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3 4 2 1 BANNER DISPLAYS 1. Tri-X page 52 | 2. Monopode page 51 | 3. Pulldown Hanging Banner page 55 | 4.FrameWorx page 48 WHEN CHOOSING A BANNER DISPLAY HAVE YOU CONSIDERED… LOCATION - What is the size of your display space? MESSAGE - Do you want a single-sided or double-sided display? TRANSPORT - Will your display be stationary or will it be moved from place to place? LONGEVITY - How long will your message be displayed? 46

BASE-X BANNER DISPLAY This banner display makes use of the fold-out feet from our popular FrameWorx line to create a stylish look with a small footprint. • Graphics are printed on Titan 11 mil polyester • Banners are printed single-sided; kits come in singlebanner and double-banner options • Adjustable frame hardware is compatible with custom banner heights (call for quote) • Allen wrench included PRODUCT GRAPHICS HARDWARE WARRANTY VIDEO Base-X Banner Display Item # Description 1 2-5 6-11 12-24 263129 Single-Banner Kit 195.00 185.00 176.00 166.00 263130 Double-Banner Kit 262.00 256.00 236.00 230.00 Kit Includes: Hardware, Single-Sided Banner(s) and Soft Carry Case USD MSRP (C) CASE BANNER DISPLAYS Single-banner Fold-out feet for a small, stable footprint. Banner rails are capped for a clean finish. Banner rail attaches to the frame using thumbscrews. Double-banner FLEX BANNER DISPLAY This display's versatile central post can be customized with banners and lit racks. We've created three kits to get started, but add-ons are interchangeable so you can create your own configuration. • Graphics are dye sublimated on polyester knit • Banners are double-sided • Sturdy aluminum center post and banner rails • Weighted steel base for stability • Assembly tools included PRODUCT GRAPHICS HARDWARE WARRANTY VIDEO WASH Flex Banner Display Item # Description 1 2-5 6-11 12-24 263240 Single-Banner Kit 325.00 315.00 310.00 295.00 263245 Single-Banner with Lit Rack Kit 425.00 410.00 405.00 385.00 263243 Double-Banner Kit 455.00 440.00 430.00 415.00 263247 Banner and Rails Add-On 145.00 137.90 130.20 123.10 263248 Lit Rack Add-On 100.00 95.00 90.00 85.00 Kit Includes: Hardware and Double-Sided Banner(s) USD MSRP (C) Segmented pole pieces fit together and must be secured in place with the included Allen wrench. Banner rails slide into a groove on the central post and can be adjusted for custom banner sizes (call for quote). Single-banner Single-banner with lit rack Double-banner PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Description Product Size Finished Graphic Size Product Wt. (Single / Double) Graphic Media Base-X 33.75"W x 89.75"H x 15.375"D 33.25"W x 78"H 11 lbs. / 12 lbs. Titan 11 mil Polyester Flex Single-Banner 26.875"W x 74"H x 14.625"D 23"W x 64"H 24 lbs. Polyester Knit Flex Single-Banner with Lit Rack 36"W x 74"H x 14.625"D 23"W x 64"H 31 lbs. Polyester Knit BASE-X FLEX Flex Double-Banner 51.375"W x 74"H x 14.625"D 23"W x 64"H 26.25 lbs. Polyester Knit 4AFTER FINAL PROOF APPROVAL Setup fee: $20.00(G); no setup fee on orders placed via our website; see page 190 for details. PRODUCTION LEAD TIME IS Base-X Banner Installation: Banner attaches with banner rails on the top and bottom. DAYS Flex Banner Installation: Banner slides over banner rails on the top and bottom. View current graphic templates, assembly videos and instructions on our website. See pages 188-190 for additional information that may apply to your order. • asi 87188 • PPAI 254687 • SAGE 67383 • PPPC 20101202 47 2OR

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