2016 Annual Report

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<strong>2016</strong><br />

ANNUAL<br />



STEM programs<br />

for the<br />

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS of Skagit County<br />

From engineers to pipefitters, chemists<br />

to accountants, IT specialists to<br />

welders, Tesoro’s success relies on our<br />

ability to recruit and retain employees<br />

with exceptional STEM-related skills.<br />

As an employer constantly seeking out<br />

top-talent and as a socially responsible<br />

corporate citizen, supporting STEM<br />

education-related programs is the<br />

cornerstone of Tesoro’s community<br />

investment strategy.<br />

We are proud to collaborate with the<br />

Boys & Girls Club of Skagit County on<br />

the establishment of the Tesoro STEM<br />

Academy, and further its mission to<br />

enable all young people to reach their<br />

full potential as productive, caring,<br />

responsible citizens.

<strong>2016</strong> BOARD<br />


President – Mark Lawrence<br />

Simply Yards Landscaping<br />

Mark Lawrence<br />

Board President<br />

To all that celebrate our Clubs with me,<br />

Following two very strong Board Presidents can be intimidating, regardless of the<br />

size of the organization, or mission, especially when both had worked hard to provide<br />

leadership that resulted in our Clubs doubling in size in just two years! I have<br />

been fortunate that during my board service with the Boys & Girls Club of Skagit<br />

County, my peers have time and again demonstrated passion and advocacy at<br />

an inspirational level of engagement. Thank you to Annette Booth and Stephanie<br />

Hooper, and those they followed, who built the foundation of an amazing agency<br />

that now serves more than 1,700 annually in our local communities.<br />

Even with such significant leadership to model after, I have been blessed with<br />

the ability to benefit from additional development opportunities through Boys &<br />

Girls Clubs. In May, my wife Jackie joined me in New Orleans, LA with several<br />

other Board members, as we attended the 110th National Conference of Boys<br />

& Girls Clubs of America. We attended sessions on Leadership, Board Development,<br />

Strategic Planning, and much more. However, it was the General Sessions<br />

that really touched us in a meaningful way.<br />

Not only were the keynote speakers superb, providing meaningful and<br />

thought-provoking messages, it was hearing from Club kids from all over America,<br />

seeing a dance troupe perform from a local Club, and witnessing the result<br />

of the collective impact of more than 4,000 Clubs just like ours, reaching 4 million<br />

youth each year, that touched Jackie and me personally. We are truly part<br />

of something special, and very much honored to be.<br />

Attending another gathering this fall, with more of a regional focus, I had the<br />

opportunity to dig deeper with other board members, and through those discussions<br />

and in comparing operational information, learned that our Club staff are<br />

simply awesome, our Board top notch, and that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit<br />

County is quite healthy and instituting best practices in every way. Where others<br />

may struggle, we shine, and so your important investment in our organization<br />

is truly getting the best return on investment possible. In fact, at the Regional<br />

Conference, we were twice honored in front of a full room of our peers. Our Board<br />

received a League of Eagles award, and for the second year in a row, our Clubs<br />

earned a Gateway to Impact Award from Boys & Girls Clubs of America.<br />

Thank you for joining us in this journey as we work to change lives in Skagit County,<br />

Mark Lawrence<br />

Owner, Simply Yards Landscaping & Design<br />

Vice President – Mike Gubrud<br />

Mike Gubrud Farmers Insurance Agency<br />

Vice President – Kelly Tuohig<br />

Tesoro Corporation<br />

Treasurer – Becky Taft<br />

Skagit Bank<br />

Secretary – Carrie Wallace<br />

Skagit Bank<br />

Past President – Stephanie Hooper<br />

Bayside Specialties<br />

Past President – Annette Booth<br />

Booth Insurance/Allstate Insurance Co.<br />

Member – Pat Barrett<br />

Barrett Financial, LTD<br />

Member – Dr. Carl Bruner<br />

Mount Vernon School District<br />

Superintendent<br />

Member – Raymond Goda<br />

DreamchasersRV of Burlington<br />

Member – Tom Pasma<br />

Tom L. Pasma Auctioneers<br />

Double S Quarter Horses, Inc<br />

Member – Tina Asp<br />

Image360<br />

Member – Danielle Martin<br />

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists<br />

Member – Holly Shannon<br />

Carson Law Group<br />

Member – Jennifer Fix<br />

Peace Health<br />


Ron McHenry<br />

Exectutive Director<br />

4<br />

Dear Friends,<br />

Your very personal commitment to our mission; to<br />

enable all young people, especially those who need<br />

us most, to reach their full potential as productive,<br />

caring, responsible citizens, is something that we celebrate<br />

within the pages of our <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> to you.<br />

You invest, you engage, you advocate, you share your<br />

skills with us; each contributes to our Boys & Girls Club<br />

movement, and ability to serve our youth, ages 6-18, in<br />

Skagit County.<br />

The work on this publication begins in early fall, with<br />

creation of a theme and setting for information to be<br />

communicated to our extended Club family. Recognizing<br />

that so many of our staff have been in the Boys &<br />

Girls Club movement for years, and having several that<br />

grew up within the Clubs themselves, that theme was<br />

manifest quickly.<br />

Our professional staff and volunteers, especially those<br />

on the front line of youth development, often reminisce<br />

about years gone by, and enjoy talking about<br />

how they’ve seen our precious kids grow over time,<br />

and for those with a history of Club participation, a<br />

very personal perspective.<br />

Throughout our <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> to our community<br />

you will find updates on current initiatives, where we<br />

are at in providing impact to kids in Skagit County, but<br />

perhaps what I am most proud of are the staff and<br />

volunteer reflections. Just as you share your time, talent,<br />

and treasure with us in a personal way, we are<br />

honored to match that connection in the best way we<br />

know how: giving you a deeper insight into what your<br />

commitment means to us in providing our ability to<br />

reach youth who need us most.<br />

The Boys & Girls Club movement began in 1856, in Hartford,<br />

CT. It may have taken one hundred forty years for<br />

a Club to be established in Skagit County, but we are<br />

proud to be taking a position as a leader amongst Clubs<br />

nationwide. In the last three years, we have piloted several<br />

cutting-edge initiatives and programs, gained notoriety<br />

as an organization with a staunch belief of being<br />

data-informed so that we can better serve our youth,<br />

and as Boys & Girls Clubs of America begins instituting a<br />

youth program quality initiative, YPQA, the Boys & Girls<br />

Clubs of Skagit County is being called upon by peers<br />

from Clubs all over the country.<br />

We are in our third year of implementing YPQA, having<br />

been an early adopter after recognizing the importance<br />

of remaining relevant and dutiful in our commitment to<br />

achieving the highest level of outcome-based results.<br />

As a component of GreatFutures 2025, a national strategic<br />

plan, we are positioned well to provide support<br />

and influence that can impact youth well beyond our<br />

local communities.<br />

Our focus is certainly on our local kids and the communities<br />

we serve, but in being connected to a true movement<br />

of more than 50,000 professionals worldwide,<br />

we are uniquely positioned to affect circumstances in<br />

the very world that our Club kids will grow into. Not<br />

all will remain in Skagit County when they transition<br />

into adulthood and take their place in society, and so<br />

balancing a role of leadership in support of youth near<br />

and far ultimately benefits everyone.<br />

On behalf of what I consider to be the best dynamic<br />

group of professionals in youth development, ready to<br />

answer their call to affect great change, I thank you for<br />

being a member of our extended family, and demonstrating<br />

why Skagit County is such a very special place.<br />

Yours in service,<br />

Ron McHenry, CEO

In this <strong>Report</strong>...<br />


PRESIDENT ...3<br />



THANK YOU SUPPORTERS...6, 8-9,<br />

15, 17, 20-25, 31, 34-35, 39<br />

OUR TEAM ...6-9<br />


INTERVENTION ...7, 9<br />


...10-11<br />

CALENDAR OF EVENTS ...12-13<br />


CLUB ...14<br />


...17<br />

BY THE NUMBERS: BUDGET...18-19<br />




YOUTH OF THE YEAR ...22-25<br />


BAKER CLUB ...26<br />


CLUB ...26-27<br />


HEIGHTS ...28-31<br />


GUBRUD ...32-33<br />


WITH THE CLUBS ...34<br />

<strong>2016</strong> YEAR IN REVIEW ...36-37<br />


VERNON CLUB ...38<br />


FIELD ...40-41<br />


WOOLLEY CLUB ...42<br />

Credits: The printing & mailing services for this <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> were donated by K&H Integrated Printing<br />

Solutions. Additional photography provided by Azota Photography, Cookson Beecher, and Foxlight Photography.<br />

Historical records & photos provided by Joyce Nagel.<br />


Ron<br />

McHenry<br />

Executive<br />

Director<br />

Ian<br />

Faley<br />

Associate Executive<br />

Director<br />

Manny<br />

Smith<br />

Director of<br />

Operations<br />

Tammy<br />

Findlay<br />

Director of<br />

Marketing &<br />

Stewardship<br />

Sarah<br />

Arquitt<br />

Director of<br />

Administration<br />

Our Team<br />

6<br />



Annette Booth — Allstate Insurance<br />

Dan & Carrie Worra<br />

Les & Sharon Coopper<br />

Nancy Rytand<br />

Linda R Dubinski<br />

A.B. Palmer<br />

Judy & Ed Hjort<br />

Nate Scott<br />

William & Dolores Thomson<br />

Brian & Christine Youngquist<br />

Danielle Price<br />

Jim V. & Judy Smith<br />

Avalon Golf Links<br />

Mt. Baker Gymnastics<br />

Heather Hoppes<br />

Jack & Stephanie Hamilton<br />

RIS Insurance Services<br />

Fidalgo Island Rotary Foundation<br />

Howard & Elaine Huffstodt<br />

Albert Stubbs<br />

Desha Furin<br />

Docking Bay 93<br />

Hugh & Stacy Pierce<br />

Brian Soneda<br />

Skagit Valley Signs.<br />

Life Care Center of Skagit County<br />

Skagit Community Foundation<br />

Jack & Shirley McIntyre Family Foundation<br />

Joseph Chong<br />

Dawn & Patrick Severin<br />

Pelindaba Lavender<br />

Robert Coffey, MD<br />

Cap Sante Inn, LLC<br />

Annette Pankey<br />

Kroger<br />

Pete Gilbert<br />

Woods Coffee<br />

Tony Salas<br />

James & Betsy Shields<br />

Shannon Charnley<br />

Bill & Shirlee Reinard<br />

Gary & Hollie Brand<br />

Shannon Patt & Suzanne Butler<br />

Ryan & Kaitlyn Brisson<br />

Waterfront Cafe<br />

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program<br />

Dorothy McCartney<br />

Jan Link<br />

Anacortes Housing Authority<br />

Jeff Jones<br />

John & Tanya Probstfield<br />

R.W. Baird<br />

Gerald & Bonnie Bowers<br />

Curt & Monica Oppel<br />

Marie Anthony<br />

Flowers on Woodworth<br />

La Conner Civic Garden Club<br />

MaryAnn Hatfield<br />

Richard & Jodie Curtis<br />

Cascade Pizza<br />

John & Julie Small<br />

Ron & Jan Wesen<br />

David Willams<br />

Catherine & Keith Wyman<br />

Mark & Deanna Collins<br />

Janna Gage<br />

El Gitano<br />

Cascade Natural Gas<br />

J.W. Zielinski<br />

Fred & Sharon Fisher<br />

Dana Andrich

New Initiatives:<br />



What gets measured, gets improved. In the ever<br />

evolving world of youth development programs,<br />

it is important that we stay up to date with<br />

the latest methods and techniques that are required<br />

to provide high quality programs for our Club members.<br />

The Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI) is<br />

one tool that will help us stay in the forefront of youth<br />

development and after-school programs.<br />

Developed by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth<br />

Program Quality, YPQI is an in-depth evaluative process<br />

for improving program quality, built around the<br />

evidence based Youth Program Quality Assessment<br />

(PQA), it involves a three part approach to program<br />

quality: Assess-Plan-Improve. This sequence helps<br />

programs turn membership participation data into<br />

useful information for program improvement. The<br />

PQA allows for staff to have data-informed conversations<br />

that will enhance professional development<br />

decisions and increase strategies for better programs<br />

and outcomes for our Club members.<br />

The PQA is already in use within The Washington State<br />

Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs and the Boys & Girls Clubs<br />

