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TEAM DOG SAMMY’S ARTICLE: AMERICAN FOOTBALL AND THE SUPERBOWL’S THE AMERICAN FOOTBOL AND THE SUPER BOWLS Next February 4 the Super Bowl LII it will be Patriots, Eagles. The first two where known as the AFL-NFL World championship game that carried the “Super Bowl” moniker ,the names “Super Bowl I” and “Super Bowl II” were only retroactively applied to the first two games NFC/NFL League in Super Bowl have won with 26 Super Bowls while the AFC/AFL has won 25. Nineteen diferent franchises, including teams that relocated to another city have won the super bowl. 4

TEAM DOG All the Super Bowls of the history : Green bay TOTAL S B W L LEAGUE (67,68,97,11,98) 5 4 1 N Cardinals 1 0 1 N ( 2009 ) Cowboys 8 5 3 N (72,78,93,94,96, 71,76,79) 5