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Nor'West News: December 26, 2017

Nor'West News: December 26,

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2017 Locally Owned PHOTOGENIC: Model-in-waiting Hank with Dogwatch manager Pam Howard. • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding HANK THE border collie cross is looking for a new home. And if he gets one, the twoyear-old just might feature in Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust’s calendar – but not until 2019. The trust’s 2018 calendars are now on sale, featuring rescued dogs which have been rehomed. Hank, a bright, lovely and playful animal, according to trust manager Pam Howard, has been without a home since October. Mrs Howard said many people had wanted to adopt Hank, but so far the right match hadn’t been found. Hank had been at the city council pound before arriving at the trust, and had some “quirks” she said. She described Hank as “resource guarder” – a dog that growls and snarls at other PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER Hank waits for his turn to be a calendar boy animals and people to stay away from an object it might be guarding. “He just needs an owner that understands when dogs have quirks you work with them and you don’t set them up to fail,” Mrs Howard said. •Turn to page 4 Popular camping grounds reopened in time for holidays POPULAR camping spots, damaged in the floods that raged across Selwyn earlier this year, have re-opened in the nick of time for the holidays. Coes Ford and Chamberlains Ford are back up and running after the Selwyn River burst its banks with a peak flow of 697 cumecs, ripping through both camping grounds and damaging nearly everything in its path. Unsafe river fords were closed, children were sent home from school and properties in Leeston flooded as wet weather lashed the district earlier this year. District council reserves officer Chris Burke said the camping grounds were in a sorry state and required an incredible amount of work and perseverance over the last five months. “We are really pleased to have these two important camping grounds ready for the public to enjoy,” Mr Burke said. •Turn to page 9 MUSGROVES Buyers and Sellers of Recycled and New Building Materials and Joinery 50 OFF selected recycled kitchens 25 OFF ALL RECYCLED WOODEN & ALUMINIUM windows 3 Musgrove Close (off Wigram Rd) Christchurch • 03 322 7922 or Freephone 0508 468 747 Pack a it ’ s Picnic, Island Time! 0800 436 574 Discover walking tracks, native birds, penguins, the swimming beach and shipwrecks, all on the island that’s only 15 minutes from Christchurch! Start Exploring Otamahua/Quail Island today! DEPARTS: LYTTELTON QUAIL ISLAND Oct – Apr 10.20am 3.30pm Dec – Feb 10.20am & 12.20pm 12.30pm & 3.30pm FARE: adult $30 child $15 return CRUISES LYTTELTON & AKAROA