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January 2016

Gun Tips By: Lloyd

Gun Tips By: Lloyd “Duke” Hodges A Happy and safe New Year to all. I hope you all received just what you wanted for Christmas too. I received a nice long gun. The first thing out of the box was the operating manual and I read it and understood what the levers and buttons are for and proceeded to operate the rifle after checking the breech (you never know until you inspect the chamber to see if is loaded). I am looking forward to the “sight in” and going after some paper targets. Several folks phoned and wanted to take a CCH class with their new handgun. I was pleasantly surprised that they are seniors who felt they needed some guidance with the gun training and I am jubilant that they admitted to a lack of knowledge other than what they had read about it. Because of this season they were advised about the B’s (no booze, no bullets. and no bragging) or bad things can happen. This is also the season of bright colors, however, consider some other colors: WHITE is when you are totally distracted, ORANGE when you are aware of surroundings and can make changes to your advantage, RED when things are going bad, and BLACK means you must act to protect yourself and whoever you are with from harm. Think about it. This is situational awareness. Some call it people watching. You may be surprised how aware you will become. We have had a rough year and I truly hope and pray next year will be better. I will continue to offer concealed carry instruction and my best reward will be no one gets injured or worse. So practice with the unloaded gun (look and verify): find likeminded folks and have fun at the range. ALERT::::I have been advised that effective Feb 1, 2016 your NC Concealed Carry Permit will no longer be honored by Virginia!!! More on this next month. Train, Observe, Be Alert, Be Alive! Medicare covers remarkable new device that can give seniors relief from lower back pain Easy-to use high-tech back brace is now covered by Medicare. Helps encourage safe movement Reinforces good body mechanics Restricts motion that causes pain. Fits all waist sizes Reduce or eliminate the need for pain medications Two-strap system gives control over compression Maximum comfort with just the right amount of support Don’t Wait! Verta Loc offers relief from lower back pain. Get Your Life Back! Medicare coverage specialists are available for a short time. We handle all of the paperwork, just have your Medicare card handy and call today! 800-505-4519 The Albemarle Tradewinds reaches 60k readers each month in printed and social media ...... call Ken and learn how. Results not typical and may vary. Not all patients qualify. Product covered in full with 252-333-7232 payment by primary and secondary insurance. Warranty and restrictions apply. 12 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2015

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