of Skagit County. In November, four of our Club sites<br />

participated in external assessments. Representatives<br />

from outside agencies spent some time observing various<br />

staff and programs, and provided feedback in the<br />

areas of Safe Environment, Supportive Environment,<br />

Staff Interaction with members, and Member Engagement.<br />

The results of these assessments provided<br />

valuable information regarding strengths and vulnerabilities<br />

within our program implementation methods.<br />

Club staff will use that information to develop quality<br />

improvement plans focused on enhancing the overall<br />

Club experience to include additional staff training and<br />

making program enhancement modifications.<br />

We are committed to only providing the best product<br />

for our members and communities. Moving forward,<br />

the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County, in collaboration<br />

with neighboring organizations, will increase our participation<br />

in YPQI through increased external assessments<br />

throughout our sites. Additionally, we will work<br />

to engage our staff, community councils and board<br />

members in conducting internal assessments and peer<br />

Continued on page ...9<br />

7<br />

Our Team<br />

John<br />

Garman<br />

Director of STEM<br />

Initiatives<br />

Katelynn<br />

Sullivan<br />

Community<br />

Development<br />

Coordinator<br />

Alivia<br />

Holman<br />

Club Director,<br />

Sedro-Woolley<br />

Shane<br />

Collins<br />

Program Director,<br />

Sedro-Woolley<br />

Patrick<br />

Dougher<br />

Teen Coordinator,<br />


Taylor<br />

Bannister<br />

Club Director,<br />

Anacortes<br />

Andrew<br />

Worcester<br />

Program<br />

Director,<br />

Anacortes<br />

Tori<br />

Grace<br />

Teen Coordinator,<br />

Anacortes<br />

Mary<br />

Sue<br />

Walker<br />

Club Director,<br />

Mount Baker<br />

Middle School<br />

Rotary Club<br />

of Burlington<br />

Our Team<br />

Proud to Support<br />

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County<br />

8<br />

Mac & Jack Brewery<br />

Carl & Carmen Bruner<br />

Jordan & Kimberly Joy Mellich<br />

All About Hearing<br />

Mexico Cafe<br />

Mona Reynolds<br />

Bryace & Kristen Schaffner<br />

James & Michele Tangaro<br />

Tesoro Companies, Inc<br />

Kecia Fox & Brian Adams<br />

La Conner Channel Lodge<br />

K Johnson<br />

Ed & Sharon Jackson<br />

Roche Harbor Resort<br />

Perfectly Posh<br />

Holland America Line, Inc<br />

Ed King<br />

MJB Properties, LLC<br />

Skagit Law Group, PLLC<br />

Kendall & Nancy Gentry<br />

Greg & Lou Ann Reed<br />

Rebecah Fratianni<br />

Jackie Davison<br />

Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods<br />

Ken Codlin<br />

Gail Renovard<br />

Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon<br />

Ann Wilder<br />

David Svaren<br />

Dick & Dawn Nord<br />

Guy & Sandra Davidson<br />

James Bobb<br />

Nancy & Joe Halton<br />

City of Anacortes<br />

Kelli Larson<br />

Garrison Engineering<br />

Christina Molina & Eduardo Martinez<br />

Katie Stamwitz<br />

Elizabeth & Harley Theaker<br />

Janson Foundation<br />

Isaac & Sarah Williams<br />

Blade Chevrolet<br />

Beth & Tim Wallace<br />

Jennifer Blanchard<br />

Jennifer Arnold & Shawn Palmer<br />

Sue Harrington<br />

Dave Evans<br />

Chris & Cynthia Adams<br />

Pat Grenfell<br />

Sebo`s Do-It-Center<br />

La Conner Pub & Eatery<br />

Craft Stove<br />

Shirley Yap<br />

Sara Myers<br />

Janicki Industries<br />

Tammy Findlay<br />

Envy Salon<br />

James & Janet Ebersole<br />

Burlington Rotary Foundation<br />

John & Dolores Bratland<br />

Evan Henke<br />

Jerry Smith Kia<br />

Costco.<br />

Sierra Pacific Foundation<br />

George Busse<br />

Per Dona Salon Spa<br />

Naun & Perpetuo Gallardo<br />

Eugene & Doris Benson<br />

Bernadine & Pat Galbraith<br />

Neighbors In Need Food Bank<br />

Emmett & Mary Richards<br />

Scott Sutton<br />

Gap, Inc<br />

Caroline Lamantia<br />

Lynnette Setmire<br />

Jeanne Law Designs<br />

Kevin L Rogerson<br />

Jim Barrio

eviews. Our goal is to advance towards our objective<br />

of providing an Optimal Club Experience through data<br />

informed conversations and planning, furthering our<br />

mission to grow as the preferred youth serving organization<br />

in our community and beyond.<br />

Supporters continued...<br />

Bernadette Halliday<br />

Gina MacDonald<br />

Lee Mann Photography<br />

Brinderson, L.P.<br />

Jennifer Durney<br />

Debbie & James Allen<br />

Kelly Boardman<br />

Robert Shrumm<br />

Levi Mather<br />

Seth & Sarah Woolson<br />

State Street Barber Shop<br />

Robert & Jeannette Papadakis<br />

Triple Play Family Fun Park<br />

Joe Slidich<br />

Brian Jackson Insurance Agency, Inc.<br />

Thomas & Candace Kingman<br />

Joe & Diane Best<br />

The Stall<br />

Kathy Elde<br />

Karen Keown & Dan Melka<br />

Brian & Peggy Paxton<br />

Ronald & Jamie Mitchell<br />

Kim Hildahl<br />

PACCAR Technical Center<br />

Carrie Balser<br />

Reisner Distributor, Inc.<br />

Mary-Ann Gutierrez<br />

Esco Bell<br />

Jim & Paula Glackin<br />

Brenda & Sean Cornett<br />

Farmers Group, Inc<br />

Brian & Caroline Davis<br />

Jim & Sharon Dillon<br />

Bernard & Mireille Kramer<br />

Mount Baker Gymnastices<br />

Collin Guildner<br />

Megan Tuohig<br />

Claire Wagner<br />

Bob’s Burger & Brew<br />

Rob Martin<br />

Jonna Zieber<br />

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund<br />

Jennifer L Fix<br />

Express Employment Professionals<br />

Bill & Gina Gillespie<br />

Kevin Thomas<br />

Majestic Inn & Spa<br />

TJ & Karen Larrick<br />

Regence BlueShield<br />

Janet Whalen<br />

Thompson’s Greenhouse<br />

Wendy & Jerry Lucas<br />

Charles & Talbot Thompson<br />

Michael & Georgette Lanhart<br />

Patrick Dougher<br />

Tony & Tina Asp<br />

Sandra Ball<br />

Holly & Josh Shannon<br />

Jessica Cantrell<br />

Tesoro Foundation, Inc<br />

The Woolley Market<br />

Victoria W Morell<br />

Diederick Bron<br />

Shelly’s Shack<br />

Darren & Renata Maybruck<br />

9<br />

Our Team<br />

Angela<br />

Freeberg<br />

Club Director,<br />

Mount Vernon<br />

Erik<br />

Pineda<br />

Program Director,<br />

Mount Vernon<br />

KJ<br />

Evans<br />

Club Director,<br />

La Conner<br />

Brian<br />

Gustafson<br />

Club Director,<br />

LaVenture<br />

Middle School<br />

<br />

Proud to Support<br />

Boys & Girls Clubs<br />

of Skagit County<br />

(360) 466-4014 • 614 1st St • laconnerseafood.com


Building Capacity is established as the ideal<br />

maximum number of youth a facility can serve on<br />

any given day. This is determined by taking available<br />

square footage, and including at least one ‘group’<br />

outside where feasible. This results in just 20 square<br />

feet per member. None of our Clubhouses were truly<br />

designed as kid facilities, and are primarily modular<br />

or annex space, built just beyond residential specifications.<br />

Imagine a 1,600 sq ft home with 80 youth<br />

ages 6-18 engaging in activities and programs for<br />

perspective; this is certainly not ideal, but we work<br />

to serve as many young people as we can within<br />

these limitations.<br />


Funding Capacity is determined by several<br />

factors. What the building will actually hold takes an<br />

obvious priority, and is followed by a careful balance<br />

of community need, local support, and special funding<br />

that is sometimes only available to specific communities<br />

based on targeted demographics. Often,<br />

cooperative and collaborative endeavors also define<br />

how we can serve, as is the case in Mount Vernon—<br />

home to LaVenture, Mount Baker, and Mount Vernon<br />

Clubhouses. Thanks to engagement with the Mount<br />

Vernon School District, Community Action of Skagit<br />

County, Western Washington University, and Skagit<br />

Land Trust, the organization was able to secure 21st<br />

Century Learning Center funding, with a total value<br />

of more than $300,000.<br />


Our Current Attendance is strong, and has<br />

grown by 100% in the last three years. In only their<br />

second year, the LaVenture and Mount Baker Clubhouses<br />

are quickly growing and are projected to reach<br />

capacity this Spring. All others are above funded<br />

capacity, which places significant strain on our professional<br />

staff and volunteers to deliver quality programs.<br />

As a result, waiting lists are established until<br />

additional funding can be secured to reach building<br />

capacity. In Mount Vernon, there simply is no more<br />

room for elementary age youth, and larger space is<br />

needed to reach those kids who need us most.<br />


By the Numbers:<br />



80<br />

82<br />

120<br />




45 51<br />



75<br />



110<br />

113<br />

140<br />



75<br />

75<br />

82<br />






65<br />

80<br />

90<br />


55<br />



80<br />

90<br />


448<br />

495<br />

590<br />





February<br />

May<br />

SAT<br />

25<br />

THURS<br />

18<br />


Sedro-Woolley Club Director, Alivia Holman, is adding some<br />

spice to this year’s Sedro-Woolley Club Fundraiser with some<br />

karaoke and a special guest appearance. There will also be<br />

a dinner, a silent auction, local beer & wine, and a dessert<br />

dash. Come warm up your singing voice and enjoy a night<br />

with friends, all while supporting the Woolley kids.<br />

Sponsored by Dwayne Lane’s Cascade Ford<br />


The Anacortes Club celebrates its members and their accomplishments<br />

at an event that brings the community together.<br />

Combined with a Club tour and short program, participants<br />

are educated about what makes the Anacortes Club unique.<br />

Sponsored by Anacortes Kiwanis Sunrisers<br />

March<br />

June<br />

15 23 24<br />

/<br />

WED 7:30AM FRI SAT<br />


The <strong>Annual</strong> Breakfast is our celebratory wrap-up to our Campaign<br />

for GREAT Kids. Recognizing the incredible business &<br />

community support that enables the work of the Clubs, the<br />

Breakfast is our time to thank our partners, while sharing the<br />

passion & goals of 2017.<br />

Sponsored by Trico Companies, LLC.<br />


Choose your night! Come enjoy a summer garden party with<br />

us at the exquisite gardens of La Conner Flats. Featuring<br />

dueling pianos, dancing, games, premium wine & beer, and<br />

a delicious dinner.<br />

Sponsored by Tesoro Corp<br />


FRI<br />

August<br />

11<br />


NOV<br />


Our signature Golf Tournament is a time to come and enjoy<br />

the links, on behalf of the Clubs. With business partners from<br />

all over the Valley represented, visit with your friends, and<br />

celebrate the beautiful course at Avalon Golf Links. Hosting<br />

great games, and fun competitions throughout the course,<br />

come and shoot par for the kids.<br />

Sponsored by Blade Chevrolet<br />

November<br />

FRI<br />

3<br />


Each Club holds their own Dinner with Friends event. These<br />

friend-raisers serve as Club Youth of the Year Celebrations,<br />

with many awards to be handed out. From A/V to speeches,<br />

our kids run the show, gaining valuable skills in the process.<br />

January<br />

2018<br />


This annual fundraiser celebrates the incredible work that<br />

sets the Clubs apart and emphasizes the singular impact the<br />

Clubs can make in our youths’ lives. Come and bid for the<br />

kids, enjoy festive food and drink, engage in fun activities<br />

with your friends, and be a Champion for youth in our area.<br />

Sponsored by DreamchasersRV<br />


This dinner is the culmination of the Youth of the Year program<br />

and the greatest recognition of youth leadership in<br />

Skagit County. At the Dinner, the representative chosen to<br />

be the Youth of the Year for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit<br />

