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Settlers Village March 2018


MANAGEMENT COMPANY Crest Management 281-579-0761 Sunni West -Community Manager 281-945-4615 BOARD MEMBERS Kim Rodgers - Pres. Richard Davenport - V. Pres 281-859-5501 Tulibelle Martinez - Director 832-212-5678 Angela Thomas Lance Berndt- Director COMMUNITY INFORMATION Police/Fire Emergency 911 Sheriff’s Dispatch 713-221-6000 Animal Control 281-999-3191 Steve Radack - Prec. 3 281-463-6300 Public Health & Environment 713-439-6000 Street/Storm/Sewer Repair 281-463-8703 SCHOOLS Cy-Fair ISD Administration 281-897-4000 Cy-Fair ISD Transportation 281-463-5978 Hemmenway Elementary 281-856-9870 Walker Elementary 281-345-3200 Hopper Middle School 281-463-5353 Cy-Springs High School 281-345-3000 UTILITIES SETTLER’S VILLAGE HELPFUL NUMBERS CenterPoint Energy 713-659-2111 CenterPoint Energy - alt. # 800-752-8036 Power Outages 800-332-7143 Street Lights - Not working 713-207-7777 Street/Storm/Sewer Repair (Harris Cty) 281-463-8703 Public Health & Environ. Serv. (Harris Cty) 713-439-6000 Best (Trash Service) 281-313-2378 Municipal Operations & Consulting Services, Inc. (MOCS) Water Issues 281-347-8686 Water Billing 281-367-5511 FROM YOUR HOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Please take a moment to visit the neighborhood’s new website located at The Board is very interested in any and all feedback. There will be signs posted at the park/pool shortly to give all interested parties notification that the area is being monitored via surveillance cameras. Please also remember the rules regarding personal sign postings. Because your HOA is now responsible for the upkeep of sign and light poles, placing of private signs of any type onto county owned sign poles or Centerpoint owned light poles is expressly prohibited. Please do not subject yourself to the embarrassment of having your signs removed by the HOA or receiving a ticket from the sheriff who now patrols the district. The HOA can now levy civil fines related to the costs of clean-up. Lastly, a quick reminder that Steve Breard has volunteered to continue collecting aluminum cans for the neighborhood with all proceeds going to the capital improvement fund for our pool. In 2012 we collected $306 and $177 in 2013. However, we only collected $114 in 2014 and $65 in 2015, a pretty significant decrease. For 2016 we collected $42. Please rinse and bag the cans to minimize the attraction to bugs. They can be dropped at 6642 Cove Lake Drive. Board continues to note a number of properties having to be referred for legal action because the owners/renters are not performing regular maintenance. Please remember that not only are you contractually obligated to maintain the property in which you live, it is also an obligation to your neighbors. So take the time to mow and edge your yard. Trim back the trees and bushes (which can also hide would-be burglars). Keep your fence in repair and the house painted as needed. If your sidewalk or drive-way needs repair, get it done before someone gets hurt and sends you a lawsuit for your inattention. Residents should be aware that the HOA fronts the legal expenses for deed restriction enforcement. But the Board does come back to the property owner for reimbursement of those costs including an assortment of administrative fees. It can get really expensive really fast. Please also be aware that trailers, boats, RVs must either be stored out of sight on your property. The actual by-laws require them to be stored outside of Settlers Village but inside a closed garage or in the backyard as long as they are below the fence line and out of sight is also accepted. Covering an item with a tarp is not acceptable. YARD OF THE MONTH Settlers Village wants to promote great yards. From May through October, the Board will make a once a month selection of the neighborhood’s best looking yard. Each month’s top winner will be awarded a $100 gift card. Board members and their families will not be eligible. RESIDENTS OF HARRIS COUNTY MUD 105 Best Trash picks up your trash on Tuesday and Friday. Your recycle collection day will be Friday. Please have trash and recyclables out to the curb by 7 AM. On each regularly scheduled collection day, Best Trash will collect residential refuse at the curbside. Trees, shrubs, brush trimmings and fencing must be bundled in lengths no greater than 4 feet with no branch diameter larger than 4 inches and bundles weighing no more than 40 lbs. The bundling is required to allow quick pickup and size limitations are required to avoid damage to the compacting equipment. Heavy/bulky items (appliances, furniture, carpet up to 1 room rolled up 4 ft. wide and weighing less than 50 lbs) will be picked up either collection day. By Federal Law, refrigerators, freezers or any other item 2 March 2018 | Community Newsletter

