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PRAGUE Presentation 3F

Wednesday, 7 th march

Wednesday, 7 th march Terezin Terezin was built in 1790 by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II of Hapsburg-Lorraine. Initially Terezin was a fortress called Theresienstadt in honor of Empress Maria Theresa. Terezin initially was military fortress, with the purpose of protecting Prague from possible attacks. Terezin was a very large fortress that could accommodate about 6.000 soldiers, while in wartime 11.000.Terezin was abandoned in 1882 and was turned into a prison. During the First World War Terezin was used as a concentration camp where many Russian deportees entered and were killed. In the Second World War Terezin was conquered by the Germans who turned it into a field of extermination where about 150,000 Jews were deported, many are running for lack of food and care, while others were shot. About 88.000 people were deported to Auschwitz and others in the camps of extermination, The survivors were about 17.000. On 9 May 1945 the Soviet forces liberated Terezin from the Nazis. After the war Terezin remained a military fortress until 1996 from that moment until today Terezin and a museum that recalls the past. Today many visitors go to Terezin to see how the Jews lived. Tommaso Accalai, Sara El Ghazouly 8

Visita del quartiere Nove Mesto (Città Nuova): Piazza Venceslao, Piazza Carlo e Municipio, la casa danzante. CHARLES BRIDGE is Prague's oldest bridge. It was begun in 1357 by Charles and was completed in 1402,it is called Charles bridge since 1870. It was 3 fortified towers and it is decorated by 30 statues of saints. The most important statue is the one of saint John of Napumuk, who is the patron saint of the Repubblica Ceca and was thrown from this Bridge into Cold Waters of the River in 1393 until 1841 Charles Bridge was the only means of Crossing the river so it was the most important connection between Prague Castle and the City Old Town. This Bridge also Made Prague important as a trade route between eastern and Western Europe. Only pedestrian can cross the bridge since The End of World War two. there are always many Tourist visit The Bridge The Best time to go there is at night or very Early in the morning. Oliver Jumbo 9

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