County is announced, and we celebrate the staff that make<br />

our programs amazing. With the presence of community<br />

leaders, we look to recognize the #GreatFutures that we<br />

are enabling.<br />

Sponsored by Hendricks Family Foundation<br />


Reflections:<br />


My first day of work<br />

with the Anacortes<br />

Boys & Girls Club<br />

was at the tail end of summer,<br />

in 2007. It was my<br />

first job and was a hectic<br />

first day of learning how<br />

things worked, and trying to remember the names of<br />

each Club kid that ran up to say “hello.” One of the first<br />

Club members that I remember meeting was a little<br />

7 year old girl named Erin. Erin made herself known<br />

quickly and informed me that she could answer any<br />

questions I might have about my new position. Over<br />

the years, Erin became a constant figure in my Club<br />

life. She asserted her personality in Club programs<br />

and excelled greatly through Junior Staff. She never<br />

lost her spunk in terms of looking at herself as a Club<br />

staff member, and was always the first to volunteer for<br />

duties like giving tours or explaining Club rules to kids.<br />

In 2010, I made the decision to leave the Clubs to pursue<br />

my education at Western Washington University.<br />

My plan had always been to earn a degree in theatre<br />

arts and education. During my year away from the Club,<br />

however, I would think about my Club kids like Erin, and<br />

how they had been such a constant in my life for the<br />

past 3 years. I realized then that, while teaching would<br />

afford me the ability to teach and grow hundreds of<br />

youth, my job with the Clubs would allow me to do that<br />

Taylor Bannister<br />

Club Director, Anacortes<br />

AND to be a part of each<br />

youth’s life for up to 12<br />

years, leading to an incredible<br />

impact. My trajectory<br />

changed completely. In the<br />

summer of 2011, I returned<br />

to the Anacortes Club, taking<br />

on the role of Program Director, to the excitement<br />

and joy of many of my past Club kids.<br />

Since then I have had the opportunity to meet and<br />

mentor more youth than I can count, having a hand<br />

in days, weeks, or years of their life and their own<br />

trajectory. I have watched numerous past Club members<br />

graduate from High School, and will have my<br />

first group of youth who joined the Club when I did,<br />

in 2007, graduate in just two more years. What a feat<br />

to be a part of.<br />

This year my point of pride is being a mentor to Erin as<br />

she competes in the Youth of the Year competition as<br />

a junior in high school. From that rambunctious seven<br />

year old who knew more about the Clubs than I did,<br />

to a strong and inspirational sixteen year old who not<br />

only excels in school but also on the basketball court.<br />

Being a part of her growth and life from that moment<br />

she first shook my hand, to now, is such a great accomplishment.<br />

I couldn’t be more proud to have been even<br />

a small piece of what helps her be great.<br />

14<br />

L to R: <strong>2016</strong> Anacortes Youth of the Year, Erin H. when she first attended the Club, and today, pictured with her father. Club Director, Taylor<br />

Bannister with a group of Club kids on a Summer field trip. 2013 Anacortes Youth of the Year, Alexis H. at her <strong>2016</strong> Cap Sante High School<br />

Graduation with Taylor.



FUTURE!<br />

www.karmart.com<br />

Patricia & Darwin Anderson<br />

The Drain Doctor<br />

Dad’s Diner A-Go-Go<br />

Lani Donohue<br />

5th Avenue Theatre<br />

Simply Yards Landscape & Design<br />

Elizabeth & David Bishop<br />

Rod Hendricks<br />

Modern Cleaners<br />

Donald & Colleen Slack<br />

Michael & Patricia Norris<br />

Nadine Larson<br />

Shannon & Eric Whalen<br />

Panera Bread<br />

Joan Yonker<br />

Aleli Howell<br />

Steve & Roxy Forbes<br />

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County<br />

1100 Freeway Dr., Mount Vernon, WA<br />

360-424-3231 • www.bladechevy.com<br />

NEW &<br />






A<br />

s<br />

Reflections:<br />


KJ Evans<br />

Club Director, La Conner<br />

a child, the Boys & Girls Club was like a second home for me; it’s where<br />

I learned social skills, and engaged in a number of recreational sports,<br />

but, most importantly, I learned how the positive influence of a mentor could<br />

change my entire perception of an organization. When I first became a member<br />

of the Boys & Girls Club, I thought it would be a complete waste of time. But, I<br />

soon realized that the club was a great place to be, there was nothing to dislike<br />

about the entire experience. The staff were absolutely amazing, and there was<br />

one individual that became a mentor to me right away. He and I are still very<br />

good friends, to this day. In fact, he will actually be a groomsmen in my wedding.<br />

But, as a kid, coming into an environment and seeing multiple basketball<br />

courts, an arcade room, games room, art room, learning center, and concession<br />

stand—that’s all any kid could dream for. Also, knowing we had access to the<br />

pool, and the baseball/softball field were additional bonuses. The Club has had<br />

a tremendous impact on the man that I have become in many ways, which is<br />

why I have a burning desire to have the exact same impact on the lives of our<br />

youth—having the impact that my mentor had on me, as a young Club kid.<br />

It wasn’t until I became the Club Director of the La Conner Boys & Girls Club<br />

that I realized how great of an impact the Club staff have on these members,<br />

each and every day. The joy and excitement we see on their faces as they enter<br />

those Boys & Girls Club doors, the countless moments of laughter being shared<br />

between members and staff. As I look back on my Boys & Girls Club memories,<br />

being a young Club member, I truly value and appreciate those individuals that<br />

were mentors to me, and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that<br />

I have the exact same impact on today’s youth. Needless to say, as a child I<br />

would’ve been lost without the support & guidance of my amazing parents,<br />

sisters, and Boys & Girls Club staff. I truly value and appreciate those individuals<br />

who have played an integral role in my upbringing.<br />

Skagit Farmers Supply<br />

Betty Foster<br />

Sean & Diana Bartlett<br />

Alicia Huschka<br />

Sheri Miklaski<br />

Edward Small<br />

Sarah Murphy<br />

Angel of the Winds Casino<br />

Disneyland Resort<br />

Neighbors In Need<br />

Mary Johnson<br />

Susan B Macek<br />

Eagle Nest View, LLC<br />

Brian & Kathy Wolfe<br />

William Murray<br />

Brooks<br />

Windermere Foundation<br />

John & Carol Mosier<br />

Greg King<br />

Kurt Hefferline<br />

Retirement Inn Residence Council<br />

Karen Ray<br />

Joyce Siniscal<br />

Kohl’s<br />

Andrea Locati<br />

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The Encore Shoppe<br />

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Pilgrim Congregational Church, UCC<br />

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Children`s Museum of Skagit County<br />

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Thurston Wolfe Winery<br />

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Donnie Measamer<br />



Our <strong>2016</strong> Year-end Totals are generated in-house,<br />

and come before a complete audit is conducted. Clubs,<br />

in accordance with IRS regulations, and generally<br />

accepted accounting principles (GAAP), operate in<br />

an accrual accounting system. However, without<br />

engaging a full-charge bookkeeper or accountant<br />

full-time, there are certain elements of our internal<br />

accounting system that process through in conjunction<br />

with our annual audit. To do so otherwise would<br />

be prohibitively expensive, and consume resources<br />

that can better be deployed in direct service of our<br />

mission to youth. This typically relates to depreciation,<br />

bequests, endowments, and assets held by the<br />

Skagit Community Foundation that are the items processed<br />

in this manner.<br />

For <strong>2016</strong>, a strong end of year Campaign resulted in<br />

a small anticipated surplus for the year. With some<br />

funding down in areas, primarily related to Events<br />

& Fundraisers, staff worked hard to control costs<br />

to actual income, and the surge of investment in<br />

December, helped realize a net gain, however small,<br />

for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County.<br />

Major increases in expenses, in comparison to 2015,<br />

relate primarily to Personnel & Benefits, and Program<br />

Delivery. <strong>2016</strong> is the first full year of two new Club<br />

programs, at Mount Baker and La Venture Middle<br />

School, as well as increased benefit costs the organization<br />

has little control over. The vast majority of<br />

increase in Program Delivery relates to the addition<br />

of food service, providing lunches during the summer,<br />

and dinners during the school year, at many of our<br />

locations. These expenses are under-written in whole<br />

by the US Department of Agriculture who provides<br />

reimbursement to the Club organization for service.<br />

Those funds are currently represented in Miscellaneous<br />

income.<br />

As we begin 2017, we are holding the line in our<br />

budget in many areas, with one notable exception—<br />

Personnel & Benefits. Initiative 1433, raising the minimum<br />

wage, is the single largest represented addition<br />

to the budget. As a result of this, staff wages wholly<br />

across the Board had to be raised, and even then,<br />

there are now part-time staff making more per hour<br />

than their supervisors. This will continue to be a difficult<br />

piece for the organization moving forward, as<br />

we try to balance these elements with being able to<br />

increase services to youth in our community.<br />


By the Numbers:<br />

<strong>2016</strong> YEAR END TOTALS*: INCOME & EXPENSES<br />

Income<br />

Expenses<br />


PERSONNEL & BENEFITS: $1,086,858<br />


EVENTS & FUNDRAISERS: $342,337<br />

OCCUPANCY: $61,688<br />

PROGRAM DELIVERY: $109,872<br />



MEMBERSHIP DUES/FEES: $176,123<br />

INSURANCE: $26,633<br />


PROGRAM REVENUE: $3,498<br />

MARKETING: $3,366<br />

MISCELLANEOUS: $31,167<br />

OUTREACH: $8,110<br />



TOTAL: $1,702,045<br />

IN-KIND EXPENSE: $215,924<br />

TOTAL: $1,677,343<br />

*Unaudited Projection, decimal points rounded to nearest whole number.<br />


20<br />


Any youth age 6, or entering into 1st<br />

Grade, up to age 18 can attend the<br />

Clubs. During the school year all of<br />

our Clubs operate Monday thru Friday,<br />

from 2pm to 6pm, except for the<br />

Sedro-Woolley Club, which operates<br />

till 6:30pm. *The Clubs also operate on<br />

select early release days and during<br />

school breaks. Select Fridays are Teen<br />

Nights. During the summer, Clubs are<br />

open Mon-Fri from 7am to 6pm.<br />


PO Box 947<br />

1605 William Way, Ste B<br />

Mount Vernon, WA 98273<br />

360-419-3723 (phone/fax)<br />


904 6th St.<br />

Anacortes, WA 98221<br />

360-588-9045<br />


305 N. Sixth St.<br />

La Conner, WA 98257<br />

360-466-3672<br />


1100 N. La Venture Rd.<br />

Mount Vernon, WA 98273<br />

360-428-6995<br />


2310 E. Section St.<br />

Mount Vernon, WA 98274<br />

360-428-6127 x32175<br />


1100 N. La Venture Rd.<br />

Mount Vernon, WA 98273<br />

360-428-6109 x31177<br />


915 McGarigle Rd.<br />

Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284<br />

360-856-1830<br />


Maiben Park<br />

1011 Greenleaf Ave.<br />

Burlington, WA 98233<br />

*Some hours depend on the number of<br />

registered participants.<br />

*Summer only.<br />

Worthington Foundation<br />

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David & Eddylee Scott<br />

Dwayne Lane’s North Cascade Ford<br />

Elliot Johnson<br />

Terry Johnson & Pamela Myers<br />

Brett & Eva Fox

“<br />

The<br />

Reflections:<br />



Manny Smith<br />

Director of Operations<br />

Club that Beats The Streets”—this was the motto for the Boys & Girls<br />

Clubs when I first joined as a member, way back in 1986. It was a perfect<br />

fit for a kid like me. Growing up in the poverty-stricken areas of Tucson, Arizona,<br />

my family had fallen largely to the epidemic of gangs and drugs, living a life on<br />

