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SPECIAL PRICES on Assortment Kits KITS & CODES SELF TAPPER STCSKKIT12 SELF TAPPER ST- PANKIT12 SELF TAPPER STKIT24 HAIR PIN HAIRKIT4 LINCH PIN LPKIT6 R-CLIP HPKIT8 FLANGE HEAD FPKIT12 CLEVIS PIN CPKIT16 SPLIT PIN SPKIT20 STAINLESS STEEL SPLIT PIN 304SPKIT12 (Not pictured) SECURITY SCREW SECKIT8 (Not pictured) KIT CONTENTS DESCRIPTION CSK Head Steel Zinc Plated - 12 mixed sizes. Diameter range: 4# to 10# PAN Head Steel Zinc Plated - 12 mixed sizes. Diameter range: 4# to 10# PAN & CSK Heads Steel Zinc Plated - 24 mixed sizes Diameter range: 4# to 10# Hair Pin Retainer Kit Steel Zinc Plated - 4 mixed sizes. Suit shafts: 7/32” 5/16” 17/32” 7/8” Linch Pin Kit Steel Yellow Zinc Plated - 6 mixed sizes. Diameter range: 4.5 to 11mm R-Clip Kit Steel Zinc Plated - 8 sizes. Diameter range: 1.6mm to 6.2mm Flange Head Phillips Self Tapper Automotive Kit Steel Black Zinc Plated 12 mixed sizes. Range: 6 - 10 gauge Clevis Pin Kit Steel Zinc Plated - 16 mixed sizes. Diameter range: 1/4 to 1/2” Split Pin Kit Steel Zinc Plated - 20 mixed sizes. Diameter range: 1.6mm to 8mm Stainless Steel Split Pin Assortment Kit 12 mixed sizes. Over 600 pieces. Range: 2.0mm to 6.3mm Security Screw Grab Kit Zinc Alloy Plated - Csk and Pan 8 mixed sizes. Driver Bits included QTY Per Kit 2,400 2,400 4,800 130 24 100 1,200 230 1,500 625 200 2 All pricing includes GST Australia’s leading small fastener supplier HTF144 FP

SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREWS BUMAX® 109 / ISO 4762 / Tensile strength = Class 10.9 Part Size Length Pack Price Each (mm) (Inc. GST) SHB9PCM060020 M6 20 EA $ 3.04 SHB9PCM080020 M8 20 EA $ 4.53 SHB9PCM080030 M8 30 EA $ 5.41 SHB9PCM100030 M10 30 EA $10.63 BUMAX FASTENERS HEX LOCK NUTS - FLANGED BUMAX® 88 / Class 8.8 Part Size Pack Price Each (Inc. GST) NLB8FCM06 M6 EA $ 3.81 NLB8FCM08 M8 EA $ 4.33 NLB8FCM10 M10 EA $ 5.96 NLB8FCM12 M12 EA $ 8.51 BUMAX FASTENERS LOCKS MORE RELIABLY LOCKS MORE RELIABLY The load distribution is improved due to the fact that the Bumax Lock thread locks and distributes the preload. This in turn, increases the strength of the joint, especially in soft materials such as Aluminum Fig 2. Bumax Lock offers better protection against the nut working loose. Fig 3 shows the The load comparative distribution test is improved result between due to the a standard fact that nut, the a Bumax metal lock Lock nut thread and Bumax locks and Lock distributes on Junkers the test preload. equipment. This in turn, All nuts increases are size the M8 strength and has been of the joint, preloaded especially to 15 in kN. soft Bumax materials Lock´s such locking as Aluminum performance Fig 2. is Bumax maintained Lock offers even at better very protection low preloads, against can be the as nut low working as 25 % loose. of yield Fig strength. 3 shows the comparative test result between a standard nut, a metal lock nut and Bumax Lock on Junkers test equipment. All nuts are size M8 and has been preloaded Fig2. to 15 Load kN. Bumax distribution Lock´s locking performance is maintained even at very low Fig3. preloads, Junker can test be as low as 25 % of yield strength. Fig2. Load distribution Load distribution, % Fig3. Junker test Load, kN Load 40distribution, % 40 Standard thread 30 Standard thread 30 20 Bumax Lock thread 20 10 Bumax Lock thread 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Number of threads in engagement 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Number of threads in engagement EASY to fit and remove EASY to fit and remove Load, kN 15 Bumax Lock 15 Bumax Lock Metal lock nut 10 Metal lock nut 10 5 Conventional nut 5 Conventional nut 30 s 60 s Time 30 s 60 s Time Due to the design of the Bumax Lock thread, the nut will not lock until function. However we recommend that the screw is changed after each tightened sufficiently hard to encounter resistance. In other words, apart unlocking. Due to the from design being of easy the to Bumax fit, the Lock design thread, offers the a nut low will In-Place not lock Cost. until A power tool function. Furthermore, However we since recommend Bumax Lock that the is made screw of is premium changed 316L after high each Mo steel tightened may sufficiently be used for hard fitting. to encounter Bumax Lock resistance. coated In other with our words, special apart wax, to unlocking. and is an all-metal nut, it may be used for relativity high surface temperature since up to Bumax approximately Lock is made 300°C. of premium 316L high Mo steel from being guarantee easy to a fit, low the friction design and offers a trouble-free a low In-Place assembly. Cost. A power tool Furthermore, may be The used Bumax for fitting. Lock Bumax nut locks Lock in is one coated direction with and our is special designed All wax, pricing to to make includes it and GST is an The all-metal standard nut, range it may of be sizes used is M6-M24 for relativity however high surface other sizes temperature up rials to approximately such as Duplex 300°C. or Super Duplex can be offered on request. Contact and mate- guarantee obvious a low how friction it should and a trouble-free be fitted, with assembly. the collar or flange in contact with The Bumax the bolted Lock nut assembly. locks in one direction and is designed to make it The standard your local range Bumax of sizes Sales is M6-M24 representative however or visit other sizes and mate- for more 3

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