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THE BIG INTERVIEW season left with Smith College. How has your experience been of joining up with the Edinburgh University BUCS and EUHV setup? I’ve had such a great time so far. The coaching staff, and the team has been incredibly welcoming. I love the integration of the BUCS and EUHV, as it gives university players the opportunity to play at an impressive and high level of soccer. Everyone gets along so well, and it feels like a big family! You are a midfielder right? How would you describe yourself as a player? I am! I suppose I would describe myself as a playmaker. I enjoy finding the small pockets, receiving and playing out of them. I try to keep a 360 view of the field in order to help develop attacks. I also try to play with 100% intensity the entire time I’m on the field, and never back down from anything. What has been your most memorable moment of your career thus far? Making it to the Western Massachusetts finals in high school. We lost, but it was the first time our team had gotten there in over a decade. Besides, I’ve never felt so much love and passion on a team before, and I’ll never forget those girls! Any footballing role models either from the professional world or that you have worked with? Yes definitely. My high school coach Sean Flynn, who saw potential in me and helped me channel my high intensity and passion for the sport to into positive energy. Secondly, my former club trainer, Rich Powell, who I recently reconnected with. He’s done so much to help me improve my game, and I love working with him. Everyone supports a team or at least has a soft spot for one. What’s your team, football or otherwise? Ah yes, I have to say, my number one team is the Patriots, the American football team! What are your aims for the short time that you are going to be with us here in Edinburgh? From a soccer standpoint, improve my @euhvfootball 23

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