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10 | January 25, 2018 | Malibu surfside news Malibu News Malibu surfside news | January 25, 2018 | 11 Pepperdine graduate student pens his way to self-discovery Second, third volumes of Sanoja’s series scheduled to release this year Kateri Wozny Freelance Reporter In 2004, Manny Sanoja experienced something no child wants to at an early age: Sanoja the loss of a parent. His father passed away, suddenly, from a severe asthma attack. “It was a tough time,” Sanoja said. “My dad was the glue to our family and we owned a family business [Manny’s Mexican Grill]. When something painful like that happens and that stability, love and foundation is taken away, you are lost for a while and that provokes you to go on a journey.” The journey led Sanoja, 36, to writing about his hardships, losses, self-care and lessons learned. In July 2017, after six years of writing and selfdiscovery, he self-published the first volume of his book, “Enlightened Awakening: A Practical Guide to Self-Awareness, Hope and Healing.” As Sanoja explains, the inspirational guide provides insight into life’s deepest question: Why? Through his own personal experiences, observations and deep longing to inspire hope in others, Sanoja uses everyday challenges and Manny Sanoja, a Pepperdine graduate student, selfpublished “Enlightened Awakening: A Practical Guide to Self-Awareness, Hope and Healing” last year and expects to publish the second and third volumes in the series this year. Image Submitted examples to provide a better understanding on some of life’s most difficult questions. Some of the book’s themes include hope, encouragement, change, spirituality, giving, love, purpose and friendship. “When my friends told me they liked the book, it made me feel validated and that I resonated people in a positive way,” Sanoja said. “I found my calling as an author.” The second volume of Enlightened Awakening is to be released on Feb. 14, while the third volume is expected to be released on Aug. 3, Sanoja’s birthday. “The book is like a daily devotion,” Sanoja said. “Each volume is about 150 pages long, so about six months of daily inspiration. I want young people to pick it up and feel inspired.” Sanoja grew up reading and writing poetry, noting Chilean poet Pablo Neruda as a particular source of inspiration. To date, Sanoja has written 300 poems. “[Neruda] wrote about Please see Manny, 15 A dose of How We Met history Surfside News shares excerpt from last year’s contestwinning entry Lauren Coughlin, Editor Last week, we announced our How We Met contest. This week, we wish to offer all the lovebirds in a Malibu a dose of inspiration. Here’s a short snippet from last year’s winning entry, penned by Malibu’s Nanci Iannone, on her high school sweetheart and husband, John: “It was that WHOOMP kind of love that you really only feel when you’re 15. A big hug of your heart that fills you up starting in your toes, working its way through you until your cheeks are warm and you can’t stop smiling. When your mother says you can’t see him Saturday night, you sort of can’t breathe. Watching him talk to that pretty girl in his class makes your head spin. But just sitting next to him on the bus might be the best thing that’s ever happened in your whole life. Yeah – it was like that. ... Twenty five (!) years later, a high school girlfriend found me on AOL (“You’ve got MAIL!”). Evidently my name had fallen off the alumni list when I came out west but they’d found me now and invited me to our class’ 25th reunion. By the end of the conversation I’d managed to sneak in, “Does anyone know whatever happened to John?” and was gobsmacked to hear that he’d attended every reunion since our first, always casually asking the same question about me. Could it be? We’re now married 10 High school sweethearts John and Nanci Iannone, of Malibu, won last year’s How We Met contest. This year’s contest runs through noon on Wednesday, Feb. 7. Photo Submitted years, blissfully ensconced here in the most beautiful place on earth, with a cat in the yard and a purple motorcycle for the canyons, and every anniversary we look up to the skies and thank those two moms who were wise enough to know that all good things really do come to those who wait.” The prizes One lucky couple will receive the following: • A one-night stay in a king premier oceanfront guest room at Malibu Beach Inn Hotel and Spa (22878 Pacific Coast Highway) • A day of service, including a massage and facial, at CURE Spa (22741 Pacific Coast Highway) • A $250 gift certificate to Geoffrey’s Malibu (27400 Pacific Coast Highway) It’s your turn! Send the written story of how you and your significant other met to lauren@ by noon on Wednesday, Feb. 7. We ask that entries are limited to 500 words or less. Please also send a photo of you two as well as your name, phone number and home address. The contest is only open to residents of Malibu. The winning story will appear in print in the Feb. 15 issue of the Surfside News (addresses and phone numbers will not be published). Questions may be directed to lauren@malibus or (310) 457-2112. For prize details, see the infobox on this page. The Surfside thanks Malibu Beach Inn Hotel and Spa, CURE Spa and Geoffrey’s Malibu for generously sponsoring the contest.