containing Freon must have the Freon drained and have an accompanying bill to validate such service was performed. Items excluded from normal collection are dirt, rocks, bricks, tires, cement, batteries, motor or cooking oil, waste generated from a private contractor or any items deemed to be hazardous materials. Best Trash will leave a tag explaining the reasons for non-collection of the item. An enhanced feature of the new provider will allow for collection of items excluded by the contract if notified in advance. Best Trash will meet with the customer prior to collection day to determine a price to haul the non-contract items. If a resident does not notify Best Trash of such a special pick-up before its scheduled day, Best Trash will leave a notice for the resident to contact Best Trash during normal business hours before the next scheduled pick up day. Please do not dispose of gasoline, motor or cooking oil, paints or any other liquid item in a container that is not visible to Best Trash personnel. If not visible and results in spillage that causes a stain, Best Trash will not be responsible for clean-up Best trash takes great pride in our recycling efforts ensuring the best program for our customers. Please remove caps, liquids and food products from inside containers. Please use the provided recycle bins for recyclable material and not as extra trash bins. Best Trash will collect paper, plastics, aluminum and tin cans and glass (all colors) that are placed within the provided recycling bin, if items exceed container capacity, please place them adjacent to the bin marked as recyclable materials. If you find items left in your bin, it means they are not recyclable and the items should be disposed of in your trash container for the next scheduled pick up. Best Trash will provide each residence with one recycling bin and will replace any bins that are defective or otherwise become unusable through normal wear and tear. Theft, lost or additional bins can be purchased for $9 each by calling Best Trash. HOLIDAYS When regular collection falls on a holiday: New Year’s Day, Christmas, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving or July 4 th Independence Day, the next collection will be made on the next regularly scheduled collection day. Best Trash, 17802 Madden Rd. Richmond, TX 77407 Ph: 281-313-(BEST), 281-313-2378 SETTLERS VILLAGE TEENAGE JOB SEEKERS If you are between 12 and 18 and would like to be added to the teenage job seeker’s list, please fill out the form on our website (www.krenekprinting. com, click submissions and choose Jobseekers) with your name, birthdate (mo. & yr.), phone number, year you will graduate and the name of your newsletter/subdivision. Check the list of jobs you want on your form. Please make sure your email is correct, we send emails in the summer to make sure all the info is still good and that you want to stay on the list. If we do not hear back from you after 3 tries, we will remove you from the list until we do. Must have parent(s) permission. DISCLAIMER Neither the subdivision, nor Krenek Printing is responsible for those listed on the Teenage Job Seeker List. Please ask for and check out references if you do not personally know those listed. This is just a list of teenagers from the subdivision who wish to find part time jobs. Responsibility for any work done by these teenagers is between those seeking helpers and the teens and their parents. CODE KEY: B - BABYSITTING, CPR - CPR CERT., FAC - FIRST AID CERT., RCC - RED CROSS CERT., SS - SAFE SITTER, SL - SWIM LESSONS, PP - PET/PLANT SITTER, P - PET CARE ONLY, H - HOUSE CARE, L - LAWN CARE, C- CAR CARE/DETAILING, T - TUTORING Community Newsletter | March 2018 LIFEGUARDS NEEDED We at A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. are so excited to be your pool company this season. A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. is now hiring lifeguards for community pools in our area for the Summer 2018 season. Professional lifeguard training is provided as part of the hiring process. Please contact A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. for more information: 281-376-6510 or A/C & Heating 4 281-898-0965 TACLB52242E Full Service Pest Control Roaches • Fire Ants • Spiders • Rodents • Flea & Ticks Animal Trappings •Wasps & Hornets • Bedbugs Mosquito Control Mosquito System Installs & Repairs Termite Treatments & Inspections Lawn & Weed Control Call Now (281) 256-2600 or email Spring Special General Pest Control Service $69.95 NO CONTRACTS PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS - EXPIRES 3/31/18 FREE TERMITE INSPECTION WITH ANY SERVICE RODENT/ANIMAL TRAPPING $25 OFF CHECK-UP RESIDENTIAL SERVICE C. Paul Shubert, P.C. Certified Public Accountants Income Tax Preparation • INDIVIDUALS • CORPORATIONS • PARTNERSHIPS • ESTATES Weekend and Evening Appointments Available 4654 Hwy. 6 N. Suite 101 281-556-1040 3