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October 2015

collinsmaintenancejanitorial@ Have you bought a Voice over IP system for your business and it does not work right? Have you seen ads that say you can save lots of money by purchasing a Voice over IP system? Give Will Roughton a call at Northeastern Telecom first before you make a move. Will is a true telephony expert and will reccommend to you a system that is right for your business. Most computer companies are new to telephony and do not really understand the nuances of a business telephone system. Give Will a call! If you wish an article written about your business call Scott at 252-312-2302 18 Albemarle Tradewinds October 2015

Offshore Fishing..... by Jake Worthington Fall is a great season to go offshore and fish for Dolphin, Wahoo and Tuna. Typically, anglers targeting Yellowfin Tuna during this time do so by trolling Ballyhoo or artificial baits. Tuna during this time of year can also be skittish and bite shy. I have found one way to catch Tuna during this time that is both effective and fun. I do this by using topwater plugs. Topwater plugs are a great way to spark a bite and start a feeding frenzy. Watching a Tuna charge the topwater plug and explode out of the water and bite is a sight to behold. Topwater plugs are not limited only to only Tuna. I have used them with great success on Gaffer Dolphin, Cobia, Amberjack, and even Barracuda. It is a simple set up and to be successful all you need to know is how to cast and select the right equipment. I can’t help you with the cast, but I can help you with your equipment set up. The first thing you will need is a large quality spinning reel and rod combo. I use the Penn Spinfisher V 8500 Reel paired with good 7 to 8 foot rod. In selecting a rod, you will need one that has some backbone but still flexible to cast. I put 50 pound braid on the reel and put 80 pound fluorocarbon leader on the end of the braid. Next, I put a Billfisher barrel swivel on the fluorocarbon. Do not skimp on the leader and use regular leader. The fluorocarbon is a must because the line is invisible in the water and that is important. I have had people with me topwater plugging and I am getting bites, but they are not. The difference turned out to be the fluorocarbon. I had it and they did not because they were trying to save some money. Sometimes saving money costs you money, and that is so in this case. Now we have the setup complete and all we need is the topwater plug. Topwater plugs range in price from $12.00 up to $100. I have used them all with great success. I mostly use Williamson and Yo-Zuri Plugs according to what species I am targeting. When I am Tuna fishing, I prefer Yo-Zuri Sashimi and Sashimi 3D Floating Poppers in 5 7/8 inches and 8 inch sizes. Yo-Zuri has really improved their plugs by adding 3D and color change features. The first thing I do is apply a snap ring to the front of the lure eye and attach it to the barrel swivel. Now we are ready to fish! I ride in the tower, and I can see the fish come to the surface. When you see them, you need to determine where they are headed, cast in front of them, and immediately start hard jigging the lure across the surface. If they don’t bite, repeat and make the action more severe. When one bites, get ready for a great fight! Family Enterprises Family Enterprises located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, is a family owned business, whose mission is to provide quality comprehensive developmental products for pre-school through third grade aged children and their families. Our products promote children’s literature, educational products and fashion as well as self-help and motivational literature for adults. Family Enterprises was founded by Mable and Jerry Mullen. Mable is the author of “The Family” children’s book series. The series is comprised of a typical family of four and a lovable pup named Spoof whose daily adventures allows readers to have fun while learning. Mable’s latest book “Count from One to Ten with Spoof” is the sixth of The Family Series and is currently available for purchase. Each book also has available educational worksheets to coincide with the readings of each story. Several daycares in the area are currently implementing these worksheets into their curriculums Jerry is an accomplished author, artist and illustrator, who has published his first book, “Extemporary Wisdom for a Contemporary World”. This book is filled to the brim with over 1,000 original motivational quotes, inspirational sayings and encouraging words that will uplift you during discouraging times. Jerry’s latest publication, “Close Encounters of the Sublime Kind: Amazing Angel Interventions” includes miraculous angel testimonials ranging from the Albemarle to as far as Africa. Both books are currently available for purchase. Family Enterprises represents the family and its core values. We have served the Albemarle community by providing classroom book readings, charitable family giveaways, and educational workshops. If you are interested in purchasing any Family Enterprises products, or simply meeting Spoof, you can contact us at 252.267.3755 Or email us at Albemarle Tradewinds October 2015 19