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8DIO Liberis Angelic Choir User Manual

TRANSFORM contains a

TRANSFORM contains a powerful impulse convolution with some truly strange and wonderful presets. To change what convolution is loaded, simply select the preset dropdown menu, and load any of our hand designed impulse responses. From fog horns, to car crashes, engine revs to world ending drones, we have included a handful of our favourite custom recorded and designed presets. If you are feeling indesisive, you can also select the CHAOS control, which will randomly assign a preset for you, as well as alter the available controls for some truly esoteric results. The included controls can help you further shape the convolution, such as MIX which alters the wet value of the insert, SIZE which stretches or compresses the impulse, PRE-DELAY which adds a small delay before the impulse is triggered, and of course a HIGH and LOW PASS FILTER, which allows you to shape the frequency of the impulse convolution layer.

REVERB contains a powerful convolution reverb partnered with a digital reverb. To change what convolution is loaded, simply select the preset dropdown menu, and load any of our custom recorded impulse responses. We have included a variety, of real acoustic spaces we use and love, such as recording studios, churches, cathedrals and halls. As well as a few not so acoustic spaces we equally love. We have also crafted a quick and useful room positioner tool, by clicking anywhere in the “ROOM” area you can access a variety of crafted presets which load custom settings ontop of your chosen convolution reverb. This is a great tool for quickly placing your sound in designed space. Or of course you can select the CHAOS control and let the engine do the choosing for you. The included controls are similar as to the TRANSFORM module except REVERB has a digital counterpart. This can be bypassed by using the DIGITAL ON/OFF switch.

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