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The Star: May 04, 2017

The Star: May 04,

Thursday, May 4, 2017 Paralysed pug walks again P5 Home Leisure SHOW June 30 – July 2 EXHIBITORS BOOK NOW & The best read and largest circulating newspaper in Christchurch 021 914 5656 ‘Ruthless’ card duo travel the world They have been dubbed the All Blacks of bridge, a ‘ruthless’ and ‘aggressive’ team. But Jenny Wilkinson (left) and Shirley Newton have had their fair share of laughs while travelling the world. Schools warn about ‘revenge fantasy’ series Watch the video at PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER • By Gabrielle Stuart THEY ARE ruthless, aggressive, and have represented New Zealand at 30 international championships around the world – but you probably haven’t heard of them. Meet Jenny Wilkinson and Shirley Newton, Christchurch’s bridge playing dream-team. They are now New Zealand’s longest-standing bridge partnership, playing together since 1989. This year they will be off again, flying to South Korea at the end of the month to compete in the Asia Pacific Bridge Federation Championships, then to France in August for the World Bridge Teams Championships. •Turn to page 4 • By Bridget Rutherford CHRISTCHURCH principals are worried about the impact controversial American series 13 Reasons Why will have on students. They have sought advice from school guidance counsellors on how to deal with the impact the series may be having on students. Some have written to parents and staff to make them aware of the R18 show, which can be streamed online, and how they can respond to it. The Netflix series tells the story of Hannah Baker, a high school student who commits suicide. She leaves behind tapes outlining the reasons that lead to her decision. The series, which is based on a 2007 Jay Asher novel, also deals with other highly sensitive issues. Christchurch Boys’ High School’s letter to parents said it was concerned the “revenge fantasy” series could lead to a “suicide contagion” and advised parents to encourage young people not to watch it. Headmaster Nic Hill said he did not think the students should watch it – but it was likely they would. •Turn to page 3