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AL AMIN Shriners Rio

AL AMIN Shriners Rio Grande Valley Transportation by Gilbert Medina, PP, RGV Transportation Coordinator I am very pleased to announce that Richard Russell and I have accepted to help and join the Shriners Transportation Team. Richard’s experience and dedication will be a great asset to the Shriners Hospitals for Children Transportation Team. The team is looking forward to working with all the Shriners, drivers and hospital personnel. Thanks to all the Shriners and Drivers for your help and support; the Shriners Hospital for Children appreciates your help. Congratulations to Hospital & Clinic Coordinator Ed Barbee for volunteering to help the Shriners Hospital for Children at RGV Shrine Club in La Feria, Texas. Richard Russell and I are looking forward to working as a team. Also, congratulations to Ms. Olivia Wright for accepting to help the Shriners Hospital for Children. She offered to prepare meals for the Shriners patients during Clinic visits. Thank you for all your help. Richard and I appreciate all the wisdom, knowledge and support Noble Dale McMillian has provided us during times when we needed help. The Al Amin Shriners in the Rio Grande Valley and the Corpus Christi Area volunteer their own time to drive Shriners Hospital Vans from Port of Entry Hidalgo, Texas to Houston Shriners Hospital for Children. The Hospital trip consists of two drivers and two-day round trips. In the months of January and February 2018, 9 and 12 trips were scheduled respectively, plus a mini-clinic of 45 patients scheduled on January 24 at RGV Shrine Club. Drivers' Dinner, 2015 Nobles and Ladies AL AMIN Shrine Transportation Unit Rio Grande Valley has six Hospital Vans transporting Shriners Patients to Houston Shriners Hospital for Children and back to the South Texas Border, an average of 750 miles per trip. Vans average 12 to 15 trips per month. Each van has over 200,000 miles. Keeping Families Close When They Need It Most Pop Tabs – Collecting aluminum pop tabs from soda cans is an easy and fun way to get your family or organization involved in supporting the mission. Ronald McDonald recycles the pop tabs and uses the proceeds to support the daily operational costs. The aluminum pop tabs may be collected then delivered to the Holcombe House location at any time of the year. Once collected, Ronald McDonald House Houston receives a donation for the aluminum which supports the daily operation costs. 6 AL AMIN SHRINERS | MAR - APR 2018

STATED MEETING Oysterfest Parade Nile Sewing Shrine Circus Shrine Circus Opry practice SOUTH TEXAS OPRY Children’s Easter Party 2:00 p.m. Nile Sewing Golf Tournament Grand Masters Conference MID-WINTER SHOOT Daughters of the Nile Installation Nile Sewing STATED MEETING Windfest Parade Nile Sewing Opry practice SOUTH TEXAS OPRY Potentate's Ball 7 p.m. Golf Unit - TSGA Mid-Winter 7 AL AMIN SHRINERS | MAR - APR 2018

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