“the streets.” Thankfully, we moved into a house that was literally across the<br />

street from the Old Pueblo Boys & Girls Club. The Club quickly became my safe<br />

place to go to after school. It provided a place where I was able to build positive<br />

relationships with adults, and peer relationships with other kids from similar<br />

circumstances to me—two very critical things I did not have at home. It was<br />

probably the first time I started to realize that I was not alone in what I was<br />

experiencing in my life.<br />

Many alumni refer to the Club as their “home away from home.” For me, the<br />

Club became my home as I spent every possible minute I could there. First and<br />

foremost, it was one of the only places I felt safe, both physically and emotionally.<br />

I knew that the staff at the Club had my back at all times. It is where<br />

I learned basic values of respect, honor, and good character—traits that are<br />

essential to becoming a productive adult.<br />

The supportive relationships and lessons I got from the Club are the reason that<br />

I was the first of 6 kids in my family to graduate from high school, go to college,<br />

and have a career. I am the only one to not use drugs and to have never been in<br />

trouble with the law. Whenever I reflect back on my life, and wonder how I was<br />

able to make it this far, it always comes back to some lesson, program, or staff<br />

member I connected with at the Club. To this day, my best friends and mentors<br />

are people I met at the Club.<br />

As a professional, I realize that the Club set a foundation that equipped me with<br />

tools to have a career in youth development, providing the same type of support<br />

and lessons to today’s young people who have come from, and still experience,<br />

some of the most disadvantaged circumstances. For me as a kid, the Club truly<br />

did “beat the streets.” It also set a foundation that allowed me to accomplish so<br />

much in my adult life. Speaking from personal experience, great futures really<br />

do start here.<br />

Laura Riquelme<br />

Linda Jones<br />

Erin Long<br />

Tulalip Casino & Resort<br />

Kevin Thomas<br />

Dean & Lisa Maxwell<br />

Showline Beagles<br />

Jeremy & Jamie McCullough<br />

Kyle Reep<br />

Highwaters Media<br />

Peoples Bank<br />

John & Bonney Howe<br />

Matt Marusich<br />

Tyler Koble<br />

Darcy Swetnam<br />

Bayside Specialties, Inc.<br />

Seattle Theatre Group<br />

Enterprise Rent-A-Car<br />

Best Buy Foundation<br />

Rich Weyrich & Betta Spinelli<br />

Peter Goldfarb<br />

Janna Haupt<br />

Kent & Christine Mathes<br />

Roger & Lynda Burke<br />

Gardner Orthodontics<br />

Penny Stubbs<br />

Diane Cocke<br />

North Cascades Health Council<br />

Sons of the American Legion Squadron 43<br />

Randy & Debbie Larson<br />

Wayne & Barbara Bradford<br />

Flyers Restaurant<br />

Pelar Holmes<br />

American Alpine Institute<br />

Oliver-Hammer<br />

Barbara Kehoe<br />

B.J. Larson<br />

Brett & Laurie Fontes<br />

David & Syd Olausen<br />

Ann Dursch<br />

Wayne & Shelley Sligar<br />

Franklin Bjorseth<br />

Barbara Atterberry<br />

Scott & Tracy Dickison<br />

Sedro-Woolley True Value Hardware<br />

Allen & Janet Lindbo<br />

Andrew St Lawrence<br />

Joanne Bruland<br />

Laurie Gere<br />

Katie Carson<br />

Eric & Lynette Johnson<br />

Navsukh Enterprises, Inc.<br />

Tucker Family Foundation<br />

George Reeves & Rosann Wuebbels<br />

Jonathan Kull<br />

Matt Lehman<br />

Ken & Joan Liebscher<br />

Hugh & Diana Kendrick<br />

Danielle & Darrek Martin<br />

Mary LaFleur<br />

Safelite Auto Glass Foundation<br />

Brittney Crandall<br />

Sedro-Woolley Food Pavilion<br />

Expressions Art Gallery<br />

Noah & Taylor Bannister<br />

Jama Hiltz<br />

Steve Edwards<br />

Ted & Cyndie McCammant<br />

Peter Cutbill<br />

Jerald & Pamela Munson<br />

John & Nancy Darnton<br />

Emerson Nordmark & Kim Liebscher<br />

Ezaquiel Banda<br />

William & Myo Shears<br />

Rallye Auto Sales, Inc.<br />

Jenny & Adam Coleman<br />

Zane & Kelli Wyll<br />

Deb Bundy<br />


22<br />


Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles, Good Character & Citizenship:<br />

these are the priority outcomes our Clubs work to develop in all of our<br />

Club members. Perhaps the single best manifestation of these results is experienced<br />

during Youth of the Year.<br />

Each year in January, the Skagit community comes together to celebrate youth<br />

during a waypoint in the Youth of the Year journey and timeline. Those that<br />

attend the Youth of the Year Dinner leave inspired, and often with a much<br />

deeper understanding as to the impact that Boys & Girls Club staff and volunteers<br />

have had in the lives of Club members.<br />

Club members ages 14-18 are eligible to participate in the<br />

program that equips youth with important real world skills<br />

including resume preparation, essay composition, and speech<br />

development. They learn interview techniques, how to network<br />

in a business setting, plan appropriately to reach goals, and<br />

most of all, how to serve as a model leader to their peers.<br />

The Youth of the Year program, started in 1947, begins at the Club level with<br />

preparation in the fall that results in one Club member being selected at their<br />

Clubhouse Dinner with Friends, held in November. From there, the Club Youth<br />

of the Year’s continue honing their skills through repetition, workshops, and a<br />

retreat, held jointly with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County, and Boys &<br />

Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties.<br />

Club members ages 14-18 are eligible to participate in the program that equips<br />

youth with important real world skills including resume preparation, essay composition,<br />

and speech development. They learn interview techniques, how to<br />

network in a business setting, plan appropriately to reach goals, and most of<br />

all, how to serve as a model leader to their peers.<br />

Pg 22, L to R: Erin H. (Anacortes Youth of the Year), Bobby Castro (2014 Youth of the Year), Charles B. (La<br />

Conner YOY), Paula B. (Sedro-Woolley YOY). Jacky Melanson and Justice Lively (2015 Skagit County &<br />

Washington State YOY). Annette Booth (Board Member), Geoffrey H. (Anacortes YOY Runner-up) and<br />

Kindred M. (Sedro-Woolley YOY Runner-up). Misty McIntire, Stephanie Hooper (Board Member) and<br />

Becky Taft (Board Member). Paula B. (2017 Skagit County YOY), Jazzelle E. (<strong>2016</strong> Skagit County YOY)<br />

and Kindred M.. Erin H. (Anacortes YOY). Elijah P. (La Conner YOY Runner-up). Pg 23: The gang at the<br />

YOY retreat in Ellensberg: Jazzelle, Charles, Charlie, Patrick Dougher (Sedro-Woolley Teen Coordinator),<br />

Erin, Kindred, Geoffrey, Paula, and Tori Grace (Anacortes Teen Coordinator).<br />

Bill Irning<br />

Carla Wood<br />

Justin & April Ward<br />

Georgetown Brewery<br />

Lou Ann Davis<br />

Savi Bank<br />

Yoshihiro Okamoto<br />

Suzanne RothMeyer Photography<br />

Kim & Shane Walley<br />

Suzette & James Richards<br />

Paula Brownrigg<br />

Pacific WoodTech Corporation<br />

Smiley Insurance<br />

Sedro-Woolley Police Benevolent Fund<br />

Karen Gallardo<br />

Heather Powell<br />

Steve & Felisa Hoglund<br />

Lora & Richard Hiltz<br />

Brian & Laura Faley<br />

BYK Construction, Inc<br />

Peter Donovan<br />

Josh & Mallory Anfinson<br />

Michael & Andrea Rogers<br />

Servpro Of Skagit<br />

Deception Distillery<br />

Germaine Kornegay<br />

Don Wick<br />

Cottage Hobby House<br />

Jennifer Barnwell<br />

Gerry & Susan Christensen<br />

Tom Pasma & Sue Sultze<br />

Rob & Nancy Tiffany<br />

Bill Poindexter<br />

Jill & Daniel Boudreau<br />

Soroptimist International of Anacortes<br />

Emily & Robert Messmer<br />

James Hobbs<br />

Karl Yost<br />

Lorenzo’s<br />

John & Carmen Voth<br />

Skagit Transportation<br />

Michael & Elizabeth Jackets<br />

John & Colleen McIntyre<br />

United Way of Skagit County<br />

Sheila Bean<br />

Brian Hanrahan<br />

Patrice Blakeway<br />

Thomas Lebovsky & Jane Billinghurst<br />

Scott Pringle<br />

Dennis & Melissa Boe<br />

Soroptimist International of La Conner<br />

Connie & Michael Russell<br />

Dick & Susan Straathof<br />

Swinomish Golf Links<br />

Paul Godfrey<br />

Katie Mauricio<br />

Bertelsen Winery<br />

Erik & Jennifer Crawford<br />

Tracy Dugas<br />

Sylvia Hosford<br />

Len & Jimmie Lee Dawson<br />

Cookson Beecher & Dean Harrington<br />

Nathan Skinner<br />

MillerCoors<br />

Robert Leber<br />

Rick & Karen Pitt<br />

Jon & Teresa Ronngren<br />

James & Megan Taylor<br />

Mike & Rebecca Love<br />

Birch Equipment & Sales<br />

Claudette Gubrud<br />

Barbara Dahlstedt<br />

Kiwanis - Anacortes Noon Club<br />

Charles Fine Jewelry<br />

Anthony & Kimberlee Smith<br />

Art Jensen<br />

Jack & Dena Poling<br />

Rolf & Mary Oxos<br />


Lynn Wade<br />

The Ledger<br />

Dorothy Ann Downs & Robert Raymon<br />

Dan & Nicole Hoffman<br />

Suellen Lemmon<br />

Christopher & Cassandra King<br />

John & Sarah Ney<br />

Marylee Owings<br />

Dennis & Mary Staberg<br />

Susan Wilson<br />

Howard & Carol Pellett<br />

Aztec Self Storage<br />

Janice & Norman Vigre<br />

Jack Sather<br />

Kristi & John Chambers<br />

Cecil Thomas<br />

Gregg & Lea Davidson<br />

John & Tammie White<br />

Mary Gleason<br />

Rebecca & William Murray<br />

Brynne & Pat Kelly<br />

Ooh La La Salon<br />

Gateway Transmissions, Inc<br />

Josh Bluhm<br />

Terje & Jessica Culp<br />

Mike Blade<br />

Chad Fisher Construction, LLC<br />

The Rustic Rooster<br />

Tom & Caree Brownfield<br />

Chelsea Bowman<br />

Michael & Dana Webb<br />

Soroptimist International of Fidalgo Island<br />

Jennifer & Charles Hardin<br />

Kim & Steven Stafford<br />

Donald L Fenton<br />

Puget Sound Energy Foundation<br />

Tom & Fay Shane<br />

Lowe’s Store<br />

Henry’s Humdingers<br />

Scott Johnson<br />

Jerry Kopp<br />

Sharon Wright<br />

K&H Integrated Print Solutions<br />

KS Excavating, Inc<br />

Eagles - FOE #2069<br />

Rick Trelstad<br />

Jacqueline Zoolkoski<br />

Judd & Black<br />

Herb & Judy Hansen<br />

Bill & Laurie Wallace<br />

Sherry Hendrix<br />

Washington State Auto Dealers Services, Inc<br />

Frontier Building Supply<br />

The Brown Lantern Alehouse<br />

Kim Gardner<br />

Land Title & Escrow Company of Skagit & Island County<br />

Patricia Gordaoff<br />

Mary Staley<br />

Montana Sporting Club<br />

Mike & Mary Stepanski<br />

Alyeska Design, LLC<br />

Colleen Smiley<br />

Barbara Bear<br />

Scott & Harmony Bahr<br />

Joyce Nagel<br />

Mildred Metzger<br />

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Dan & Marie Donat<br />

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Eleanor Kuenzi<br />

Clay Taylor<br />

Espresso Connection<br />

Thomas & Deborah Moser<br />

Cedar Country Lumber<br />

Tim & Sarah Van Dyken<br />

John Roozen<br />

Will & Diane Reichardt<br />

Rob & Erin Reiger<br />

24<br />

This year, one of the judges made an observation that resonated<br />

deeply with staff: They knew that Clubs did good things, but it<br />

wasn’t until seeing the process up close that they realized how<br />

important Clubs were to youth, the need for this type of service,<br />

and how irreplaceable Clubs really are in the community.<br />

For <strong>2016</strong>, we had three Clubhouse Youth of the Year, and four runners-up. Each<br />

story was different, but within them common themes and experiences the Club<br />

members identified as changing them for the better. Acceptance—through<br />

being welcome and knowing they always had a place to talk to someone, in<br />

a safe environment. Opportunity—heard time and again as several reflected<br />

on their experience this last summer on our first major College Tour. Finally,<br />

