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Electra Vol.19

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A B C DRESS YOURSELF. DRESS YOUR BIKE. D Now that you’ve found your bike, It’s time to make it your own. . Be sure to check out our our Life and Accessories Catalog or for ways to trick out your ride. E As fun as it would be, you can’t live your whole life on your bike. So this year we added a line of bags, shirts and socks that go beyond the bike and into your life. A B C D E HANDLEBAR CAMERA MOUNT (368798) AMSTERDAM BELL (328619) REAR MOUNT WICKER SADDLE BASKETS w/LINER (368792) POLISHED ALLOY RACK (368766) Designed to Fit Amsterdam AMSTERDAM BUBBLE VALVE CAP (328277) E

Special Thanks to Barrio Star Restaurant. Photography by Brian Kuhlmann, Mark Clifford and James Cassimus. More at

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