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Project Ozona Economic & Technical Review[8167]

The Fénix Petroleum

The Fénix Petroleum Team Overview Team Overview Continued Richard Coleman VP of Engineering Sheri Sullivan Geology Gary Stevenson Operations Manager Richard Coleman brings almost 41 years of upstream oil and gas engineering experience to Fénix. He was most recently serving as Vice President of Engineering of StableRock Energy, LLC, a position he assumed in early 2012. Prior to StableRock, Richard was the Vice President of Engineering at GMS Contract Services. Before GMS he was at Black Elk Energy, where he served as Reservoir Engineering Manager and then as the Central GOM Asset Manager. Richard started his career in 1977 with Amoco Production Company as a drilling and operations engineer in the district office in Brownfield, Texas. He then held positions in reservoir engineering of increasing responsibility at Home Petroleum, Williams Exploration, CSX Oil and Gas, and Nerco Oil and Gas through 1993. His next assignment was at Hunt Petroleum, where he held positions in reservoir and operations engineering, and then as Offshore Develop Manager through 2006. Richard was then at Nippon Oil Exploration as General Manger of Engineering and General Manager of Production through 2010. Richard holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, API and the Exploration Society of Great Britain. Richard is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Louisiana. Sheri Sullivan brings 12 years of geology and geophysics expertise to the Fénix team. Her background includes explorative and developmental geological modeling, seismic interpretation, seismic attribute analysis and production enhancement. Sheri has spent her career working a diverse set of assets from deep water Gulf of Mexico to shallow formations across the lower 48 states for industry standard-bearers such as Freeport McMoran, Plains Exploration, Occidental Oil & Gas, and Murphy. Her wealth of experience is ideal for the development and optimization of oil and gas assets. Sheri earned her BS in Geological Science from Louisiana State University and her MS in Geophysics from the University of New Orleans. She is a member of the AAPG, NOGS, SEG, SJGS and SPE. Gary Stevenson brings over 40 years of oil and gas engineering and operations expertise. Currently Gary is the President of GMS Contract Services that provides Professional Engineering and Project Engineering services to the upstream oil & gas community with over 30 on-site field consultants. His experience includes engineering and managing production, drilling, workovers, completions, and abandonments. He was a leader in the development of harsh environment technologies at Baker Oil Tools. Gary’s primary geographic focus areas include the Gulf Coast, shallow Gulf of Mexico and Texas. 36

The Fénix Petroleum Group Overview Current Personnel Overview Charles Rougeau Co-CEO Stuart Imel Co-CEO Sheri Sullivan Geology Richard Coleman VP Engineering Gary Stevenson Operations Manager Trinity Services Land / Land Management Valerie Gallimore Controller / Accounting Tommy Slocum Regulatory/Compliance Richard Willis Facility/HSE Supervisor Billy Holle CPA Full Time Employee Part Time Employee 37

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