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Spring Issue 2018 Mini-Mag

Spring Issue 2018 Mini-Magazine Version

Saving Their HOME By

Saving Their HOME By bUneke Staff 10 Simple steps to saving their home (I found other sites with other tips we can use in the future or have one of the authors do a guest blog for us online) 1. Adopt. Did you know you can adopt a wild animal or an animal refuge? Your monthly or one-time donation goes a long way toward preserving wildlife in its natural setting. 2. Volunteer your time if you don’t have money to give. Almost every non-profit organization, including bUneke, needs volunteers to help in a variety of ways. Ask how you can be of service to your favorite one. 3. Visit. Zoos, aquariums, national parks and wildlife refuges all provide homes for wild animals. Visit the one nearest you and learn more ways you can help. 4. Donate. Even if your donation is the admission fee to get into a park, zoo, aquarium or other wildlife refuge, your donation helps. Read the full article in the full-size verzion of bUneke Magazine - download/order your copy today!

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