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Bellavita F&B Preview

Discover the latest innovation in Italian food and beverage with Bellavita’s F&B Preview


STRINGHETTO We are Stringhetto, the family-run company specialising in the artisan production of fruit-based preparations and chocolate spreads. Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, we have always worked with an obsessive attention to the choice of top-quality raw materials. Our fruit-based preparations, available in more than 40 flavours, stand out for their extremely high percentage of fruit and for their naturalness: they contain neither added pectin nor sucrose nor preservatives. 8

SURGITAL SPA For over thirty years, Surgital has produced fresh pasta on a large scale whilst maintaining the characteristics of handmade fresh pasta. Surgital is the Italian leader in the production of fresh frozen pasta and sauces in pellet form, as well as frozen ready meals for quality food services like catering in the Bar & Snack sector. 9

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