Staff—a deep, personal relationship with one or more staff members who<br />

have helped to shape their personalities, and who have provided them guidance<br />

during their life.<br />

The Club member selected to represent Skagit County immediately begins<br />

preparation for the next stage—the state program in March. It begins on a<br />

Tuesday evening, with all the organizational Youth of the Year joining together<br />

in ice breakers and some fun. First thing Wednesday morning, the youth go to<br />

the Governor’s Mansion for a breakfast in their honor where they are joined by<br />

legislative representatives from all over the state. While there, the Governor’s<br />

Community Service Scholarship award is presented, and all youth are introduced<br />

officially.<br />

A whirlwind 36 hours follows the visit to Olympia, and includes meeting community<br />

and civic leaders, engaging in vibrant discussion, polishing up on interview<br />

and speech delivery skills, going through another round of judging, and finally,<br />

one youth being crowned as the Washington State Youth of the Year, earning a<br />

$5,000 scholarship, and opportunity to represent the state at the Pacific Region<br />

event in June, in Los Angeles, CA. The Pacific Region Youth of the Year earns an<br />

additional $40,000 in college scholarships, and travels to Washington, DC in the<br />

fall to meet the President in the Oval Office, and participate in the final round<br />

that crowns our Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Youth of the Year.<br />

Representing Skagit County for 2017 is Paula Banda, an 8th grader from Cascade<br />

Middle School in Sedro-Woolley. While rare to have someone so young<br />

selected, Paula meets all the qualification requirements, and made a significant<br />

impression on the judges. To determine a winner, seven judges received<br />

advance materials that include biographical information, essays, and supporting<br />

letters and other materials. A rubric is provided for the entire cycle, and the<br />

judges come together to hear speeches, and interview all the candidates, the<br />

day before our Youth of the Year Dinner. Because of the quality of our Club<br />

members participating, for the second year in a row, just two points separated<br />

winner and runner-up.<br />

This year, one of the judges made an observation that resonated deeply with<br />

staff: They knew that Clubs did good things, but it wasn’t until seeing the process<br />

up close that they realized how important Clubs were to youth, the need<br />

for this type of service, and how irreplaceable Clubs really are in the community.<br />

We are thankful for our judges, for staff simply could not make the choice themselves.<br />

Perhaps a wonderful testament to this is Paula’s own opening line in her

It’s that very confidence that is leading Paula to work toward a<br />

career as a lawyer. She has plans to attend Skagit Valley College<br />

for Running Start before setting sights on her aspirational goal,<br />

Harvard University. There is no doubt that Paula will reach that<br />

goal before accomplishing many others and make a significant<br />

mark in the world.<br />

one of her essays: “My Club experience is a lot like everyone else’s; amazing,<br />

impactful, wonderful, unforgettable, and life changing. It is also uniquely mine<br />

because of the amazingly awesome staff at The Club and all the unforgettable<br />

friendships I’ve gained over the years.”<br />

Paula holds the SMART Girls program high in her list of reasons for success.<br />

“SMART Girls is the program that has probably had the biggest impact on<br />

making me into who I am today. I learned a lot of lessons in SMART Girls. It<br />

taught me to talk to someone when I need to and not just keep my emotions<br />

bottled up. It is also where I learned how important it is to be respectful and<br />

to be confident.”<br />

It’s that very confidence that is leading Paula to work toward a career as a<br />

lawyer. She has plans to attend Skagit Valley College for Running Start before<br />

setting sights on her aspirational goal, Harvard University. There is no doubt<br />

that Paula will reach that goal before accomplishing many others and make a<br />

significant mark in the world.<br />

While we celebrate Paula, we also honor the achievements of Charles from La<br />

Conner, and Erin from Anacortes, who represented their Clubhouses passionately<br />

and ably. Being named Youth of the Year is the greatest recognition a Club<br />

member can achieve, and all our candidates are worthy of such an honor.<br />

To learn more about the Youth of the Year program, or be placed into consideration<br />

as a judge for 2018, please contact CEO Ron McHenry at rmchenry@<br />

skagitclubs.org or 360-419-3723, x3.<br />

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program<br />

Mark Kaufman<br />

Todd & Debbie Thompson<br />

Dolores Snelson<br />

Katelynn Sullivan<br />

Maggie Potter<br />

Linda & Jim Turner<br />

Bruce & Margaret Evertz<br />

Randall & Carol Garberg<br />

Vicki Stasch<br />

Robert Gruber<br />

Fidalgo Bay Coffee<br />

Charlie & Karen Wend<br />

Tom Hammack<br />

Carl`s Towing<br />

Kevin Anderson<br />

James Cornell<br />

Kiwanis- Burlington-Edison<br />

Robert & Jane Hyde<br />

Paul Benz<br />

Darrel & Bernice Homan<br />

Skagit River Steel & Recycling<br />

Justin Campbell<br />

Julia De La Cerda<br />

GAP<br />

Valley Shine Distillery<br />

Skagit Valley Food Co-Op<br />

Dagnija Johnson<br />

David & Armanda Martinez<br />

Foothills Toyota<br />

Janicki Logging & Construction<br />

Frank Marzec<br />

Tom Griffin & Lani Donohoe<br />

Wyman Park<br />

Levon & Dorothy Matson<br />

Dakota Creek Industries<br />

Norman & Shirley Cross<br />

Kjell Carlsen<br />

Wendy Rohrbacher<br />

E & E Lumber<br />

Michael & Lisa Janicki<br />

Gary & Christine Rood<br />

Anacortes Aktion Club<br />

Christy Hawley<br />

Austin’s Pet Grooming<br />

Sound Development Group, LLC<br />

Dawn & Jody Latimer<br />

Dorothy Hughes<br />

Quantum Construction Inc.<br />

Susan Duffy<br />

Tamara Straub<br />

Thomas Nichols<br />

Ristretto Coffee Lounge & Wine Bar<br />

Westminster Presbyterian Church<br />

Erin & Scott Welliver<br />

Ken & Susan Johnson<br />

Laura Swenson<br />

The Cambia Employee Giving Campaign<br />

Dale & Elaine Gorsegner<br />

Noah Richards<br />

Peter Cisneros<br />

Candi Newcombe<br />

Anthony Young<br />

ServiceMaster Clean by Roth, Inc.<br />

Knutzen Farms<br />

Louis Auto Glass, Inc<br />

Tom & Pam Allen<br />

Patrick Mullen<br />

Gene & Marilyn Derig<br />

Pat & Kathy Rogers<br />

Glen & Susan McInelly<br />

Ed Alskog<br />

Anita Mitchell<br />

Courtney Walters<br />

Oasys<br />

Avenue Catering<br />

John King - Highwaters Media<br />

K&H Integrated Printing Solutions<br />


Reflections:<br />


Being a leader in the<br />

Boys & Girls Club<br />

21st Century Program<br />

at Mount Baker Middle<br />

School is amazing. Having<br />

spent over 10 years as a<br />

classroom teacher, I value<br />

how this program allows me to be a mentor—time and<br />

energy I rarely had as a teacher.<br />

At Mount Baker’s “Grizzly Hangout” Boys & Girls Club,<br />

my team of passionate and skilled staff and I deliver<br />

high quality, engaging programs based on the interests<br />

of our members. We focus on the multiple dimensions of<br />

our members. We support their academic development<br />

by working closely with teachers and counselors, and<br />

devote a full hour to supporting their academic growth.<br />

Mary Sue Walker<br />

Club Director, Mount Baker<br />

After that, we focus on<br />

their passions for writing,<br />

science, art, sports,<br />

culture, film, health, and<br />

more. Through our Youth<br />

of the Week, Youth of the<br />

Month, and Jr. Youth of the<br />

Year programs we emphasize and recognize the good<br />

character and citizenship development of our members.<br />

Monthly family nights allow us to connect with families,<br />

providing opportunities to connect with community<br />

resources and support, while celebrating the accomplishments<br />

of our youth in a public way. I am grateful to<br />

belong to the Mount Baker Middle School Program, as<br />

it allows me to bring my passion for youth development<br />

into the school setting and help our members develop in<br />

powerful and meaningful ways.<br />

Reflections:<br />


26<br />

Looking back on the<br />

last nine months at<br />

the LaVenture “Flying Falcons”<br />

Boys & Girls Club,<br />

it has been both a great<br />

working, and learning experience.<br />

Much of our success<br />

can be credited to the Club staff, for their hard work<br />

and dedication to giving our members an Optimal Club<br />

Brian Gustafson<br />

Club Director, LaVenture<br />

Experience. Each staff<br />

member has brought their<br />

own unique strength to our<br />

programs, crafting meaningful<br />

connections with<br />

Club members, whether it’s<br />

a great smile, caring attitude,<br />

or helping our members succeed academically.<br />

Each day, staff work hard to improve on the quality,<br />

not just quantity.

