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Spring Issue 2018 Mini-Mag

Spring Issue 2018 Mini-Magazine Version

Uneke M A G A Z I N E

Uneke M A G A Z I N E Hello and welcome to the inaugural issue of bUneke Magazine! Editor in Chief Mary Brotherton Creative Director Jennifer East Managing Editor B.J. Walker Copy Editor Joe Benton Video Production Franklin Prather Advertising Sales Lynn Kinnison Social Media Anna East Writers Constance Crosby Bud Worden Katherine Kenwood Laura Alyz Mary Brotherton Anna East Contributing Photographers Jacob Bastian David Alton CONTACT US Website Subscription Information We hope you’ll enjoy reading our labor of love as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. The founders and members of our board had talked about making a difference for some time before we arrived at the decision to create this educational tool, a vital part of our philanthropic organization. Our world is filled with amazing people, fascinating places and wonderful organizations that work toward building a peaceful and beautiful place to live. We all play a role that may seem small but can make an enormous impact. For instance, Sayaka Ganz is one artist, among many, who finds a new purpose for discarded plastic items she finds in nature or in thrift stores. Cheryl Cox’s grandson Austin Hinz was just 9-years-old when she helped him create his own non-profit organization to help ensure his classmates, and other children, could all wear socks in the winter. Gravity Light Foundation is helping children study by providing lighting solutions in areas of the world that have no electricity. If you want to learn more about these and other individuals and groups who are making this world an even better place, subscribe to have bUneke Magazine delivered to your mailbox or device today! Interact with us on social media or email us to discover how you can become a change-maker. Mary Brotherton Editor-in-Chief Debut Issue Featuring The Amazing Sisterhood of Women Visit Today bUneke M A G A Z I N E

Uneke M A G A Z I N E COVER Feature 10 Easy Steps to Help Save Their Homes 18 bUneke Guiding Principles 20 Finding YOUR Tribe COVER 36 The Sensational Sidney Poitier 38 bUneke’s Inside Scoop 20 48 SAYAKA GANZ, Environmental Artist 56 The Sophisticated Spaghetti Dish 60 Via Italia 64 64 36 Helping Others to Find Their Way 68 What does it take to bUneke? 72 Staying Positive in a Negative world bUneke M A G A Z I N E 20 56

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