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Farmhouse Bathroom Reno

Farmhouse Wood Bead Chandelier

Letter From

the Editor

Spring is in the air!! Flowers

are blooming, and the

birds are singing! Spring

is the time for rebirth and

new life. As we approach

this new, beautiful season,

remember to take the time

to enjoy the outdoors and

all of its glory.



This issue is all about Before

and After transformations

and making beautiful

spaces! We also have our

featured artisans pages for a lovely collection of handmade

items just for you!


Christy Winfrey

Editor in Chief

Instagram @christylynwinfrey




bathroom reno

by LeAnn Hodge

I’m so excited to share this project with all of you. It’s my farmhouse-inspired

bathroom reno, and it’s my largest, most detailed, and most challenging

DIY project yet. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or wine- I’m sure

it’s 5 o’clock somewhere), and enjoy!

Now here’s the inspiration photo behind the reno.

I really wanted to complete this reno on a small budget and short time

frame, so I decided to keep my existing vanity, sink and shower faucets

(even though I really wanted all black fixtures!). The brushed nickel complements

the tile floors better anyway. At least that’s what ‘m telling myself.

Here is the before picture.

When I first came across this picture, I instantly fell in love with the wood,

white, and gray combo. Even though I pinned a hundred more pictures on

Pinterest, I kept going back to this one. And so the journey began.

I’m not great at taking step by step pictures, but I’m going to share the ones

that I did take. I will also provide links to any accounts that I used to help

me through the process.

In the words of the great Chip Gaines, I started out with #demoday.

As with most DIY projects,

this one had its share

of challenging moments.

You can see in my demo

pics that I ran into some

drywall issues. The countertop

tiles popped off

easily, just as I had read

in numerous blog posts. I

used a chisel and hammer

to first pop off the trim

pieces along the front of

the counter. Then, one by

one, I used the same tools

to remove the countertop

tiles. The backsplash was a

different story, however. It was plastered directly to the drywall and when I

removed it, the results were the big holes you see above. That was the moment

when I cried.

Drywall wasn’t in the original reno plan, and it wasn’t anything I had ever

worked with before. But I had enough knowledge to figure this out, probably

from watching my grandpa and dad at some point. So I knew if I

pulled myself together and quit crying, I could probably get this done. And

I did! I cut out the edges of each hole to make a perfect rectangle. I went to

Home Depot and bought a sheet of moisture resistant drywall. I measured

the holes, and used a utility knife to cut the drywall. I’m not going to sugar

coat this- it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I had to trim edges, cut drywall,

trim edges again, and re-cut drywall before it was “good enough”. I knew I

was going to faux shiplap these walls, so I wasn’t worried about


I’m sure there is a right way and a

wrong way to install moisture resistant

drywall, and I’m fairly certain

the purple moisture resistant

material is supposed to be facing

out. But the piece of drywall under

the mirror fit perfectly as pictured,

so I went with it. At this point in

the project, I was actually pretty

impressed with myself, and fairly

convinced that if I could patch

holes in drywall, I could do anything!

This feeling came and went

multiple times before the end of

the reno!

Next on the reno’s to-do list was to

paint the vanity. In my inspiration picture, the base of the vanity was white

with a butcher block countertop. I knew I didn’t want to use chalk paint for

this bathroom reno, so I did quite a bit of research and asked some DIY

friends what they had used to paint cabinets.

Next up was the DIY butcher block countertop. I used four 1”x 6” pine

boards that I purchased at Home Depot. ( I always lay my boards out in the

aisle at Home Depot to find the least warped ones and make sure they will

fit together. I even number them before I pick them up. This way, when I

get home, I know exactly how to fit them together). I cut each board to 48”

lengths and used wood glue to attach the boards to one another. My sweet

friend Jenn of Pretend Farm Girl was a huge help through this process.

She’s a DIY pro!

While waiting for the cabinet paint to dry and the wood glue for the countertop

to cure, I moved on for the time being to the faux shiplap walls. I

used plywood underlayment from Lowe’s on the recommendation of my

talented and sweet friend April of Sweet Kentucky Holler. The kind employee

at Lowe’s ripped the underlayment into 6” strips for me. I

installed the shiplap backsplash (see below for more installation details),

and then was ready to move back to the countertop. As you can see, this

reno had a lot of zigging and zagging so I could use my time efficiently!

Once the faux shiplap backsplash was in place, it was time to make the sink

cutout on the countertop.