Great programs and activities, such as Power Hour,<br />

Triple Play, The Arts, and STEM are key to our Club<br />

and organization success. Power Hour, a program that<br />

focuses on homework completion with Staff mentoring,<br />

has had an impact on many members’ grades. We<br />

have received appreciation letters from parents and<br />

teachers that have noticed how their child’s academic<br />

performance has improved because of our program.<br />

“Good morning Brian,<br />

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff<br />

for all the hard work that goes on in your after school program!<br />

Both of my daughters Kaylah and Leia attend Flying<br />

Falcons on a regular base and I’ve notice a huge improvement,<br />

especially with my oldest Kaylah (she’s the one that needed the<br />

help!). She’s still working on missing assignments but they’ve<br />

definitely gone down, and she’s getting better grades because<br />

of it. Both of my daughters enjoy going so that alone tells me<br />

how great this program is. I know they focus on work the first<br />

hour and then they get to do something fun after working<br />

hard. Again thank you for helping our struggling students.”<br />

~Yesenia M.- Club Parent<br />

“I can’t hold back my appreciation and respect anymore; Flying<br />

Falcons Club, you have decreased my classes’ missing work<br />

by over 70% in the last 2 weeks. Students are turning in their<br />

missing work with pride in their eyes and an obvious weight<br />

lifted off of their shoulders.<br />

The work you are doing is<br />

1. So important!<br />

2. Meeting more than just homework needs of students.<br />

3. Giving them structure and safety.<br />

4. Making a difference everyday.<br />

5. Helping students with organization.<br />

6. Holding them to high standards and helping them<br />

succeed at that level.<br />

I see so many teachers supporting this group as they support<br />

us. I love that!<br />

Keep up the great work EVERYONE!”<br />

<br />

~Karen M.- Teacher at LaVenture Middle School<br />

Protect your world<br />

Auto • Home • Life • Retirement<br />

ANNETTE BOOTH • 360-848-0939<br />

annettebooth@allstate.com • 130 S 15TH STE 102 MOUNT VERNON<br />

proud to support<br />

Boys & Girls Clubs<br />

of Skagit County<br />

www.skagitbank.com<br />


Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County<br />


905 Squalicum Way, Unit 105, Bellingham, WA 98225 • 360-734-3273<br />

I am very humbled to receive such encouragement!<br />

Our success is a credit to our amazing team—all of<br />

us working together, LaVenture Club Staff, Club members,<br />

Teachers, Parents, and Volunteers, as well as<br />

Club management, our Board of Directors, Donors,<br />

and the Skagit County community at large. We create<br />

GREAT Futures for our youth together.<br />


28<br />


After months of preparation, a small caravan of<br />

vehicles departed Skagit County on Monday,<br />

August 15, <strong>2016</strong> on a trip that for many, would be<br />

completely life changing. Thanks to funding from the<br />

Tesoro Corporation Foundation, 50 teens and staff<br />

were set to visit four universities and two regional<br />

technical and vocational trade schools. In just five<br />

days. In four different states.<br />

Clubs have three priority outcomes, that we endeavor<br />

to elicit in each and every member served; Academic<br />

Success is one of them. In the Boys & Girls Club movement,<br />

this means graduating from High School ready

for college, trade school, military service, or full-time<br />

employment. For so many of our youth, obstacles are<br />

present that can significantly inhibit their realization<br />

of this outcome. Some are very real, but most of the<br />

obstacles are simply perceptual, as our kids are often<br />

the first in their families to have the opportunity to<br />

achieve a higher education and choose their path in<br />

life based on their passion and interests, instead of<br />

simply what’s available.<br />

The first day began early, with a 7:00am departure<br />

from Skagit County. Just before the bus arrived at<br />

Central Washington University, the advance vehicles<br />

finished preparation of 51 lunches so that when the<br />

kids bounded off that bus, they’d be able to eat and<br />

enjoy their first tour of the trip. After seeing all the wonderful<br />

options available to future Wildcats, the convoy<br />

continued on with a stop at Perry Technical Institute in<br />

Yakima, WA to see a different side of post-secondary<br />

education at a premier place of learning.<br />

During the trip, not only was there a lot of road-side<br />

and parking lot preparation of meals, the network<br />

of Boys & Girls Clubs was engaged for support, and<br />

When youth arrived back in Skagit<br />

County late Friday night, they did so<br />

armed with significant knowledge of not<br />

only all the pathways available to them<br />

for success, but also what tools and<br />

goals were needed to secure their own<br />

#GREATFuture.<br />

Proud Supporter of the<br />

Boys & Girls Clubs<br />

of Skagit County<br />

Barrett Financial, Ltd.<br />

has been serving their clients for over 27 years.<br />

"We discover what is important to our clients and tailor<br />

wealth plans that help them achieve their life goals."<br />

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360-293-6287<br />

www.BarrettFinancialLtd.com<br />

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Barrett Financial, Ltd. Is not affiliated with Kestra IS or Kestra AS.<br />

Rental • Sales • Equipment • Tools • Lawn & Garden<br />

helped to keep costs minimal which truly allowed a trip<br />

of this magnitude to even occur. Perhaps the favorite<br />

Clubhouse sleepover that week was the first night in<br />

Prosser, WA, the former Club of current Skagit County<br />

Club CEO Ron McHenry. A joint teen night was held,<br />

and included Prosser Rotary Club members presenting<br />

a full barbecue spread at a special swim night that left<br />

everyone fulfilled and exhausted.<br />

Tuesday was the longest on the road, with more than<br />

400 miles covered between Prosser, and Twin Falls, ID.<br />

There, Club members talked excitedly about their college<br />

tour held earlier in the day at Boise State University<br />

while enjoying a pizza party at Boys & Girls Clubs<br />

of the Magic Valley. While at BSU, a full tour of the<br />

campus kept kids on their feet, and included a visit to<br />

the smurf turf.<br />

Continued on page ...23<br />

29<br />

Where the Locals Go for any project, big or small.<br />

Mount Vernon - Anacortes - Bellingham


Boise was also the stop that highlighted the importance of all the<br />

preparation, and need for additional vehicles, when one Club member<br />

sprained his finger while playing catch on the field. Because of regulations<br />

concerning driver time, and other logistics, the bus couldn’t<br />

stay, but it was clear our young man needed more than simple first aid.<br />

Thanks to the BSU Health Center, and the staff who stayed behind in<br />

the trailing vehicle, he was safe, and so were the rest of our kids, who<br />

were content on the bus headed to Twin Falls.<br />

A highlight, and once-in-a-lifetime experience for most, including staff,<br />

took place on Wednesday following a stop at Eastern Idaho Technical<br />

College. The itinerary was tight, but one simply can’t get that close and<br />

not make room for a trip to Yellowstone National Park. There wasn’t<br />

much time for exploration, but all were in awe when honored to be<br />

present for quite a show from the Old Faithful Geyser.<br />

Tours of both Montana State University and the University of Montana<br />

were on tap for Thursday, and perhaps a bit surprisingly, gleaned the<br />

strongest response from our teens. They loved the size of the schools,<br />

as well as proximity to communities that were large, but not overwhelming.<br />

Many commented on the beauty of the area, and weather,<br />

though were also reminded that Montana was a very different place<br />

in the winter.<br />

A visit to the other school with a vividly colorful Football field began<br />

wrapping up the trip on Friday, as Club teens descended on the<br />

“Inferno” at Eastern Washington University. Lunch was at the Gingko<br />

Petrified Forest, overlooking the Columbia Gorge, and providing a perfect<br />

bookend to the STEM-centered week long journey.<br />

When youth arrived back in Skagit County late Friday night, they did<br />

so armed with significant knowledge of not only all the pathways available<br />

to them for success, but also what tools and goals were needed<br />

to secure their own #greatfuture. More than that, Club staff had been<br />

pretty sneaky and managed to impart other important life lessons<br />

along the way: Personal hygiene is incredibly important, especially<br />

when traveling in groups; Always leave a place better than you found<br />

it; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, because you<br />

never know when you’re gonna be stuck in a small space for hours at<br />

a time; Take time to appreciate the world and nature around you, and<br />

position yourself to be able to take advantage of it in the future. Just a<br />

few of many ways Skagit County Clubs stand apart in youth development—a<br />

deep understanding by Club professionals to maximize each<br />

moment as a learning opportunity.<br />

Plans are underway for 2017 already, and this year’s trip, while definitely<br />

shorter in mileage, will still pack a punch, be centered around<br />

STEM, and include an amazing moment as the trip begins in Newport<br />

Beach, OR, prime location for viewing the total solar eclipse occurring<br />

on Monday, August 21st.<br />

Scholten’s Equipment Inc.<br />

Heritage Flight Museum<br />

Robin Lindstrom<br />

Darrell & Patricia Pienta<br />

Keith & Cyndi Sorestad<br />

Sundarah Hammontree<br />

Scott & Angie Rutherford<br />

Skagit Island San Juan School Retirees Association<br />

Angel & Diane Demeroutis<br />

Brown Line, LLC<br />

Steven & Jan Massey<br />

Matthew & Heather Miller<br />

Whidbey Coffee<br />

Kevin Johnson<br />

Les & Fay Huggins<br />

Dave Wilder<br />

Arty & Elinor Nakis<br />

Brandmuscle<br />

Ken & Debbie Cheney<br />

Alice Bohnker Insurance<br />

Dale & Marlene Klein<br />

Hampton Inn & Suites<br />

Josh & Stephanie Hoines<br />

Lakeside Industries<br />

Walmart<br />

Al Chandler<br />

BrandQuery<br />

Rachael Sylte<br />

Michael & Anita Roozen<br />

Donna Sitts<br />

Amy Angelli<br />

Kristin Knopf & Brian Hanners<br />

Trevir & Mindy Faley<br />

Amanda Cecotti<br />

Madeleine Roozen<br />

Margaret Cartwright<br />

Fred & Marilyn Buckenmeyer<br />

Enchanted Florist<br />

Chuck & LuAnne Burkhart<br />

Mary Davis Lighting<br />

Blank L+T<br />

Martin Commercial Fueling<br />

Clyde & Norma Clay<br />

John L. Scott<br />

Anacortes Chamber of Commerce<br />

Dunkin & Bush<br />

Humane Society of Skagit County<br />

Carrie Wallace<br />

Dwayne Lane’s Skagit Ford Subaru<br />

Wendy Fauver<br />

John & Michele Pope<br />

United Way of King County<br />

Gary & Claudean Talbert<br />

Dick Gudmunson<br />

Christopher & Jennifer Cram<br />

Holly Giles<br />

Arthur Watson<br />

Leanne Shannon<br />

Temcov Foundation<br />

Kiwanis Club of La Conner<br />

Vince Cicotte<br />

Swinomish Casino & Lodge<br />

The Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, Inc<br />

Marcella & Kenneth Baker<br />

Don & Kay Gordon<br />

Ron & Anne Smith<br />

Image360<br />

Michelle Cervantes<br />

John Piazza Jr. Construction & Remodeling<br />

Josh & Sarah Arquitt<br />

Darrell & Sherilyn Skiles<br />

Grocery Outlet<br />

Ian & Theresa Faley<br />

Strauss Jewelers<br />

Just Peachy Yogurt<br />

Richard & Betsy Humphrey<br />

State Street Deli<br />

Usborne Books<br />



John Gubrud, known as Jack to<br />

everyone, was born during the<br />

height of the depression in North<br />

Dakota, before his family moved to<br />

Skagit Valley just two years later,<br />

in 1937. A 1953 graduate<br />

of Mount Vernon<br />

High School, Jack also<br />

attended Skagit Valley<br />

College before serving a<br />

term in the United State<br />

Marine Corps. While in<br />

the service, Jack married<br />

Claudette Coleman, his<br />

high school sweetheart. summer of 1997.<br />

After graduating with a<br />

degree in accounting and<br />

working at the Shell Oil Refinery, Jack would drive<br />

away in his new found career, all puns intended. Starting<br />

with a used car lot, he would grow into a Chrysler<br />

dealership and then started Gubrud Valley Datsun.<br />

Jack was instrumental in establishing I-5 Auto World<br />

in Burlington, and served his community through many<br />

Board positions and service organizations. During all<br />

this, he started a family, and loved his kids—Mike,<br />

Mark, and Colleen.<br />

Jack also grew another family; one that would impact<br />

the lives of many throughout Skagit County for nearly<br />

Mr. Gubrud was a founding member<br />

of the Skagit Valley Youth Association,<br />

which would ultimately become the<br />

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County,<br />

with the first Club opening during the<br />

20 years, before his passing on<br />

August 25th, <strong>2016</strong>.<br />

Mr. Gubrud was a founding member<br />

of the Skagit Valley Youth Association,<br />

which would ultimately<br />

become the Boys<br />

& Girls Clubs of Skagit<br />

County, with the first Club<br />

opening during the summer<br />

of 1997. Participation<br />

has truly been a family<br />

affair, with Claudette<br />

serving as a direct volunteer,<br />

engaging youth for<br />

many years, Colleen as an<br />

integral piece of fundraising<br />

initiatives, especially a<br />

very successful Gala and Golf Tournament, and Mike,<br />

following in his father’s footsteps, as a member of our<br />

Board of Directors.<br />

In reviewing historical documents recently, one finds<br />

Jack’s handwriting everywhere—quite literally. In<br />

memorandum and correspondence, it’s easy to see<br />

how his mind for business, combined with such a<br />

strong passion for youth, provided a striking balance<br />

for the fledging non-profit organization, sometimes<br />

faced with quite difficult decisions. That’s not too surprising<br />

though, considering how often stories of Jack<br />

32<br />

L to R: Claudette & Jack Gubrud at the 2015 <strong>Annual</strong> Breakfast. Jack and friends at 2013 <strong>Annual</strong> Gala. Joyce Nagel, Claudette, & Jack at the 1996 Boys &<br />

Girls Clubs of America National Convention in Las Vegas. Jack & Claudette with members of the Mount Vernon Club at the 2014 Dinner with Friends.

Gubrud still come out when Club leaders visit community<br />

members to update on progress.<br />

Most current staff are new to the organization, joining<br />

in just the last three years. However, Jack’s contribution<br />

is so significant that his legend is palpable and<br />

goes deep into our history. It’s because of this that<br />

Club staff take so seriously the legacy that Jack, and<br />

many others, have created, that inspire Club professionals<br />

to fulfill the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs to<br />

the best possible outcome: to enable all young people,<br />

especially those who need us most, to reach their full<br />

potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.<br />

Unfortunately, Club leadership was at a pre-scheduled<br />

Conference the day of Jack’s memorial, and<br />

could not attend. Thankfully, we were able to celebrate<br />

his memory the night before during a dinner<br />

with 500 other leaders from throughout the Boys<br />

& Girls Club movement, assembled in Phoenix to<br />

engage in training and professional development.<br />

Jack was recognized on stage for his contributions<br />

to youth, and his leadership as a Club founder and<br />

former Board President.<br />

On behalf of the thousands upon thousands of kids<br />

who have benefited, and will continue to do so<br />

because of Jack’s moxie, our Board of Directors, past<br />

and present, and all Club professionals, we offer a<br />

hearty thank you to Mr. John V “Jack” Gubrud for<br />

making “a place for youth” in Skagit County.<br />

33<br />

L to R: The first logo for the Skagit Valley Youth Association created by Jack.<br />

Claudette & Jack at the 2013 <strong>Annual</strong> Gala. Joyce Nagel, Jack, Blase Dillman,<br />

and Claudette at the Soroptomist International of La Conner, 1997 Microbrew<br />

Festival to raise funds to build a Club in La Conner. Claudette & Jack at the at<br />

the 3rd <strong>Annual</strong> Golf Tournament in 1998.

