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EXECUTIVE REALTY ® Lisng Automaon Spend less of your valuable me creang print markeng flyers and postcards and more me working with buyers and sellers. Our exclusive EXECUTIVE REALTY® Lisng Automaon tools dramacally reduce the me it takes to create a set of essenal print markeng materials and take the guess work our of design. Because flyers and postcards are pre-populated with your MLS lisng data, in just minutes they are ready. You can also order professional prints through LentzDesign, with opons to directly mail them to a contact list or select postal routes using the Every Door Direct Mail services. Use our easy social media share buons to get the word out even faster about your latest lisng. Agent Assist Concierge Program Due to the growing complexity of real estate transacons (i.e. me, frustraon, loss of money, etc.) there is a real need for a soluon to assist agents with their processing of transacons. Having an assistant can alleviate the grunt work so the agent can focus on acquiring more lisngs and sales, not administrave tasks. Let us be the key to your success! REALTY EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATES has a compliance division known as “The Hub” that keeps your transacons compliant with all company, state and naonal rules or real estate law.

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