Ultimately I decided on the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Light

Color Kit from Home Depot. This kit has EVERYTHING you need, down

to the stir sticks. It’s super user friendly, and I think my cabinet turned out

beautifully. I will say, however, that you need to REALLY scrub your cabinet

well, and make sure you completely remove the deglosser. I had a couple

of areas where the old yellowish-brown color came through. My guess is

that I either left behind some grime or deglosser. In the big picture though,

that was a minor mistake. I had my paint tinted Pure White. I used four

coats on the cabinet doors and painted the inside of the doors as well. The

kit even came with a top coat! I would definitely use this product again.

I was able to use the existing plywood

countertop base as a guide. I just sat

the butcher block on it, slid under the

counter, and took a sharpie to trace the

cutout. Next, I took it in the garage,

drilled a hole for starting point, and

used my jigsaw to make the cut.

Once I got to this point in the reno, I was exhausted and ready to be done.

I know all my DIY friends can relate! But there was still finish work to

do, so I trudged along. I framed the mirror, made a built-in to replace the

medicine cabinet, and made pipe shelving. Whew!

Here are some pics of the final look.

Then it was time to stain the countertop.

I used Minwax Special Walnut

Wood Finish — my absolute favorite,

go-to stain. The stain needed to dry for

24 hours before I could apply the

protective top coat (Minwax Satin Water-Based

32-fl oz Polyurethane), so

while it was drying I painted the top half of the walls white, in Sherwin

Williams Pure White. More zigging and zagging!

The next day I was able to install the countertop using Liquid Nails and

brad nails which I attached from underneath. I used 1”x 2” pine boards to

frame the countertop around the front edge and the backsplash. I applied

four coats of the Polyurethane (be sure to follow the instructions on the

can), then installed the sink using a clear silicone sealant.

Back to the shiplap walls. To install the shiplap, I measured and cut each

piece. Pieces that were going to be installed behind the toilet, I painted

first. (I chose Sherwin Williams Tinman as the paint color for the shiplap).

All of the other pieces of shiplap, I installed first, then painted. I think it’s

easier to paint the shiplap once it’s up on the wall, but I know others who

think it is easier to paint them first. I used a brad nailer to attach them to

the studs, and used a nickel for spacing. Personally I like the rustic feel the

exposed nails give, so I left them exposed.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this reno! It was A LOT

of work, and the biggest challenge I’ve ever tackled, but I learned so much!

And being a lover of DIY, of course I can’t wait to take on the next project!

LeAnn Hodges is a follower of Christ, a wife, a mom to 3, a teacher to many, and a lover of

fitness! She lives in a builder basic home with her family, that she is slowly transitioning into

her dream home one budget-friendly DIY project at a time. You can follow her on her blog,

Gaschen Ave.


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Watering Can

by Amy Eisele

I picked up this pair of metal watering cans at a yard sale last summer.

I love old watering cans, but the finish on these didn’t match my style. I

wanted them to have an old galvanized finish, so I got to work on making

that happen!

Next I put a few different colors of paint on a paper plate: A metallic silver,

a creamy white, and black. (I had Annie Sloan chalk paints in Old White

and Graphite, so I used those for the white and black paints, but you can

easily use inexpensive bottles of white and black acrylic paint instead). I

also put a light gray paint on my plate (which you can see in the photo below),

but I didn’t end up using it.

I started by painting the watering

cans with matte gray spray paint ​to

create a plain gray base.

I used an old chip brush, and started with

the metallic silver paint. I barely dipped

my brush into the paint and then dabbed

it onto the paper plate to remove the excess.

You can see in the picture above that

there was very little paint on the brush.

I pounced the metallic paint all over the

cans. Sometimes just pouncing, sometimes

smearing it around a bit with my

brush, and sometimes using a paper towel

to remove a little.

Here’s what it looked like as I began this


Once I had covered the watering

cans in the silver metallic

paint using that technique, I

used the same method to add

some of the white and black

paints. I used those colors a

little more sparingly than the

metallic silver paint. I just

dabbed and smeared the paint

wherever I wanted to add accents.The

black and white

paints gave the finish highlights

and lowlights. As you

can see in the photo below, the

finish really began to look like

galvanized metal.

I then added another light layer of metallic silver on top, lightly feathering

it over the other layers of paint. At this point I liked the way finish looked,

but I decided that it would look even more authentic if I made it look a bit

more rusted and aged. To do this, I lightly brushed a gel stain over the cans,

concentrating on the areas where I felt they would naturally rust over time

( It’s easy to go overboard with this, so go slowly). I just barely dipped my

brush in the gel stain then immediately wiped almost all of it off on the

plate before painting it onto the watering cans. After the gel stain was dry,

I sprayed the cans with a light coat of Krylon Matte Finishing Spray​ to protect

the paint.