34<br />

Chuckanut Manor<br />

Peter & Laurel Browning<br />

John & Katy Janicki<br />

Wendy Cobb<br />

Joshua Serrano<br />

Mark Amano<br />

La Conner School District<br />

Kaia & Jason Matheny<br />

Steve Hayford<br />

North Cascade Veterinary Hospital<br />

Schwab Charitable<br />

Tari Roche<br />

Jean Champagne<br />

Cory Ertel<br />

Towne Foundation<br />

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival<br />

Lincoln Theatre<br />

Symetra<br />

Jack & Carole Straathof<br />

Doug & Laurie Lundgren<br />

Cargill Incorporated<br />

John & Marie Erbstoeszer<br />

Betty Rockwell<br />

Scott & JoAnn Blade<br />

John Doyle<br />

Christ Episcopal Church<br />

Kris Schramm<br />

Sharon Stafford<br />

Darrell & Elizabeth Heisler<br />

Jerry Chastain<br />

Jamie Maloney<br />

Bill Nutting & Jessie Tapp-Nutting<br />

Macy’s, Inc.<br />

Sandi Andersen<br />

Karl & Debra Pankaskie<br />

University of Washington<br />

Roger Buck & Brenna Zavala<br />

Skagit Valley Marine Corps League-Detach. 1043<br />

Kevin & Melissa Sullivan<br />

Jaci Chamness<br />

Ronald & Sherry Oberst<br />

Torolf & Anna Torgersen<br />

Barbara Legas<br />

Scott Terrell<br />

DreamChasers RV<br />

Adara Salon<br />

Central Moving & Storage<br />

Swinomish Indian Tribal Community<br />

Jim & Linda Hauptman<br />

Hughes Law Group PLLC<br />

Mark & Alison Miller<br />

Rob Preinesberger<br />

Thorne Metal Studio<br />

Materials Testing & Consulting, Inc.<br />

Seanna Faley<br />

James & Melissa Kirk<br />

LeAnne Wiseman<br />

Mount Vernon School District #320<br />

Take2seconds<br />

K.C. & Angela Freeberg<br />

TruckVault, Inc.<br />

Deb & Jason Matier<br />

Anne Braaten<br />

Traviz Hernandez<br />

Rick & Angela Davidson<br />

Anacortes Community Health Council<br />

Susan Krienen<br />

Schuh Farms<br />

Roger Peterson<br />

Dan & Sandi Sims<br />

Lynne Jordan<br />

Scott & Cinde Wakeman<br />

Kara Moore<br />

Suzan DelBene<br />

Jacqueline Beamer<br />

Jim Davison<br />

Jennifer Wilson<br />

Ronald & Joni Swanson<br />

G<br />

rowing<br />

Reflections:<br />


Alivia Holman<br />

Club Director, Sedro-Woolley<br />

up in a single parent household taught me responsibility at an<br />

early age—skills that I picked up at my local Boys & Girls Club. They taught<br />

us the importance of school, friendships, and a healthy lifestyle. I would go in<br />

each day, scan in, and go to the computer lab to start and finish my homework.<br />

If I ever got stuck, or just needed to be challenged, there was always a staff<br />

member to help me out. Having responsible adults around helped me become<br />

successful in school. This took some stress off of my mom, because my brother<br />

was the complete opposite when it came to doing homework. Sometimes my<br />

brother and I didn’t get along, but what siblings get along all the time?! At the<br />

Club, we were able to put aside our differences because of the rules that we had<br />

to obey. I credit the Club’s standard of conduct in helping me develop the strong,<br />

healthy relationship I have with my brothers, today.<br />

When my mom married and became pregnant, the Boys & Girls Club was a<br />

second home to me. Scott, the Director, was always there to help me and my<br />

brother when our stepfather forgot to pick us up, because he decided to go out<br />

drinking after work. Scott made sure that our schoolwork was done and that we<br />

had something to snack on until our mom got to the Club to pick us up. When<br />

I was in 5th grade my mom got a divorce, because the constant drinking and<br />

fighting wasn’t healthy for my brothers and me. Between the court hearings,<br />

therapy, and visitations, there just wasn’t time to go to the Club anymore. This<br />

had an effect on my social life at this time, but fortunately, I had two really good<br />

school friends that I could talk to.<br />

It was hard for me to leave the Club when I entered 6th grade because of all the<br />

friendships I had made. I missed being able to just be a kid, and not having to<br />

worry about any problems going on at home. When it was just my mom, brothers,<br />

and me, I had to start helping out with homework, babysitting, laundry, dishes,<br />

and getting everyone to bed. It was harder than my mom always made it look. She<br />

had two jobs at this point, so all the skills of responsibility, time management, and<br />

patience that I had learned from the Club helped me get by. When I finally made it<br />

back to the Boys & Girls Club, it was a weight lifted off of my shoulders.<br />

Without the Boys & Girls Club, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the women I am<br />

today. The Club helped me when I had to grow up at a young age. Experiencing<br />

hardships has taught me that everyone is going through something, and we all<br />

need support. I wouldn’t give up working with children for the world.

Thomas & Maggie Thompson<br />

Robin`s Pet Salon<br />

Sedro-Woolley Chamber of Commerce<br />

CPI Plumbing & Heating<br />

Animal House Pet Grooming<br />

Pat Hammond<br />

Ken & Jame Witzel<br />

Dan Berard<br />

Annabelle Rockwood<br />

Eleven Vexler & Richard Brocksmith<br />

Rodd & Aimee Frantz<br />

Albert Clay<br />

Bob Cromack<br />

Patrick & Jean Ward<br />

Aldi Kllogjeri<br />

Lynn Pugh<br />

Wendy Gray & Mac Madenwald<br />

All Rivers & Saltwater Charters<br />

Michael Fredlund<br />

Chuck Gorecki<br />

Warren & Linda Walz<br />

John McArdle<br />

Brandi Hendrickson<br />

Interwest Construction Inc.<br />

Natalie Johnson<br />

Whatcom Community Foundation<br />

North Cascade Seventh Day Adventist Church<br />

Shane & Amy Collins<br />

John Leaver<br />

Il Granaio<br />

Brandy & Scott Kohlmeier<br />

Altria<br />

Edco, Inc.<br />

Skagit Bank<br />

KarMart USA for Kids<br />

Dale & Randi Freidig<br />

Roberta Hubbell<br />

Tasha St Clair<br />

Dolores & Tom Holtcamp<br />

Beverly Whitsell<br />

Shirlee Christensen<br />

Kyle & Angela Lindsay<br />

Richard & Linda Nelson<br />

Roger Small<br />

Patrick Garrett<br />

Douglas & Linda MacGregor<br />

Felt Family<br />

Dale & Susan Ragan<br />

Duane & Nancy Clark<br />

Dr. Paul & Gina Williams<br />

Pat Severin<br />

Patricia Odlin<br />

TriPower Construction<br />

Mike & Dawn Durham<br />

Jim & Mary Scott<br />

Pamela Keller<br />

Robert & Janet Gubrud<br />

James & Joyce Nichols<br />

Melissa Pearson<br />

James & Joyce Anderson<br />

Ruth & Dean Smiley<br />

Guemes Women Fellowship<br />

Mike & Dianne Crawford<br />

JB Smoove<br />

Joseph Bee<br />

N-Viro Lawn Care<br />

Trident Seafood Corporation<br />

Bella Soul<br />

Haggen Food & Pharmacy<br />

Karin Baldwin<br />

Beverly Bowen<br />

Jason Easton<br />

Janet Lightner<br />

Columbia Bank<br />

Seattle Mariners<br />

Ed Perry<br />

Snelson Companies, Inc.<br />

George & Suzanne Santino<br />

35<br />

Proud to Support<br />

Boys & Girls Clubs<br />

of Skagit County<br />

400 E. Fairhaven Ave. Burlington<br />

360-757-7000 • mgubrud@farmersagent.com<br />

Proud Sponsor of the<br />

Boys & Girls Clubs

<strong>2016</strong> IN REVIEW<br />

JAN<br />

FEB<br />

MAR<br />

JUN<br />

Breakfast<br />

for GREAT<br />

Kids<br />

Philanthropy was in<br />

abundance, as more<br />

than $105k was<br />

raised for Boys &<br />

Girls Clubs of Skagit<br />

County that morning.<br />

MAY<br />

Youth of<br />

the Year<br />

Jazzelle Elias, of<br />

Sedro-Woolley,<br />

is selected to<br />

represent Skagit<br />

County as Youth of<br />

the Year.<br />

School<br />

Supplies for<br />

Club Kids<br />

Thanks to an<br />

investment from the<br />

Argus Fund, 450<br />

backpacks filled with<br />

school supplies were<br />

distributed to kids at<br />

six Club locations.<br />

Windermere<br />

Work<br />

Party<br />

Skagit Valley<br />

Windermere agents<br />

held a Volunteer Day<br />

at the Sedro-Woolley<br />

Boys & Girls Club were<br />

they painted, cleaned,<br />

& landscaped inside<br />

and outside the Club.<br />

Keys for<br />

Kids<br />

For this 2nd <strong>Annual</strong><br />

event an additional<br />

night is added,<br />

increasing the fun<br />

and funding with<br />

over $40k raised<br />

over both nights.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> IN REVIEW<br />

