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TMACOG 50th Anniversary Annual Report

Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments 50th Anniversary Annual Report


TMACOG STAFF Administration. From left, Bill Best, Donna Seeber, Gilda Mitchell, Tim Brown, Jennifer Allen, and Nate Reiter. Communications Department. Mary Pat McCarthy and Mike Tippett. Water Quality Department. From left, Kari Gerwin, Sara Guiher, Kris Barnswell, Kurt Erichsen, and Joy Minarcin. Transportation Department. Seated from left, Jodi Cole and Lisa Householder. Standing, Lance Dasher, Roger Streiffert, Marc VonDeylen, David Gedeon, and Mike Fuller. 14. In 2007 The Veterans’ Glass City Skyway opens – the culmination of more than 20 years of effort by TMACOG members, ODOT, and regional governments. Also, TMACOG presents the first Ohio Conference on Freight. 2000’s

STAFF LIST Tim W. Brown President, ext. 1179 Jennifer Allen Executive Secretary, ext. 1107 Kristopher Barnswell Water Quality Planner, ext. 1123 William Best Vice President Finance & Administration, ext. 1108 Jodi Cole Transportation Secretary, ext. 1120 Lisa Householder Transportation Planner / Data Analyst, ext. 1124 Mary Pat McCarthy Marketing and Public Information Manager, ext. 1106 Joy Minarcin Water Quality Administrative Assistant, ext. 1128 Gilda Mitchell Director of Membership Development and Outreach, ext. 1105 Nate Reiter Accountant, ext. 1110 Lance Dasher Transportation Planner, ext. 1115 Dana Doubler Transportation Planner, ext. 1117 Kurt Erichsen, PE Vice President Water Quality Planning, ext. 1126 Mike Fuller Transportation Planner, ext. 1116 David Gedeon, AICP Vice President Transportation, ext. 1125 Kari Gerwin Water Quality Planner, ext. 1103 Sara Guiher Water Quality Associate, ext. 1139 Donna Seeber Secretary / Receptionist, ext. 1100 Roger Streiffert Transportation Planner, ext. 1122 Mike Tippett Digital Communications Manager, ext. 1205 Marc VonDeylen Transportation Technician III, ext. 1136 In 2017, long term TMACOG employees retired: Communications Director Peggy Ricard and Accountant Linda Lowe. Vice President of Water Quality Planning Kurt Erichsen announced his retirement effective January, 2018. TMACOG staff at Put-in-Bay for the summer General Assembly, circa 1995. 2000’s In 2015 gradual improvements to bike/multi-use trails show greater interconnectivity especially in Oregon and on the Chessie Circle Trail. Also, the transportation long range plan (2045 Plan) is approved. Membership is approximately 150. 15.