As a finishing touch, I decided to paint a little center square with chalkboard

paint that I had in my stash.

What do you

think? It really

does look like

galvanized metal!

I was honestly


at how easy this

process was, especially


this was the first

time I had ever

tried to get this

kind of finish.

But be careful if

you try this - it’s

addicting! It’s so

fun and easy you

may want to add

a faux galvanized

metal finish to

just about anything!

Amy Eisele and her mom Vicki, are the mother/daughter team behind

Canary Street Crafts. You can follow them on their blog, Canary Street

Crafts where you will find furniture makeovers, DIY projects, thrift store

up cycles and crafts.

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Jewelry! This artisan made ring

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Handmade Accessories and Custom Gifts.



at home

with Chelsea Zutavern

I live on a ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills with my husband and our four

children. It’s a fifth generation family ranch where we raise Angus cattle.

My husband grew up on the ranch and we’re excited to raise our children

here. The kids love to ride horses and help their dad with chores. We feel

very blessed to ranch this beautiful land.

I’m a stay at home mom and decorating is a great creative outlet for me. I

love to design beautiful spaces for my family to enjoy. I have always loved

to decorate. I was the type of kid who was always rearranging and decorating

my room The entire decorating process just speaks to my soul.

My style can best be described as “rustic glam” - kind of a mix of old and

new. I’m inspired by all things modern farmhouse. My love for farmhouse

style grew as I fell in love with the TV show “Fixer Upper”. I was instantly

hooked. I find that I’m always thinking of new ways to change a

room and new DIY projects to try.

Although the most used room in our home is definitely the kitchen and it’s

clearly the heart of our home (full of family and good food!), my favorite

spaces to decorate are actually our bathrooms. I love to stage and organize

the open shelving. I also just stenciled the floor in our guest bathroom and

I absolutely love how it turned out. You can see the finished product on

my Instagram account blessed_ranch.

I usually work on my DIY and decorating projects during my kids’ nap

time or after the kids go to bed. It is a balance. This is my hobby and something

I enjoy doing, but of course my family comes first. I do love to involve

my daughters in my projects when I can. They enjoy helping and

take pride in our completed projects. A fun project we recently did together

was decorating their bedrooms. I allowed them to create their own

spaces based on their likes and personalities, and the results were wonderful!

I’m grateful that I have been able to incorporate my love for decorating

in my life on the ranch. I’m one happy decorating rancher mom!


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Sink Hack

by Sarah Wagner

Do you ever have big dreams for a room in your house, but your budget

wouldn’t allow you to do exactly what you wanted? When we designed our

laundry area, I wanted a nice farmhouse sink. But we were over budget and

had to do what we could to make the space pretty as well as functional. So

we purchased a simple laundry sink and set out to work some DIY magic

on it. Here is the sink before:

Now some may love it just as is, but in our house we are all about function

and storage... and we love going to Costco - so where do we fit it all??

So we did a little curtain DIY, and here is the result:

The curtain not only dresses up the space, but it also allows for hidden

storage under the sink!

Here is what you will need :

1. A tension rod ( You will need to see what fits your space and if this is an


2. Fabric ( You can use a drop cloth, or fabric you have at home or buy at

the craft store).

3. Fabric glue, or iron on fabric tape.

Want to Advertise in

Your Handmade Home?


Measure the tension rod and cut the fabric to a width either one and a half

or twice of the length of the rod, depending upon how much gathering you

want in the curtain. If you want to hem the sides of the curtain, add an extra

inch on each side.

2. Measure the distance from the rod to the floor and add two inches for a

rod pocket at the top of the curtain, and one inch for a hem along the bottom

of the curtain.

3. Cut the fabric to the dimensions measured and either sew the rod pocket

and hems, or use iron on fabric tape or fabric glue.

That’s it! You’re done! You now have a pretty laundry sink that matches

your style, and hidden storage as well!

Sarah is a stay at home mom of four littles. She has a love for decor and party planning. Follow

her on her blog, Dreaming of Homemaking.

