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2018 SunCruiser Okanagan

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“We catch a lot of

“We catch a lot of things during annual service calls and it’s worth the scheduled maintenance,” says Rylan Pfob, service manager of Malibu Marine in Kelowna, BC. Malibu Marine Some of the Most Common Trouble Shooting Tactics Include: • Ensure the Throttle is in Neutral. If it is, move it into gear and back to neutral. Sometimes gears don’t set properly. • Is the Safety Lanyard Connected. A safety lanyard can disconnect due to a lot of movement and once it is, you’re not going anywhere. • Check the Fuel Level. Fuel burns fast during watersports or long cruises. Ensure there’s enough to last the day and monitor the fuel gauge. • Inspect the Battery Connection. Ensure the connections are clean and tight. If there’s corrosion between the terminal lug and battery, remove the lugs and scrub it with a wire brush. Also, inspect the terminals on the back of the battery switch. • Make Sure the Gauges are Working: If the gauges are not responding, it usually means there’s no power getting to the dash or key switch. This could mean a blown ignition fuse, a bad circuit breaker, a loose harness plug, or malfunctioned key switch. With a little digging, inspect the main harness plug on the engine. Sometimes, the pins in the socket don’t make contact. Clean the pins and socket holes. • Do a Visual Inspection. If you’re lucky, the problem is staring right at you. Check all electrical connections, hoses, and belts to make sure everything has a firm fit. Beyond the basics, it could be any number of serious failures (which also means a tow) such as the fuel pump, raw water impeller, a broken belt, or an electrical failure, to name a BUILD your life here. A relaxed, down-to-earth, active community nestled beside Shuswap Lake in Blind Bay, BC (20 minutes west of Salmon Arm). The serenity of the outdoors is just steps from your front door. Connect with the important things in life in a place where you belong. • FULLY SERVICED, BUILDING SITES from $99,000 • 18 HOLE CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF COURSE • SANDY BEACHES, MARINA, COMMUNITY CENTRE • TENNIS AND PICKLEBALL COURTS • MARINA PICK UP FOR TEE TIMES REAL ESTATE SALES 250.675.4937 GOLF COURSE 1.800.661.3955 You Belong Here THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS 18 OKANAGAN SUNCRUISER

Volvo Penta Engine issues also arise from not running the boat enough. Even though they are not used, engines and their components still endure wear. few. What’s more, it’s pertinent to become familiar with your engine and its performance. This means studying the user manual(s), running the boat regularly and recognizing problems early such as lack of engine power, backfiring or not achieving top RPM. Preventative Maintenance “We catch a lot of things during annual service calls and it’s worth the scheduled maintenance,” says Pfob. “For instance, if we detect water in the drive oil, we are able to fix the issue for a few hundred dollars. Yet, if it goes undetected and a gear blows, it could cost around $10,000. It may seem like a high cost initially, but you will save a lot of money and headaches in the long run.” Pfob explains that some of the common problems are after winter storage – when a boat and engine have been idle for several months. So, spring maintenance is essential. Poor running characteristics, water leaks, faulty electronics, worn or damaged components are all common items that can be detected early in the season. Continued on page 23 DOCK LIGHTING Edge/Under/Surface/Colour Changing LED LIGHTING 250-309-4298 WWW.SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM 19