JUL<br />

Burlington<br />

Summer<br />

Breeze<br />

At Maiben Park<br />

in Burlington, in<br />

partnership with the<br />

local agencies, Club<br />

staff serve up free<br />

lunches, and fun to<br />

approximately 50<br />

youth a day<br />

AUG<br />


Dinner<br />

with<br />

Friends<br />

Hosted by Club<br />

members, attendees<br />

witness presentations<br />

by each Club’s Youth<br />

of the Year hopefuls,<br />

and Club youth<br />

are honored and<br />

recognized for their<br />

achievements.<br />

College<br />

Tour<br />

50 teens visited four<br />

universities and two<br />

regional technical<br />

and vocational trade<br />

schools, as well as<br />

national parks &<br />

monuments.<br />

Back to<br />

School<br />

Clubs start the year<br />

strong with all six<br />

Clubs ready to serve<br />

the kids that need<br />

them most.<br />

Farmer’s<br />

Share<br />

An outdoor Farmer’s<br />

Share, orchestrated<br />

by Helping Hands<br />

Food Bank, was held<br />

at the Mount Vernon<br />

& Sedro-Woolley<br />

Clubs, where Club<br />

youth and their<br />

families were able to<br />

stock up on free fresh<br />

vegetables and fruits.<br />

DEC<br />

Clubs<br />

Reach 1,700<br />

Served<br />

With 900 youth<br />

served in 2013, 1,200<br />

in 2014, and 1,500<br />

in 2015, the trend is<br />

clearly growing—<br />

Youth are voting for<br />

Clubs.<br />


Reflections:<br />


Fifteen years ago I<br />

stepped into the<br />

Mount Vernon Boys & Girls<br />

Club for the first time, as<br />

a part-time Program Lead.<br />

What was intended as a<br />

short-term part time job<br />

turned into a career and passion—a place I love to<br />

go each day. The greatest reward has been watching<br />

Club members grow from young children into young<br />

adults, and being able to witness our mission fulfilled<br />

as they becoming productive, caring, responsible<br />

citizens. Over the past couple of years I have<br />

had the opportunity to see many of those Club members<br />

graduate from High School, head off to College,<br />

and start careers and families. I can still see their<br />

little faces as excited, sometimes mischievous, 6 or 7<br />

year olds running around the Club. The phrase I hear<br />

so often from these kids is that the Club has been<br />

their “home away from home.” It is where they have<br />

worked through difficult times and celebrated successes.<br />

The Club has been a part of their childhood<br />

and shaping who they are.<br />

One of the things I have loved the most is seeing former<br />

Club kids come back to work at the Club. The Mount<br />

Vernon Club currently has 4 former Club Alumni working<br />

for the Club. Each of these staff members experienced<br />

the Club as a kid. Their memories of the Club,<br />

and the impact it had on them, has given them the<br />

desire to give back in the capacity as a caring adult,<br />

and to be a mentor and positive role model. Each of<br />

these former Club kids are successful adults. They<br />

were AVID Students, Mount Vernon High School Graduates,<br />

and are all currently either enrolled in Skagit<br />

Angela Freeberg<br />

Club Director, Mount Vernon<br />

Valley College, Western<br />

Washington University, or<br />

have graduated. What a<br />

testament to the impact<br />

the Club has on our kids.<br />

For me it is a powerful<br />

experience to see these<br />

former Club kids effecting change in the next generation<br />

because of what they experienced when they<br />

spent time in the Club as children.<br />

Two months ago I invited Isaac, a former Club Alumni<br />

and Mount Vernon Youth of the Year to help with<br />

this year’s Youth of the Year interviews and judging.<br />

I had the opportunity to know Isaac my first two years<br />

working at the Club. Isaac shared openly with the Club<br />

members and fellow judges his Club experience as<br />

a youth. He shared that he was here watching with<br />

excitement the day they broke ground to build the<br />

Mount Vernon Club. When the Club opened, he came<br />

every single day after school. He said that if it wasn’t<br />

for having the Club to come to every day that his life<br />

would have been much different, and he wouldn’t be<br />

where he is today if he had not had the Club. He is currently<br />

finishing his Criminal Justice degree at Skagit<br />

Valley College. I love that “kid,” and am so proud of<br />

him. As a Club professional, we don’t always get to<br />

hear or see the success stories, but it was a reminder<br />

of how every child who enters our doors is precious. I,<br />

along with each of the staff and volunteers, have an<br />

opportunity every day to lift a child up, to build their<br />

self-esteem, encourage them, and put them on a path<br />

to a great future. What could be a greater purpose<br />

than that?<br />


Shellie Eubanks<br />

Christine Johnson<br />

Norman & Patricia Dahlstedt<br />

Raymond & Stephanie Freier<br />

Island Hospital<br />

Chad Fisher<br />

Allstate Foundation<br />

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory<br />

Jerry & Eva Fader<br />

Anacortes Sunrisers Kiwanis<br />

Steven & Sarah Dahl<br />

Semrau Engineering & Surveying<br />

Committee to Elect Jason Easton 2014<br />

Carolyn Howe<br />

Burton Jewelers<br />

Boundary Bay Brewing Co.<br />

Lin & Carla Tucker<br />

State of Washington<br />

Gary & Janet Davis<br />

Lisa Bond<br />

William & Ellen Wiegand<br />

Kelly Tuohig<br />

Richard Henderson<br />

Kalie Canfield<br />

Robert & Erica Pickett<br />

Lisa Hoover<br />

John & Mary Ferlin<br />

Jennifer Robbins<br />

William & Annette Boerner<br />

Torey & Melissa Nelson<br />

Mike & Victorian Gubrud<br />

Don Fenkner<br />

Homer & Rosette Dawson<br />

Jason & Bobbilyn<br />

Larry Carr<br />

Von & Elizabeth Kuehn<br />

Josh & Marna Carpenter<br />

Linda Brookings<br />

Tri Power Construction LLC<br />

Madison MacKenzie<br />

Jo Finkbohner<br />

Nancy Wong & Thomas Decker<br />

The Simmons Insurance Group<br />

R.J. & M. Lodolce<br />

Vince & Terry Oliver<br />

R. H. & G.C. Freier<br />

Trever & Candace McGhee<br />

Andy & Dawn Mayer<br />

Kari Ranten<br />

Camp Fire Samish<br />

Brooklyn Denero<br />

Columbia Distributing<br />

Morgan’s Espresso<br />

Carl & Betty Romtvedt<br />

Stephen Pogline<br />

Diane L Yates<br />

Susanna Franklin<br />

Mary Huff<br />

Kathy Foster<br />

Jennifer Ecker<br />

Mark & Julie Wenzel<br />

Odyssey Performance Enhancement Network<br />

Trumpeter Public House<br />

Gary & Judy Shand<br />

Jim & Kathy Stone<br />

Nels Strandberg & Colleen Craig<br />

Sandra & Ryan Nootenboom<br />

Mark & Pam Estvold<br />

Jim & Carma DeGroot<br />

Grant Feek<br />

Julie Foort<br />

Terri & Clifford Hodgins<br />

La Conner Senior Center<br />

Matt Halliday<br />

Marjorie Davis<br />

Joshua & Susan Schanen<br />

Mot’s Custom Clothing & Alterations<br />

Opus Community Foundation<br />

39<br />

Lic#CPIPLPH850MN<br />

360.707.5422<br />

12135 Jacqueline Dr., Burlington, WA 98233<br />

sales@baysidespecialties.com<br />


Promoting You Is What We Do - Since 1983!<br />



STEM<br />


& IN THE FIELD<br />

40<br />

In <strong>2016</strong> the Clubs boosted Science, Technology,<br />

Engineering, and Mathematics programming at all<br />

six locations, Sedro-Woolley, Mount Vernon, LaVenture<br />

& Mount Baker Middle Schools, La Conner, and Anacortes,<br />

as well as the Burlington Public Library. Through<br />

this initiative, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County<br />

have increased STEM awareness to more than 1,000 of<br />

the 1,700 youth who attended the Clubs this year.<br />

Moving into the new school year in September, the<br />

focus has been to continue to promote STEM awareness<br />

across the board while increasing STEM proficiencies<br />

in youth 6th grade and up. Beginning with<br />

increasing access to STEM resources, in order to guide<br />

members through developing STEM proficiencies, youth<br />

discover new methods of observing and interacting<br />

with the world around them. This has resulted in more<br />

hands-on projects that have real world applications; for<br />

example—moving from coding exploration to learning<br />

how to design and create smart phone apps.<br />

Beginning September of 2015, the Clubs began an<br />

initiative to increase STEM access through programming<br />

at each of its Clubs and investing in technology<br />

resources. This was accomplished through a generous<br />

partnership with the Tesoro Corporation. Programming<br />

for the second half of the 2015-16 school year involved<br />

incorporating new computers, digital cameras—and<br />

at two Clubs—a set of iPads for daily activities, which<br />

helped to boost member participation in educational<br />

activities. Among the STEM program activities were:<br />

coding exploration, popsicle stick bridges, gardening,<br />

and exploring the world of 3D design. This end of the<br />

school year program rewarded teen participants with<br />

a College Tour Road Trip. Through the summer, Club<br />

staff worked to develop the Tesoro STEM Academy

Launching the DIY STEM<br />

programming from Boys & Girls<br />

Clubs of America last January,<br />

has made a tremendous impact<br />

in promoting STEM proficiencies<br />

through all ages.<br />

which emerged this school year and targets sixth,<br />

seventh, and eighth graders with the goal of engaging<br />

them in exploration and developing the future<br />

of STEM. Continuing a partnership with Tesoro to<br />

integrate STEM programming has increased STEM<br />

access at all six Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County<br />

locations, and Club staff continue to find new ways<br />

to engage the youth of Skagit County in making<br />

STEM commonplace in their day-to-day lives.<br />

Launching the DIY STEM programming from Boys<br />

& Girls Clubs of America last January, has made a<br />

tremendous impact in promoting STEM proficiencies<br />

through all ages. This program helps to support<br />

the goals of STEM programming by embracing the<br />

culture of Boys & Girls Club programming; offering<br />

on-the-spot STEM fun, getting messy with kitchen<br />

chemistry, and building monuments and gadgets<br />

out of recyclables. The current generation of youth<br />

is particularly interested in anything that they can<br />

do themselves and take ownership of—the DIY<br />

STEM activities promote just that. With some staff<br />

guidance, Club members are presented with a “problem”<br />

and then work together to plan how to solve it.<br />

After developing their plan, members work together<br />

to create their designs and implement their plan.<br />

Through this process members gain real world STEM<br />

experiences by collaborating with a group of their<br />

peers, embracing their creativity and innovation, and<br />

ultimately gaining recognition that reinforces positive<br />

attitudes towards the sciences.<br />

Each of us<br />

must come to care<br />

about everyone else's children.<br />

We must recognize that<br />

the welfare of our children and grandchildren<br />

is intimately linked to the welfare<br />

of all other people's children.<br />

After all, when one of our children<br />

needs life-saving surgery,<br />

someone else's child will perform it.<br />

When our children dial 911,<br />

someone else’s child will answer it.<br />

When our children need a helping hand,<br />

someone else’s child will be there to lend it.<br />

If one of our children is threatened<br />

or harmed by violence,<br />

someone else's child will be responsible<br />

for the violent act.<br />

The good life<br />

for our own children<br />

can be secured<br />

only if a good life<br />

is secured<br />

for all other people's children.<br />

Mike & Dianne Crawford hold these words to be true<br />

& dear to their hearts. That is why they are proud to<br />

support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County<br />


Reflections:<br />


Cookson Beecher<br />

Club Volunteer, Sedro-Woolley<br />

When I started volunteering at the Sedro-Woolley<br />

Boys and Girls Club, I thought of it as a<br />

way to help individual students. And while that’s definitely<br />

true, I’ve also learned that it goes beyond that.<br />

Each time that I come to the Club, I’m happily amazed<br />

to see how much the kids love being outside and<br />

playing sports. Some of the girls are actually doing<br />

cartwheels on their way to the sports fields. I also see<br />

the flowers and vegetables the children have planted.<br />

For some of them, gardening is pure pleasure, not to<br />

mention the excitement that comes with seeing the<br />

first green shoot pushing up out of the soil. They also<br />

take pride in making flower bouquets and eating the<br />

vegetables they’ve planted.<br />

Once inside, I see a room full of kids doing crafts, taking<br />

delight in what they’re creating. In the main room, kids<br />

are playing all sorts of games with each other. And in<br />

the “homework room,” kids are quietly reading or getting<br />

help with their reading or math. In the next room,<br />

kids are on computers, learning skills such as coding.<br />

For them, improving their reading and math skills and<br />

learning more about computers is a way to boost their<br />

chances of succeeding in life. Instead of relying on<br />

luck, they’re relying on their own hard work and persistence.<br />

As the saying goes, “the harder you work,<br />

the luckier you get.”<br />

Over at the teen center, teens are playing basketball,<br />

doing their homework, getting help with “life skills,”<br />

and just plain enjoying the chance to “hang out” in a<br />

safe and positive place.<br />

As impressive as all of this is, even more impressive<br />

is how happy the kids are to be with each other and<br />

having the chance to burn off some energy, play, and<br />

learn. Each and every day, they’re doing and learning<br />

so much. They get to choose what they do, and along<br />

the way, they get to learn a lot of valuable lessons that<br />

help them make the right choices.<br />

What I’ve learned is that this is more than a Club,<br />

more than a group of children, and more than the staff<br />

members and volunteers. It’s a community of young<br />

people who will take what they’ve learned at the Club<br />

into their future. And by doing that, they’ll be making<br />

sure the next generation has the chance to experience<br />

what they’ve experienced. They’ll be working toward<br />

ensuring that their community is a good place to live<br />

and for children to grow up in.<br />

As a volunteer, I see this as a circle that winds around<br />

the present and embraces the future—a circle that<br />

extends from individuals to the community as a whole<br />

—a circle that includes all of us. How fortunate can<br />

we be!<br />

42<br />

L to R: Club kid grandmother with Cookson at the Farmer’s Market Share. Playing board games. Dahlia’s grown & arranged with Cookson. Power<br />

Hour (homework help) with Cookson & a Club member.

PO Box 947<br />

Mount Vernon, WA 98273<br />










Academic Success<br />

Graduate from high school ready for college,<br />

trade school, military or employment<br />

LEARN<br />

Healthy Lifestyles<br />

Adopt a healthy diet, practice healthy lifestyle<br />

choices and make a lifelong commitment to fitness<br />

LIVE<br />

Good Character & Citizenship<br />

Be an engaged citizen involved in the community,<br />

register to vote and model strong character<br />

www.skagitclubs.org<br />


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