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Peridot Workbook


COLOR DEFINITIONS Hues The actual color and color underneath — some blues have green hues, yellows have red hues, etc. Value The lightness or darkness of a color. Chroma The intensity of a color / saturation Tint hue + white Shade hue + black combining colors analygous When you look at the color wheel, these are colors near each other, such as red and orange, green and blue, or yellow and green. These colors are naturally gentle and are a safe bet to match no matter when. complementary These colors are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel. They are often associated with high energy & contrast, because they almost vibrate when directly next to each other. monochromatic These are (as the name suggests with “chroma” in it) colors with the same hue but different amounts of saturation/intensity. These ALWAYS match well! STYLE JOURNAL 23

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