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Tradewinds March 2014 Final Web OPT

March 2014

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Characters MOUCH MULLIGAN RAGNAR REARDEN STADLER TAGGART WILLERS WYATT ATWOOD DAGNY DANAGGER FERRIS FRANCISCO GALT HAMMOND MCNAMARA Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow NTCAPL/Apostolic Oneness is A Ministry that listens, engages and support efforts to improve the quality of life for families and their communities of local and surrounding counties through educational and training programs, economic development, social outreach and housing equality that empowers individuals to become self sufficient, self reliant and economically independent. We believe that the Church is called to duty and service, maintaining the standard set through biblical principle and applied Faith, manifested in our lives daily. When we continue to persistently work at life, we find that we have a greater chance at acquiring what we desire. The more that we apply ourselves in becoming the best at what we do, the more that we will find success in everything that we do, perseverance is the key to conquering any dream imaginable. First 10 people to bring in this puzzle with a correct solution to Two and a Half Women will recieve a gift certificate. NO phone calls please! Remember that as you continue to persist towards your goals on an everyday basis that no matter how grim things may seem to look, there is nothing in this world that you cant do if you try. In this life there are many people who are given many different sets of resources, but in life the reality is the ones who make it the farthest, are the ones who are willing to stay motivated and ambitious through every single situation. What you have or what you don’t have right now will not stop you from getting to success; only you limiting your beliefs will stop you from getting where you need to be. Pastor Smith, The Pastor Who Cares @ NTC-APL/ Apostolic Oneness. 116 N. Poindexter St Elizabeth City. NC Three Tiered Shelving Unit. Come check it out at 112 North Road Street. Across from Muddys, downtown Elizabeth City Phone # : 2527226078

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