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SGA 17-18 Midterm (print use)


REPORT CIVIC/COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT State of Black Youth Forum – On September 17th, SGA hosted in the 3rd Annual National Day of Non-Violence Weekend-State of Black Youth Forum. The following topics were discussed during the forum: community engagement, health and wellness, and education. My Brothers Legacy – On September 22nd, members of Morehouse College’s SGA, as well as other students, visited B.E.S.T. Academy, an all men’s high school in Bankhead, to lead various workshops including Awareness, Identity, and Conflict Resolution. Fall Festival at Thomasville Elementary – On November 3rd, in partnership with Project House, SGA volunteered at Thomasville Heights Elementary School during their Fall Festival. This event allowed for SGA members to provide manpower and support to Thomasville while simultaneously being example of servant leaders. Mayoral Forum – The Student Government Associations of the Atlanta University Center (AUC) came together to host The Westside Commitment: AUC Runoff Mayoral Forum on November 17, 2017. This forum was a strategic event to pull students, organizers, community members and other stakeholders into an engaging discussion about the policies, strategies, and the community. Get on The Bus – The Morehouse College Student Government Association hosted the third annual Get on The Bus trip to Washington DC – November 16th through November 19th. While we were in DC, we visited local high schools and had empowerment workshops with the students. We empowered young black men to believe in themselves and their future. During our visit, we visited the Martin Luther King Jr monument and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Durag Day at Dunbar Elementary – On November 15th, after AUC students hosted the first campus-wide Durag Day, on the SGA decided to bring the conversation to Dunbar Elementary school. SGA members educated students at Dunbar Elementary on the topics of healthy hair and self-love. The SGA bought durags and hair brushes to give to the students and to discuss with them the importance of hygiene. With many students not having an older male influence in their homes, the discussion of caring for black male hair and self-love was a much-needed conversation. 12 S T U D E N T G O V E R N M E N T A S S O C I A T I O N

Morehouse family, Letter from Vice President Cooper and Senate Update My name is John Cooper. I am a senior, Political Science major, Sociology minor from Atlanta, Georgia. I am tremendously honored to serve as Vice President of the Morehouse Student Government Association and President of the 88th Senate Session for the 2017- 2018 academic school year. The executive board alongside the 88th Senate Session works to accurately represent the student body, while redefining the status quo and demanding excellence. With 2017 now serving as a memory, a lesson, and a blessing for us all, I am excited to see where this year will take us. As members of the legislative branch, our work is executed through legislation and appropriations. Legislation includes bills and resolutions proposed by Senators with the purpose of amending campus policy. Appropriations are funds given to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to assist with programming and organizational development. I am proud to say the 88th Senate Session has worked tirelessly to propose and pass new legislation, and to allocate a large amount of the appropriations budge to assist RSO. Making progress on-campus and in the surrounding communities, members of the 88th Senate Session implemented the Swipe Out program allowing for students without a meal plan to access free, meal vouchers. We have created two taskforces: Neighborhood Planning Unit Taskforce, where senators voice the concerns of Atlanta University Center students to community leaders, while having a vote in the neighborhood development surrounding the AUC and Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Also, Campus Safety taskforce, where senators meet with Chief Dalton, faculty and students every Thursday at 4pm in Mays Lounge to strategize the improvement of campus safety. Our current mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and former opponent Mary Norwood participated in a political debate forum planned by members of the 88th Senate Session and executive board. In the future senators will continue monthly walk-throughs as they survey Residential Houses to ensure the safety and wellness of students in each residential house. Please, do not hesitate to voice your concerns or propose solutions to any of our student leaders. While many bills are proposed by elected and appointed senators, and most events are planned by senators, every member of the student body has the right to propose bills with the sponsorship or co-legislation of a senator. As Article II of the Morehouse Student Government Association Constitution reminds us, “All students of Morehouse College shall be members of the Student Government Association”. We ask that all students let their voices be heard! The 88th Senate Session meets every Tuesday at 7pm in Kilgore Seminar Rooms. Meetings are open for all students to voice their concerns, and strategize with elected and appointed leaders. We give high regard to all concerns, questions and critiques so that we may better serve the student body and promote the values Morehouse has instilled in us. I pray that every student at Mother Morehouse finds their peace as they work to lay roots with hopes of growing tall enough to wear the crown Morehouse has placed over our heads, as envisioned by Dr. Howard Thurman. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” - Mark 11:28 Into Ties More Brotherly, JOHN COOPER 2017-2018 SGA Vice President M I D T E R M R E P O R T 13

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