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issue 11

It seems at long last

It seems at long last that Hereford have managed to keep one of their promises on road repairs. This comes as a direct result of work put in by your now “unlawful” Highways Officer Geoff Fielding. This is how the new Parish Chair and Clerk viewed the work that Geoff has carried out tirelessly for several years to the benefit of Cradley and Storridge Parish and have done everything to block and ignore his work. Last October councillor Fielding met with Racheal Rice(Head of Balfour Beatty Highways) and the locality steward Cathy Berkley and secured an undertaking for the works to the road from Finchers Corner to King’s Bridge to be carried out in the new financial year. This is now scheduled for 13th April and 16th April. So don’t be conned that this was anything done by the present chair ,clerk or local County Councillor who seem to be readily inclined to take credit for others hard work whilst passing blame for their own mistakes onto others. WHERE ARE THE REAL ACCOUNTS AND BUDGETS? Our Parish Council is responsible to account to the community for their handling of the finances they manage. They are by law obliged to set budgets for the coming financial year, ascertain what needs to be done and what costs will be incurred then set a precept which is sent to Herefordshire who then allocate the required amount from monies they collect in their council tax. The PC are also obliged to make public these calculations so that anyone in the Parish can object or support the action. The calculations presented are a joke and guess work. The precept calculation takes no account of monies in the bank to assess the precept required If you want to see what a good parish council should do please go to the Cradley Parish Council website and click on accounts and look at the calculations made public by the last council for year 2017-2018. Compare this to what this council has produced under the management of this chair and make your own mind up of where this council falls very short of its obligations and legal requirements. Apparently our present chair sees such illumination as “sniping” rather than factual

Meet George the Enquirer’s very own Grumpy Old Man (subtitled: a view from God’s waiting room) Another week of impending doom and destruction of the Universe. As I sit here watching the birds feeding on the free handouts that the wife inexplicably shops for every week I marvel at what man can do for nature. Feed the birds, who become overweight and at some point in the near future loose the ability to forage and hunt for sustenance and just nip down to the soup kitchen in my back garden. Join George in posing those questions and making observations on life that only someone with some miles under their belts have to worry about. Email the Enquirer with your “grumps” for publication Add to that the effect on the local cats who now know exactly where to find the smorgasbord of birds and no longer have to travel miles and become stealth fighters to gain a meal. We have unhealthy birds indolent cats and companies making millions out of wives who now need to feed the birds “otherwise they will die”. Aren’t people great at unbalancing nature with the best intentions? Grumpy George And another thing……… How did people of my generation ever survive to our ripe old age without wearing the obligatory crash helmet on a bike? Was it because our bikes didn’t go as fast as today’s? No of course not, we could break the speed limit on anything, bikes, scooters (big heavy ones) skates (big heavy ones) and even some wood and four pram wheels. Aha! safety you cry. From personal knowledge in a school of over 1200 pupils over 7 years not one reported death or head injury occurred. I would be interested to see the comparative of before and after for head injuries on bikes to substantiate the need. I am sure it is a lot less that the comparative profits of the companies making and marketing them. (Yes, we came off and yes we, had cuts and bruises and grazes but a plaster was all that we needed to get back out there to play and not a visit to A&E) Grumpy George

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