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A DECADE OF EXPERIENCE At Spoleta, we have the experience and intellectual abilities to study the demographics, financial base and viability of that area. We then make logic projections from the accumulated research as to whether a proposed project has a strong enough survival/profit factor to warrant the investment involved. We also understand that no two customers are alike. It’s the obligation of the developer to guide the client. This carries the least risk and the greatest potential for profit. . Site Selection . Evaluation . Master Planning . Zoning/Approvals . Build-to-Suit . Assessment Site Development Lease back Financing . Design-Build Turnkey Deliver Team Approach Our team approach is utilized at every step of the development process, from the land analysis, zoning and code compliance, building and system design, to bid evaluation, construction administration, and ultimately, to securing certificates of occupancy. We also provide leasing options, which is especially suitable for retail, medical, office, or industrial spaces.

Marine Recreational and Commercial Industries and Activities in ...