Email Nicole Taylor


and request a Media Kit


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farmhouse and scripture wood signs

Photo courtesy of Lorenzen Farm Art

It’s 9 pm and I’m waiting to help my husband hook up the plow. I love the

smell of fresh turned fields and hay waiting to be bailed. Farming is just

in me. I’ve been up before dawn to tend fields. I’ve spent nights watching

cows to make sure they didn’t have trouble calving. I’ve rocked babies on

truck beds while my husband cut hay. And I’ve raised my kids in tractors.

Once we were in a big eight wheel tractor pulling a 32 foot chisel and my

six year old daughter looked right at me and said, “Get out, I’m gonna

finish this field.” (No I did not let her). We’re farmers.

Farming has been my life since I was a kid. I grew up thirty miles from

Nana and Poppy’s farm, and every day after school we would pack our

school bag with homework, change clothes, inhale a snack, then ride out

to the farm with Dad and Mom. My brother and I were allowed to play on

the quarter section, or on the 160 acres, that was the home place outside

of Lawton, Oklahoma. We mud skated in the ponds, fixed an old chicken

coop for a club house, played hide and seek in the machinery and

barn, and played tag around hay bales five feet around.

I love old red tractors, and trucks with dirty windows, and the wind blowing

across the field as the young calves play. And so that’s what I paint. I’m

capturing the life that’s in my blood and in my heart and passing it on to

the next generation. I learned to paint in school, and I teach ceramics at

the high school, but it always goes back to the farm and the cows; the hay

bales and old trucks; the dirty boots and overalls.

These are the stories I want to tell. These are the joys of farm life. From the

flowers and bugs in Grandma’s garden to the animals in the pasture or the

tractors that get the work done. This is my life, my passion, and my drive.

So, come have a look around the farm and see what speaks to you.

I’m so happy to share it with you.


Nichole’s art is

available for purchase at

Lorenzen Farm Art

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know that Mom life is the best

life, and this mug from Smith 3

Designs is a great reminder! Your

choice of colors, to fit your style!

Show her how much she means

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before &


Photo Courtesy of @simplysoutherncottage

Photos Courtesy of @hh_style_

Photo Courtesy of @cutertudor


Pottery Barn Inspired

Wood Bead Chandelier

by Shannon Morscheck

I’ve wanted a new chandelier for our bedroom for about four years now,

but couldn’t find anything I really loved. So, I was willing to wait until the

perfect chandelier caught my eye. And about a month ago, I came across

THIS chandelier from Pottery Barn and I knew I had found it!

But the $800 price tag (not including tax or shipping) wasway too steep.

But I wasn’t completely discouraged. The more I studied it, the more I

thought to myself… “I could make that!”

So, I set out to check Pinterest to see if anyone had already taken on this

feat, and to my surprise and total luck, someone had! And thank goodness,

because figuring out the beading pattern would have taken forever, so extra

high-fives to The House That Lars Built for taking the time to do that!

So, first and foremost, you need to go to The House That Lars Built HERE

to see the original tutorial on how to make this chandelier. Below is how

I did it with the help of my husband. I have included little tricks I learned

along the way to make things easier, as well as the few things I needed to

alter the pattern to make it work for me.


10 mm wooden beads 12 packages of 300

14 mm wooden beads 11 packages of 100

16 mm wooden beads 8 packages of 100

20 mm wooden beads 10 packages of 50

25 mm wooden beads 11 packages of 30

Sewing needle with large eye (so the twine can go through the hole)

Baker’s twine or cotton yarn in at least 400 feet


Two 18″ quilting hoops

Two 23″ quilting hoops

Oscillating saw or small saw (to cut the embroidery hoops with)

Wood glue

Clamps (4-6 per hoop- you can always do one at a time, too.)

Two 1/4″ metal rods (I found these at Home Depot in the dowel section)

Black chain – I used about 18 inches, but take into account how much you

will need.

If you want to add light

Lighting Kit

Ceiling Plate Hook


Okay, let’s get to it!

Directions for Stringing the Beads

String the beads with your needle according to the diagram created in The

House that Lars Built, also pictured below. Leave about 6” of excess twine

on each end so you can tie around the hoop.

Terms to know:

*One string of beads is called a Strand


Every U-shaped section of five strands

(one in each size) is called a Swag

I found that putting the beads in separate

bowls was the easiest way to

contain them. I also put them in the

order that I would be stringing them

to make it easier to keep track of.

I learned that I could save some time

if I put 2-3 of the smaller beads on the

needle at a time before pulling them


Pattern for the 23” Hoop

*For easy storing and transporting, I

recommend using hangers to tie the

strands on until you are ready to tie on

the hoops.

