10 months ago

FMA Annual Review 2017

WHO ARE WE? We are

WHO ARE WE? We are Auburn students who pressed for an organization that could identify top talent and provide focused preparation for a career in finance. FMA Graduation Party 2017 We are a growing base of involved alumni that continue to give back, both financially and as mentors and advisors from inside the corporate world. 8 FMA 2017 MAGAZINE

We are involved ambassadors that continuously push for resources and training. We are a morning mock interview, an afternoon happy hour and a late night in the Bloomberg room. We are a source of honest feedback, a study partner, a mentor. FMA Graduation Party 2015 We are a group of dedicated students who want the best opportunities for ourselves and our fellow members. FMA Graduation Party 2016 WE ARE FMA. FMA 2017 MAGAZINE 9