strong>, regardless of economic circumstance. Varying levels of<br />

tuition assistance are awarded to students with demonstrated need. Please check to determine<br />

which existing loans, grants, and scholarships can be applied to <strong>NTI</strong> programs.<br />

International Students The National Theater Institute is committed to diverse educational<br />

and theatrical experiences and welcomes students from around the world. <strong>NTI</strong> provides<br />

support for enrolling non-US students seeking a J-1 visa. Students are responsible for their<br />

visa fees and processing.<br />

Official Transcripts Connecticut College is the National Theater Institute’s school of record<br />

and issues official transcripts for courses completed through <strong>NTI</strong>’s programs. Connecticut<br />

College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.<br />

Course Catalog<br />

<strong>NTI</strong> Semester<br />

DIRECTING (<strong>NTI</strong>-201)<br />

PLAYWRITING (<strong>NTI</strong>-202)<br />

DESIGN (<strong>NTI</strong>-210)<br />

ACTING (<strong>NTI</strong>-300)<br />

MOVEMENT & VOICE (<strong>NTI</strong>-310)<br />

Moscow Art Theatre Semester<br />



ACTING (MXT-253)<br />

DESIGN (MXT-254)<br />

MOVEMENT & VOICE (MXT-310)<br />

<strong>NTI</strong>-Advanced Directing<br />

DIRECTING THEORY AND HISTORY (<strong>NTI</strong>-354)<br />

DIRECTOR’S TUTORIAL (<strong>NTI</strong>-355)<br />

DIRECTOR’S OBSERVERSHIP (<strong>NTI</strong>-451)<br />

DIRECTOR’S PROJECTS (<strong>NTI</strong>-452)<br />

National Music Theater Institute<br />




SINGING & VOICE (NMTI-311)<br />


Theatermakers<br />

THE COLLABORATIVE EXPERIENCE (<strong>NTI</strong>-470)<br />

and one of the following:<br />

DIRECTING INTENSIVE (<strong>NTI</strong>-471)<br />

PLAYWRITING INTENSIVE (<strong>NTI</strong>-472)<br />

ACTING INTENSIVE (<strong>NTI</strong>-473)<br />

<strong>NTI</strong>-Advanced Playwriting<br />



ADVANCED PLAYWRITING (<strong>NTI</strong>-453)<br />

PLAY LAB (<strong>NTI</strong>-454)


With a singular schedule and an unmatched breadth of training, the National<br />

Theater Institute’s six semester-long programs offer students a springboard to<br />

the professional world at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, recipient of<br />

two Tony Awards and the National Medal of Arts, and the world-renowned<br />

Moscow Art Theatre School. Founded in 1970, <strong>NTI</strong>’s credit-earning theater<br />

intensives, taught by industry professionals and master teachers, train actors,<br />

singers, directors, dancers, designers, playwrights, and composers<br />

who are high school graduates, undergraduates, and post-graduates.<br />

@ntiriskfailrisk<br />


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