Pattern for 18”Hoop:

*TIP- For my chandelier, I found 25 of the 10mm beads to be too many on

the shortest strand, so I used 24. If I were to do it again, I would use 23 as

this strand still turned out slightly long for me .

Directions for Tying the Strands

1. Separate your quilting hoops so that you have one closed hoop that does

not open, and one open hoop that is adjustable (and has the clamp on the

outside.) So in total, you should have four hoops in each size once you take

them apart. Set aside one adjustable 18” hoop and one adjustable 23” hoop

(the one with the clamp) as you will not need these. You will only be using

two closed hoops and one open hoop for each size (18” and 23”).

3. Tie the strands of beads to one of the closed 23” hoops with double

knots, (use the photo below for reference) and tie them one swag at a time.

(Again, a swag is 5 strands of beads, one in each size.) Make sure the knots

are sitting on the top edge of the hoop (so that once you glue the hoops

together, they glue flush to each other.) Start tying the strands for the next

Swag close to the middle of the U-shape of your previous swag to form a

crossover pattern until you have gone all the way around the hoop using all

of your 12 Swags .

2. Put your hangers of strands of beads close to you in the order you will be

using them as it will make this step go faster. (Look below to see where I

hung mine .)

4 . Repeat this process on one of the closed 18” hoops with the longer

strands of beads. This hoop will have 10 Swags total .

Directions for Gluing the Hoops Together

1. Take the tightening device off of the open, adjustable hoop. You should

now be able to fit this open hoop

around the outside of the beaded hoop

(with a little gap since it will be slightly

bigger). Essentially, you are sandwiching

your hoop with the beads in the

middle with the two other hoops in

the same size.

2. Use wood glue to secure this open hoop to the outside of the beaded


3. Use a small saw (or some kind of electric cutting device like an oscillator)

to cut the extra closed hoop. Place it inside the beaded hoop and mark

where the hoop overlaps (which is how much you will cut off.) Remove that

little piece of wood so that the two cut ends line up, and glue that hoop inside

of the beaded hoop.

4. Once you have the open hoop glued to the outside, and the closed hoop

glued to the inside, place clamps around it to hold tightly for drying. We let

it dry overnight.

5. Once completely dry, cut off the excess

twine .

TIP- We put a little more of the wood glue

along the strings on top of the hoops to help

secure the strings from falling through .

Directions for Hanging the Chandelier and Installing the Light

First, my husband removed the current light fixture and discarded the glass

portion of it while keeping the part with the light bulbs and wires. He then

took the pendant lighting kit and cut off the bottom portion where the single

bulb was and replaced it with our old lighting fixture which holds three

bulbs (We wanted more light). Next, we took 18 inches of black chain and

connected one end to the center of the rods, and then threaded the black

wire up the black chain toward the ceiling. We connected the chandelier to

the ceiling by using a Ceiling Switch Plate and hung the other end of the

chain from the hook on the ceiling plate. Because it wouldn’t hang perfectly

straight, my husband used a black zip tie to cinch it up straight, which can’t

be seen .

Here’s a picture of the chandelier when it was done. I LOVE IT!

Directions for Installing the Rods

1. Place your rods across the hoops in the

shape of an X and measure to make sure they

line up evenly and mark the spots where you

will need to drill. Drill 4 holes that go all the

way through the inner hoop, but only drill about halfway through the outer

hoop .

2. Cut the rods down to size (about 1/4” shy of the diameter of the biggest


3. Once the holes are all drilled, put the rods through the smaller hoop and

fit it tightly into the larger hoop. The rods will overlap each other and since

they are so thin, they will bend slightly so that you are able to maneuver

them how you would like to in order to get them in the holes .

And here it is with the light on:


Decor &


And that is IT! I don’t say that lightly, because truly this thing is a lot of

work. BUT, I did complete it in about five days. I was so determined to bust

this thing out and I did. Get yourself a Netflix show and whenever you can,

string away. I saved about $800 by making this chandelier myself. The total

cost of the Pottery Barn Chandelier is $956.24. The total cost in making this

one was under $200, and I was able to use a $100 gift card on the parts. So, I

really paid about $100 for it!

And I am telling you, it was WORTH it! It’s been hung for about a two

weeks now and I am still so obsessed with it. If you want to make this yourself

and have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I will do my best ito help

you out .

Shannon Morscheck is a wife and stay at home mom of three adorable children. She has a passion

for home decor, baking and crafting. You can follow her on her blog Lady’s Little Loves.

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