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Dry Shampoo Market,


REPORT DESCRIPTION Dry Shampoo Market Overview Dry shampoo is a hair care product that eliminates the use of water and provides instant cleaning and restores strength and softness to the hair. It mainly comprises two types of ingredients, an oil absorbing substance such as cornstarch and kaolin, and a scentless or an aromatic freshener such as paraben. Dry shampoo is majorly applied to absorb excessive sebum and to control odor. Sebum is a greasy mixture of an assortment fats and is produced by the sebaceous glands. It provides moisture to the hair and avoids brittleness and dryness. However, excessive sebum blocks the hair follicles, which causes infection and adversely impacts the productivity of hair growth cycle and results in hair thinning and sebum hair loss. Dry shampoo is an easy and quick solution to treat oily scalp by avoiding excessive hair washing. Fast-paced lifestyle of consumers is fuelling demand for on-the-go products, which in turn, is supporting market growth. Furthermore, the rising demand for hair styling and hair treatment services, and wide availability of variety of products for different consumer requirements are factors aiding growth of the market. For instance, there are tinted or clear dry shampoos for color treated hair and dry shampoo sprays for thick hair and unscented dry shampoos for allergic consumers. © Coherent market Insights. All Rights Reserved

REPORT DESCRIPTION The presence of harmful chemicals and preservatives such as ethanol, parabens, and magnesium silicate in most dry shampoos is hindering market growth. These chemicals are easily absorbed by the scalp and prolonged exposure to these chemicals can potentially harm human health. For instance, magnesium silicate is associated with cancer and respiratory toxicity. Moreover, certain dry shampoos create dusty or whitish residue on the scalp. These are the major factors, restraining growth of global dry shampoo market. North America dominated the market in 2016 and accounted for 35.68% share in the global dry shampoo market. Owing to the fast paced life styles of the consumers, there is a growing demand for dry shampoo as a water efficient product, which is easy and convenient to use owing to its on-the-go applicability. Furthermore, growing demand for personal care products in the region is another factor anticipated to support market growth of dry shampoo. According to the United States Census Bureau, the total retail trade sales of personal care and health care products in the U.S. increased from US$ 299,263 Mn in 2014 to US$ 315,257 Mn in 2015. Request sample Copy of this Report: © Coherent market Insights. All Rights Reserved

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