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January 2016

Common sense financial

Common sense financial preparation for the common man Different Folks Article series by: Publius We seem to have two entirely different types of people who now make up our society. Some are aware of the massive changes which can take place and have made preparation, the rest are totally clueless. It is very difficult to understand how someone, who buys insurance on everything else, can be so oblivious to the need for even the most basic of emergency supplies in order to provide for and protect both self and family. This is especially true should you live in an area which is subject to extremes of weather such as tornado, hurricane, flood or snow & ice. No one should be without at least 30 days of water, food, essential medication and basic household supplies. A generator and fuel should also be included in your preparations. All Lowes stores carry a good selection and most households can get by on a 5000 watt run 6000 watt surge, unit. Be certain to get proper instructions on safe operation prior to attempting its use as they can be dangerous. I would recommend one with a Briggs & Stratton engine and automatic low oil shutoff feature. This not intended to supply your entire house but will operate your refrigerator, microwave, small appliances and various lighting and fans. Use LED bulbs to conserve power. Decide which items are most important and discuss with the sales person exactly what you wish your generator to provide. With that information they can recommend the appropriate size. Remember to buy the proper heavy duty extension cords to run to those items you wish to power. NEVER attempt to feed your breaker box with a generator. NEVER run your generator inside or in the garage. It is crucial you purchase a ground rod and install it where you will be setting up the unit. Your generator must, in every case, be grounded prior to starting. Your sales person can provide the simple installation information. Lowes also carries the ground rod and wire with which to attach it to the generator. Remember to buy Sta-bil fuel stabilizer and cans for storing your gasoline. Water is easily obtained in one gallon plastic containers ready to store. Your local Walmart generally has the best pricing. Allow at least 2 gallons per day per person. Three is better. Each container has an expiration date and is safe until then. There are other methods for longer terms but this is a simple and convenient way to begin. It is best to buy long term storage food. Overall, it is less expensive and much more convenient. Two of the best brands are Mountain House and Wise Foods. Both are available on line and a simple Google search will produce a number of vendors. Both brands offer a 25 year shelf life thus avoiding frequent rotation which is one more thing you don’t have to remember. Each carries a wide selection which should please both children and adults. I have used both brands and am completely satisfied with quality and taste. Try to keep at least 30 days of essential medication on hand at all times. A talk with your doctor explaining why you wish to do this, generally brings good results. Be aware, your cost for the additional medications will probably not be covered by your drug insurance and will be an out of pocket expense. Don’t forget the over-the-counter medications which can make you more comfortable during stressful times. A comprehensive first aid kit is essential, as is the knowledge to properly use it. Spend the money to acquire one and the time to learn its proper utilization. Do not even consider a kit under $100. Get professional advice on what it should contain. Tailor it to any special needs of your family and consider there may come a time when immediate (24 hours or less) medical assistance might not be available. Part 2 Next Month Comments? E-Mail to All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. 10 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2015

Dear Dr. Crime - Full service firearm shop. sales, service, maintenance, full line accessories. - Licensed, insured and fully knowledgeable staff. - We have all permits for our range and exceed requirements from federal agencies. - We will be selling year round memberships, as well as walk in rates. - We have a rental gun program. - Several classes are available, for both the experienced shooter as well as the beginner. Gun Shack Indoor Shooting Range! Email your Name, Email and Phone number for more information to Dr. Crime is a pseudonym for a social scientist holding a Ph.D. degree in sociology and in criminology. He has worked in all major parts of the criminal justice system. Drop him a note at the website If you or your child is in trouble, he may be able to help, give him a call (2523390000) Dear Dr. Crime: Do we have anything here in our state to help veterans who get in legal trouble? How much of a military presence do we have in North Carolina? Proud American Dear Proud American: I join you in your concern for our veterans. It seems from what we hear on the news that the government has not followed through on their commitment. Here in NC we have the 3rd largest active duty military presence in the US so our concern is valid. Our NC Division of Veterans Affairs, with the support of Governor McCrory, is doing a lot, so see their document NC4VETS RESOURCE GUIDE ( or call 844.624.8387) for an outline of resources. And they do have a Veterans Justice Outreach program and other resources to help with criminal justice issues. Thanks for your concern. Former Sgt. Adams Dear Dr. Crime: When young girls are sexually abused does it contribute to their later criminal justice problems? Very Angry Dad Dear Dad. The short answer is Heck Yes!! And it get complicated, for research supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and others shows clearly that sexual abuse is a direct cause of delinquency and incarceration. When other variables are taken into account, it is shown that this effect is particularly strong in the case of minority girls. About half of minority kids are girls, but those minority girls account for 2/3 of those incarcerated. The recent Georgetown Law School study of this recommended several good policy ideas, including the need for more training of our criminal justice personnel to recognized the effects of sex abuse, to strengthen the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act and to end the treatment of child sex trafficking victims as if they were mature prostitutes. As a probation officer, I cried about that treatment. See the full report at . Free Virus Protection with every job Ask for Aaron Virus removal for as low as $60 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2015 11