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8DIO Liberis Angelic Choir User Manual

articulation menu The

articulation menu The articulation menu allows you to select the playable articulation by simply clicking the name of the desired sound. Furthermore you can use the included controls within each cell to alter the volume of each articulation, save valuable system resources by loading and unloading sounds from RAM. And of course, select the desired control method for articulation switching by simply clicking the small keyboard icon, and choosing the preferred method. SEQUENCER & MODULATION When active a sequencer or modulation LFO allows you to program automation. TIME - Alters the time signature of the sequence. RANDOM - Generates a random pattern. RESET - Brings the sequence back to its default pattern. x2 - Doubles the speed of the available LFO.

SOUND CONTROLS The Sound Control section allows you to finely adjust various sound shaping parameters by using our dual dial control system. Both A & B layers can be controlled independently. PANORAMA - Alters the Pan and the Stereo Width Pan of the outputted sound. AMP ENV - Alters the Attack and the Decay of the played instruments volume envelope. PITCH ENV - Alters the Range and the Speed of the pitch envelope. SOUND CONTROLS pt.2 FILTER ENV - Alters the Attack and the Decay of the selected filter envelope. SHAPE - Alters the transient shape of Body and the Hit for the outputted signal. DYNAMICS - Adjusts the played Dynamic [CC1] and the Response curve of the available sound. RANDOM - Randomises the available controls. RESET - Restores the controls back to their default settings.

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