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Water softeners catalogue

We are a wholesale supplier of products, solutions and services in water treatment. We provide only businesses companies such as distributors, retailers, manufacturers and assemblers. A catalog that includes products carefully selected from the most prestigious brands in the Water Treatment market, operative site, personalized services, logistics precise and efficient, flexible organization, but also the basic importance that is attributed to human factors and relationships with partners, are of Sinergroup Srl a reference for many companies of the sector.

Code: 15000114 Automatic

Code: 15000114 Automatic water softener valve Fleck 5600 SXT 1" electronic (Reg.metered-time) 8-15-22-30 liters resin (LAST PIECES) Variants Code Description 15000114-08 Automatic water softener valve Fleck 5600 SXT 1" electronic (Reg. Metered-time) 8 lt. Harmony falls (LAST PIECES) 15000114-15 Automatic water softener valve Fleck 5600 SXT 1" electronic (Reg. Metered-time) 15 lt. Harmony falls (LAST PIECES) 15000114-22 Automatic water softener valve Fleck 5600 SXT 1" electronic (Reg. Metered-time) 22 lt. Harmony falls (LAST PIECES) 15000114-30 Automatic water softener valve Fleck 5600 SXT 1" electronic (Reg. Metered-time) 30 lt. Harmony falls (LAST PIECES) Water softener with FLECK 5600 SXT Electronic valve Automatic metered/time regeneration, Structural pressure vessel, Euro Harmony falls cabinet, plastic bypass, safety brine valve with hardness water tester. Program with high performance which allows a low water and salt per regeneration consumption. Valve body made of Noryl plastic material, NSF listed. Programming is simple and fast, just enter time, day of week, time of regeneration, typically 02.00 at night, number of days between regenerations and hardness input. Complete with plug adapter 12/230V - 50Hz European plug. Hardness regulator output. Is raccomended a minimum hardness in output of around 15°F , but most commonly used setting is not less than 5°F. Loosening setting screw will allow clapper by-pass to close. The closing action will reduce mixing with raw water output. To mix a specific output hardness value, adjust screw and test water. Repeat procedure until you reach desired hardness value. TO BUY WITH EVERY SOFTENER 1x 15000407 Chlorine generator complete with fittings 1X 02001014 3-pieces standard housing 10" clear IN-OUT 1" with wrench & wall mounting bracket. 2X 04001006-05 Ionicore wound polypropylene cartridge 9-3/4'' - 50 micron (50) 2mt. x 000092 Yellow drain tube for water softener 1/2" 2mt. x 000093 Yellow drain tube for water softener 3/4" * Water softeners are supplied without salt, we recommend to use food salt pads. The device is supplied with chlorine producer assembled and programmed with a input hardness of 40°F, hardness of 0°F output and a safety regeneration every 7 days.The bypass valves isolate device from water system and allow the use of untreated water. Routine maintenance or service may also require that system is put in bypass. What are the benefits that SXT Controller offer? * Simple and intuitive programming * Large LCD display with blue backlight * 48 hours of internal power backup * Real time of day in hours and minutes * Residual volume of softened water * Display of cycle regeneration phases and remaining time * Service and self-diagnosis indicators * Fast and easy capacity, time and day of regeneration configuration * Advanced programming options, including ability to program up to 6 cycles of regeneration with independent adjustment of time * The program setting will not be lost in case of power outages remaining in memory * Electronic regeneration step-by-step 13 February 2018 16/72

* Manually, delayed or immediate regeneration Benefits and advantages Reduction of water hardness, which is cause of scale. ENERGY SAVING: the device prevents formation of deposits in pipes and hydraulic lines. Greater sense of wellness during shower. Skin soft and clean. Increased duration of appliances and boilers. COST SAVING: reduction in use of soaps, fabric softeners and chemicals. Reduced maintenance costs. Fully automatic operation. It should just worry about adding salt in water softner. Increased sodium (for drinking water) Most of the sodium consumed is taken with foods, especially ones obtained with industrial processing. Salt is a great preservative and therefore is used as an additive for processed products. The assumption of sodium with the water we drink is relatively low compared to that which is taken with food. All softeners to produce softened water through ion exchange resins in, produce softened water output sodium ions. The recommended sodium limit for water intended for human consumption is 200ppm liter. Depending on sodium concentration and water hardness, it is possible that water presents an higher sodium concentration than recommended. Where this is the case or if you need to follow a low salt content, it is advisable to install a domestic reverse osmosis for drinking water. Specifications * Min. pressure: 1.4 bar (1.4 kg/cm2) * Max. pressure: 8.5 bar (8.5 kg/cm2) * Min. temperature: 2 ° C * Max. temperature: 43 ° C * Input/Output water 1" male thread * Drain Line: 1/2" hose straight barb fit * Overflow: 3/4" hose barb elbow fit Model Specifications 15000114-08 8lt. resin (for 1/2 people) * Exchange capacity: 38.56 º HFxm3. * Salt consumption for regeneration: 0.88 Kg./Salt. * Water consumption for regeneration: 47,2lt. * Quantity of treated water for regeneration, 30°F-1,28m3, 35°F-1,10m3, 40°F-0,96m3, 45°F-0,85m3, 50°F-0,77m3, 60°F-0,64M3. * Max. flow: 0.36 m3/h * Dimensions Harmony falls - Base (mm): 555x316 * Height (mm): 675 Model Specifications 15000114-15 15lt. resin (for 3/4 people) * Exchange capacity: 72,30ºHFxm3. * Salt consumption for regeneration: 1,65 Kg./salt. * Water consumption for regeneration: 90,7lt. * Quantity of treated water for regeneration, 30°F-2,41m3, 35°F-2,06m3, 40°F-1,80m3, 45°F-1,60m3, 50°F-1,45m3, 60°F-1,20m3. * Max. flow: 0,67m3/h * Dimensions Harmony falls - Base (mm): 555x316 * Height (mm): 1.135 Model Specifications 15000114-22 22lt. resin (for 4/6 people) * Exchange capacity: 96,40ºHFxm3. * Salt consumption for regeneration: 2,2 Kg./salt. * Water consumption for regeneration:124,1lt. * Quantity of treated water for regeneration, 30°F-4,01m3, 35°F-3,44m3, 40°F-3,01m3, 45°F-2,67m3, 50°F-2,41m3, 60°F-2,00m3. * Max. flow: 0,9m3/h * Dimensions Harmony falls - Base (mm): 555x316 * Height (mm): 1.135 Model Specifications 15000114-30 30lt. resin (for 6/8/10 people) * Exchange capacity: 144,60ºHFxm3. * Salt consumption for regeneration: 3,30 Kg./salt. * Water consumption for regeneration: 179,7lt. 13 February 2018 17/72

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