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Beyond123 Catalog 2018

Beyond123 Catalog 2018

Bracelet Cube wearable

Bracelet Cube wearable art and puzzle in one portable creativity that never leaves your hand solve the cube puzzle in 10+ different ways or make your own stylish designs with this elastic cord-connected metal bracelet A0461 Blue A0462 Gold A0463 Rose Gold A0464 Iron Gray A0465 Green 16 Playable ART Bracelet Cube | ages 13-99 | SRP $12

Spinning Tree Tops spin these tree tops on its stem like an actual tree, or flip it around and spin it the traditional way! handcrafted and painted in natural green, this 3-top set includes a stand cut fresh from a real log A0486 Playable ART Spinning Tree Tops ages 7-99 SRP $35 17

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