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Windsong March 2018 WINDSONG HELPFUL NUMBERS SPECTRUM MANAGEMENT 16690 Park Row, Houston, TX 77084 281-343-9178 Michelle Villegas Community Manager OFFICERS Chad Vowell – President OPEN – Vice President Kevork Yakobian - Secretary Kelli Mosby– Treasurer Paul Stephen - Director CLUBHOUSE RENTAL: 281-550-7996 and your message will be returned within 3 days CONTRACT DEPUTY PATROLS Harris County MUD #183 provides additional patrols for one Sheriff’s Deputy through a contract with Harris County. Please call 713-221-6000 to report any suspicious person, activity or for vacation watch. TRASH COLLECTION WCA 281-368-8397 Trash pick-up days are Tuesdays and Fridays between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM. . Heavy trash pick-up is scheduled for 1st & 3rd Fridays. WATER DISTRICT Windsong CIA is serviced by Harris County MUD No. 183. Si Environmental (Si Enviro) was hired by the Water Board to manage the utility district and they can assist you if you have any problems or questions. Contact information is as follows: Si Environmental, LLC (“Si Enviro”) Customer Service: 832-490-1600 or Emergency Repairs: 832-490-1601 SCHOOLS Cy-Fair School District Admin. 281 897-4000 Peggy Wilson Elementary (K-5) 281 463-5941 Watkins Jr. High (6-8) 281 463-5850 Cypress Lakes High 281-856-3800 DISCLAIMER THE WINDSONG “WHISTLER” IS NOT PAID FOR, EDITED OR PUBLISHED BY THE WINDSONG COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION (WCIA) AND AS SUCH THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED HEREIN MAY NOT NECESSARILY BE THE OPINIONS OF WCIA, RATHER THE OPINION OF THE AUTHOR OF THE ARTICLE IN QUESTION. CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE! If you haven’t had the chance yet, please check out the NEW Windsong website at Here you can find out the latest news of what is going on in the community, see upcoming events and find contact numbers for who to call and when! We also have a great safety section where we will post news about safety and you can register your pet with the HOA so we can easily contact you if your pet is found out wondering. Please take the time to check us out!! INTERESTED IN RENTING THE COMMUNITY CLUBHOUSE? All the details about the clubhouse along with the calendar of availability for the rental can be found on the website under the Clubhouse tab. Go to to find the info. We even have pictures of the clubhouse so you know what you are getting!! Rentals are for the full day and you MUST be a Windsong resident to rent it. If the website doesn’t answer all your questions, please feel free to contact the clubhouse manager, Amber at 281-550- 7996, she will be more than happy to help you with your questions! EXTERIOR MODIFICATIONS Are you planning to make repairs and upgrades to the exterior of your home including the landscaping? Please don’t forget to submit your ACC application before making any changes to the exterior of your home or property. The ACC Committee processes the applications as quickly as possible. Supplying the specifications of your improvement, a lot survey indicating the location of the modification, and a sample or detailed list of materials to be used will also help speed up this process. If you need an application, please contact Michelle Villegas at or 281-343-9178. PROTECT ONE OF YOUR MOST VALUABLE INVESTMENTS BY DEVELOPING A CONSISTENT MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE By doing some simple preventative maintenance, you can extend the life of your home and minimize costly repairs. Painting: It is important to put a good coat of paint on your home which may mean painting every three to five years on an average, depending on the quality of the paint. Painting obviously improves the appearance of your home and protects your wood or hardiplank from the elements reducing rot. Don’t forget your ACC application along with paint color samples, which must be processed and approved first! Power washing: Take a walk around your property. If you see green or black mildew on your home and driveway, you can power wash the mildew off your gutters, home exterior, driveway and sidewalk. This small step of maintenance can keep your property looking well maintained. Gutters: Gutters need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. This time of year they fill up with pine needles and leaves. If the gutters are full of leaves and pine needles, they will not drain properly and will need to be cleaned. The extra weight will cause the gutter nails to become loose and the gutter will sag or fall from your home. Gutters are important as they protect the fascia boards. Landscaping: Trees, shrubs and seasonal flowers add a great deal to the value of your home and the community. Remember that over time trees and shrubs can become overgrown and unsightly. Please keep your landscaping well trimmed and yard edged so that it enhances your home and does not interfere with the street. 2 March 2018 | Community Newsletter

COME AND BE A PART OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SWIM TEAM This competitive program offers children and teens an opportunity to work with trained coaches to improve swimming skills, endurance and promote a healthy competitive edge. Ages: Five to 18 years Requirements: Swimmers must: Be able to demonstrate the following skills: • Swim 25-yard freestyle, demonstrating breathing to the side and good body position • Swim 25-yard backstroke, demonstrating good body position • Swim 25-yard breaststroke or butterfly • Can demonstrate the fundamentals of a forward dive from the edge of the pool Swim Team Basics: Our trained coaches work to improve swimmers’ skill level, endurance and to promote a healthy competitive edge. The Swim Team offers weekly practices, training for beginning swimmers and more for advanced groups. Swimmers are encouraged to attend at least three practices a week. Swim meets are scheduled on Saturdays against other teams in the Houston area. There are also several volunteer opportunities to help support the Swim Team. Online Registration: Early Online Registration thru March 15 th Regular registration starts April 1 st thru May 4 th Fees required to participate: • Registration fee: Will vary according to the number of swimmers per family. For more information go to: DID YOU KNOW… All trash containers are to be kept out of public view on non-trash days. This means they cannot be kept on the sides on your homes, behind a bush, on the front porch or in front of the garage. If the trash containers are viewed, you will begin receiving violation letters in the very near future. DEED RESTRICTION VIOLATIONS The purpose of the inspections is to bring about an improvement in the appearance of our community. Let’s all make an effort to reduce the number of violations each month. We want our community to look good and to maintain our property values. It is up to each of us individually to accomplish this. HARRIS COUNTY ALARM DETAIL Please be aware that it is a requirement for you to obtain a permit for operating an alarm system within unincorporated Harris County. Obtaining the required permit will avoid the issuance of a citation and excessive false alarm fees. Should you require a copy of the permit application form or would like to review the regulations regarding permit requirements, you may do so by visiting the Harris County Sheriff’s Office website at The application can be printed from the website, then completed and mailed to our office with the applicable fee. Should you have any questions, please contact the Alarm detail office at 713-755-4600 during normal business hours. Community Newsletter | March 2018 BASKETBALL GOALS ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES Please be aware that if you have a basketball goal in street view it must be maintained at all times. Basketball goals are permitted subject to the prior approval of the ACC and the following: * A net shall be maintained on the rim at all times. The net shall be replaced in the event that it becomes frayed or torn. * A rim shall be affixed to the backboard at all times. The rim shall be repaired or, if necessary, replaced in the event that it becomes broken or bent. ball goals are permitted subject to the prior approval of the ACC and the following: * A net shall be maintained on the rim at all times. The net shall be replaced in the event that it becomes frayed or torn. * A rim shall be affixed to the backboard at all times. The rim shall be repaired or, if necessary, replaced in the event that it becomes broken or bent. * The backboard shall be repainted, repaired or replaced in the event that the surface of the backboard becomes chipped or cracked or the backboard becomes warped or unaligned. The backboard shall also be kept clean of mildew or mold. * Basketball goals that are visible from the street shall be attached to the front of the garage or freestanding. * In no event shall a basketball goal be placed at any curb either temporarily or permanently. * The pole and all mounting supports must be maintained in an attractive condition. The pole shall be removed if the basketball goal is no longer functional. 3