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Agent Assist Concierge

Agent Assist Concierge Program Due to the growing complexity of real estate transacons (i.e. me, frustraon, loss of money, etc.) there is a real need for a soluon to assist agents with their processing of transacons. Having an assistant can alleviate the grunt work so the agent can focus on acquiring more lisngs and sales, not administrave tasks. Let us be the key to your success! Lisng: $125 Contract: $175 Dra lisng agreement and all required paperwork SUMMARY OF OFFERINGS Offer management Manage client communicaon Coordinate all photography and markeng needs Submit all paperwork to Dotloop, ensuring compliance Assistance with pre-lisng tasks (appraisal, measurements, staging, repairs...) Weekly follow-ups with clients/ agent once property is listed Create just listed flyer & eblast Dra all contract related documents Provide contract meline management Schedule inspecons Keep open communicaitons with clients, agent, and vendors Schedule closing Prepare closing gi* and manage client follow-up post closing *Addional fees apply A la carte opons available Email Kae Carr for more informaon!

Email campaigns and broadcasts Be the agent who remembered them and they will remember you! Our automated email markeng campaigns make it so easy to stay in touch over me and send birthday and purchase anniversary greengs, wish them well on the holidays (both U.S. and Canadian opons) and give them frest, exclusive content every month while simultaneously showcasing your lisngs (up to 20 automacally included) through our popular eNewsleer feature. In addion to automated buyer and seller campaigns, you can take advantage of our broadcast feature to send one-off messages or build your own custom campaign. All email messages are html-based, mobile-opmized and sent one at a me, making them more liekly to land in your clients’ inboxes rather than get caught in spam. You will love the me-saving “new listed,” “just sold” and “open house” email broadcasts that auto-populate property details straight from MLS, so all you have to do is add finishing touches like the date and me of your next open house and you are ready to hit send. Business Development Center at Land Oak Speed Learning webinars top of the line technology • 75 inch Boxlight Flat Panel Display Edupen Pro Mimio Innovave • Digital whiteboard • Go To Meeng Video Conference Aend meengs from virtually anywhere! • PowerPoint Slidehsows ASSOCIATES

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