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2018 SunCruiser Okanagan

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F WEST KELOWNA Continued on PAGE 21 CHART E N 20ϒ E. Variation Use official Canadian Hydrographic Charts Continued on PAGE 24 CHART G 1. Private beaches and docks south of the inlet at Green Bay - no beaching. 2. Nice properties with private beaches and docks south of the light at Boucheries Point 3. Pritchard Park – Nice beach area with benches, playground and swimming area. 4. Boucheries Point – A light used by residents who live in the inlet is located on the north side of the private waterway called Westside Cays. Maximum speed is 5 km - this is a no-wake area. 5. Gellatly Bay Aquatic Park Society – Watch for the piling in front of the flat–roofed building. Pebble beaches to the north with picnic tables, washrooms, and swimming areas - beach with care. To the south there is a rock sea wall with steps that go down to the beach. A very beautiful bay with shelter from north winds. Private beaches and docks to the north with a marked swimming area. 6. Old wharf with a diving platform. Some beaching to the north - use caution. Very rocky shores to the south. 7. West Kelowna Yacht Club – (250-768-5472). Locked gate - members only. Pumpout station, water, and washrooms are provided. Powers Point Park (north side of yacht club) – Picnic tables and a large cement boat launch located here - watch for the marked swimming area. No boats on shore. 8. Marina Park – Nice beaches with a playground and swimming areas on the south side of the WYC breakwater. 9. Gellatly – Named after David E. Gellatly in 1900; he shipped the first cars of potatoes and was known as “The Potato King of the Okanagan.” He did more to foster the vegetable industry than any other man ever to have lived in the Okanagan. Private beaches and docks for 800 m south. 10. Pebble Beach Park – The sign beside the small, cedar, flat-roofed building says “Submarine Pipe.” A beautiful bay with shelter from north winds. Avoid private beaches and docks. There is some beaching south of the last homes and below the rock walls for approximately 400 m south (up to the “No Trespassing” sign). Watch for rocks close to the surface. 11. Seclusion Bay Resort - A great place to stay and enjoy the beauty of the Okanagan. Small day beaching areas north and south. 12. This marks the deepest waters south of Okanagan Lake bridge; 205 m. (672 feet). 13. Scruggins Reef – The rocks are very close to the surface for about 100 m offshore. On a clear day, if you look carefully in the water, you will see what looks like a Propeller Graveyard - good diving spot. Many people have damaged, broken, or lost their props here - use caution! Pilings by the shores so beach with care. 14. Nice bay offering shelter from north and south winds. There are some beaching areas to the north. Rocky shore - beach with care. 15. A small bay with shelter from south winds. No beaching for 1.6 km south. 16. Small pebble beach - beach with care. Shelter from south winds. Private docks to the north. 17. Large bay offering shelter from south winds. Rocky shore - no beaching. Private property to the north. 18. Beaching areas north of the house and orchard. Beach with care. 19. Small bay with a beaching area at the south end. Sign on shores says “No Moorage Overnight.” Avoid private docks to the north. 20. Private beaches and docks - no beaching. Shelter from south winds. Waterskiers should ski a proper distance away from private docks in Malibu Bay. 21. It has picnic tables, a playground, washrooms, beaching areas, a small dock and marked swimming areas. There is a swimming area north of the point and beaching south. Divers - It’s busy here so have a lookout in the boat. 22. Large, contemporary, multi-level, white house with tennis courts close to the beach that stands out from a considerable distance. 23. Beau Sejour Beach – Nice pebble beach with 22 OKANAGAN SUNCRUISER

marked swimming area. There is a boat launch for small aluminum boats with beaching at the south end. Nudity is quite common at the north end of the park. 24. Private beaches and docks for 1.6 km north and south. 25. Beautiful bay with private beaches and docks. 26. Bellevue Creek – Small beach area south of the point. Avoid private beaches and docks north of the creek. A Canadian flag flies at the Bellevue Creek entrance. 27. Sarsons Beach Park – Use caution: water is shallow. Sandy beaches, and a playground occupy the park. 28. A very nice, large bay with lots of beautiful homes. Home of the Central Okanagan Small Boat Association. Continued from page 19 “A boat commonly goes through an odd cycle as it’s used constantly through the summer, then sits for months in storage,” says Pfob. “Issues also arise from not running the boat enough and even though they are not used, engines and components still endure wear.” Potential Problems Might Include: Dead battery(s): Even with battery isolator switches, a battery can lose all power even with the switch off as the bilge pump still operates to get rid of excess water from common leaks through hull fittings, worn hoses, or rain water. The pump automatically turns on if the water gets too high and if the boat is left long enough it will drain the battery. Overheating: If an impellor is not used enough (and left in a stationary position in the pump housing) the impellor veins deform and won’t operate properly, thus limiting the amount of water required to cool the engine. Corroded Electrical Engine Components: Boats are typically in a humid environment and if starters, alternators, or relays are not operated regularly, they can corrode and fail to operate. Water in Fuel: Today’s fuels typically have some percentage of ethanol, which absorbs moisture, which then accumulates in the fuel tank. Over time, it can cause poor engine performance and shorten the life of the fuel filter or injectors. Volvo Penta “It all comes down to understanding your engine’s operation,” says Pfob. “We recommend doing an oil change once a year and staying on top of the general maintenance by having a qualified marine mechanic work on the engine or address issues as they arise.” New Line! Where Service Makes the Difference • New Boat Sales • Used Boat Sales • Certified Technicians for inboard and outboard engines WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED ON THE WATER: stand up paddleboards, wakeboards, kneeboards, wakeskates, 1-4 person tubes, tow ropes and more! Come check us out, we look forward to helping you! 1890 Byland Road, West Kelowna, BC 250-769-1466 WWW.SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM 23