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Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018 Brochure

Full programme brochure for Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018

hagazussa Lukas

hagazussa Lukas Feigelfeld 102 min/ 2017 / Germany, Austria Sat 28/04 @ 16:00 Light House Official Selection: London Film Festival Sitges Film Festival Fantastic Fest Dublin Sci-Fi film Festival A haunting meditation on witchcraft and insanity, set in 15th century Austria, which offers a visceral and truly unique horror experience. Young Albrun lives with her mother in an isolated mountain hut. Life is hard enough, but when her mother falls gravely ill, Albrun is left traumatised and alone. 15 years later, Albrun has a child of her own, but with no husband in sight she is ostracised from her small community. As she forms a tentative friendship with a local woman, dark memories and psychotic delusions infiltrate Albrun’s thoughts and the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur. Although reminiscent of acclaimed period chiller The Witch in its heady fusion of mounting paranoia against a pagan backdrop, this hypnotic debut is quite a different beast. More abstract in its storytelling and lyrical in its approach, it owes as much to the cinema of Tarkovsky as it does the horror genre. – Michael Blyth, LFF 60 th anniversary: The Fly Kurt Neumann 94 min / 1958 / US Sat 28/04 @ 18:00 Generator Cert: 12 Wealthy Helene Delambre (Patricia Owens) is discovered late at night in the factory owned by her husband Andre (David Hedison). Helene stands beside a huge metal press, which has crushed the head and arm of her husband. Held for murder, the near-catatonic Helene refuses to tell anyone--not even Andre's brother Francois (Vincent Price)--why she did it. Francois cannot help but notice that Helene reacts in mortal terror when a tiny flies zips through the room. Nor can he disregard the statement made by Helene's son Philippe (Charles Herbert) that the fly has a curious white head and leg. When Francois pretends that he's captured the fly, Helene relaxes enough to tell her story. It seems that Andre, a scientist, had been working on a matter transmitter. “Funny, horrible and inventive – in its own deranged way this is a classic of 1950s horror.” – Film 4 9

Thread Alexander Voulgaris 93 min / 2016 / Greece Sat 28/04 @ 19:45 Generator Official Selection: LA Film Festival Thessaloniki IFF Göteborg Film Festival Political revolutionary Niki and her son Lefteris live in a world bound by memory, sexual nightmares, and the political chaos of Greece in the 1970s. Their existence is a claustrophobic fever dream in which one face merges into the next, meshing fantasy and horror. The result is a head trip that manages to defy the conventions of genre by crafting a savage meditation, oscillating among political aggression, motherhood and violence as protest. Writer/director Alexandros Voulgaris and lead Sofia Kokkali create an experience unlike any other, challenging the values of contemporary society with a unique cinematic articulation. Both vibrant and horrifying, Thread is Greek cinema at its most brutal and experimental; a burning hallucination that brands your brain and won’t let you wake up. – Adam Piron, LA Film Festival 50 th anniversary: Planet of the apes Franklin J Schaffner 112 min / 1968 / US sat 28/04 @ 21:45 Light house Cert: pg Dublin Sci-Fi film Festival Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall star in this legendary science fiction masterpiece. A group of astronauts, led by George Taylor (Charlton Heston), crash land on a strange planet where mute humans are treated as slaves by intelligent apes. Taylor is hunted down and captured by horse-riding gorillas, and then taken for experimentation by sympathetic chimpanzee Dr Zira (Kim Hunter). When Zira discovers Taylor’s intelligence, she and her fiancé Cornelius (Roddy McDowall) appeal to the governing council on his behalf, but the appeal fails, leaving the astronaut no choice but to go on the run. ““Planet of the Apes is an amazing film. A political-sociological allegory, cast in the mold of futuristic science-fiction, it is an intriguing blend of chilling satire, a sometimes ludicrous juxtaposition of human and ape mores, optimism and pessimism.” – Variety, 1968 10

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