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2 A p r i l 1 2 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w R R R R R Published by Coronation Review Limited PrairieView Why Canadian peacekeepers? by Herman Schwenk Our ‘selfie’ Prime Minister seems to think it is real important for Canada to be involved in a peacekeeping mission some place in the world. One of his promises during the last election was that Canada would again provide peacekeepers for the United Nations (UN). The fact that there isn’t any peace to keep anywhere in the world doesn’t seem to have registered with him. Some time ago Minister of Defense, Harjit Sajjan was interviewed by Evan Solomon on CTV’s Question Period. He asked the defense minister “How is the peacekeeping mission in Canada’s interest?” Of course, he did not answer the question, he said there is a need in the UN for more peacekeepers. Well, there is a need for all kinds of things in the UN, especially some common sense policy. “ The UN is so ineffective, thus a Canadian representative on that council would have virtually no impact anyway. Trudeau always seems to talk glowingly about the UN. In his view it is the greatest institution that was ever developed. In my view, it has become a useless organization that is mostly controlled by third world left-wing dictatorships. The Western World provides the majority of the finances for the UN to operate, however there are many resolutions passed by these countries that criticize the West and tend to bite the hand that feeds them. I have stated in previous columns that the West should quit financing the UN and then see what they do. They have been trying for years to turn it into a world government. Can you just imagine the mess the world would be in if that were to happen? “ 72 pt East Central Alberta EVIEW 60 pt 48 pt 36 pt V I E W P O I N T S With those left-wing dictators calling the shots, the world would disintegrate into unimaginable chaos. What Canada has decided to do is have the military deploy six helicopters with over 200 support troops including medical teams to the West African country of Mali later this year. There is no peace to keep in that country. It is a very dangerous area. So far there have been about 160 peacekeepers killed in that country by Muslim extremists. In 2016 Trudeau and the federal government proposed to send 600 Canadian soldiers and 150 police on a peacekeeping mission somewhere in the world. To me it was a reckless promise made by Trudeau to impress other world leaders. I think the real reason for this entire exercise is to raise the profile of Canada in the eyes of the UN. Trudeau has been harping about the need for Canada to have a seat on the UN 15-member Security Council. Canada failed to secure a seat on the council when Stephen Harper was the Prime Minister. In fact, the Liberals accused Harper of deliberately sabotaging the opportunity for Canada to have a representative on the Security Council. In my view, the Security Council is a toothless tiger. It is made up of five permanent and 10 rotating temporary members. The permanent members have a veto and very often when a serious resolution is proposed China and or Russia will veto the motion. This is one of the main reasons why the UN is so ineffective. Thus a Canadian representative on that council would have virtually no impact anyway. However that does not seem to matter to this government as the one and only reason to deploy a peacekeeping mission is to convince the UN that Canada is entitled to a seat on the Security Council. I have an idea. If we can get rid of Trudeau in the next election (God help us if we can’t), I think a good career move for him would be to get a job to work directly for the UN. That way he would have his ‘world stage’ to perform on. It would be a good match. One is about as useless as the other. - COPYRIGHT NOTICE - All printed material, written, display advertising and photographs are the sole property of The ECA Review. No reproduction of this material or layout including social media is permitted without written consent of the Publisher. Call us for more info. LETTERS POLICY • Letters to the Editor are welcomed • Must be signed and a phone number included so the writer’s identity can be verified. • ECA Review reserves the right to edit letters for legal considerations, taste and brevity. Letters and columns submitted are not necessarily the opinion of this newspaper. MEMbER of: Office Hours Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 5 pm R 30 pt Subscriptions: 4921 - Victoria Avenue $42.00 in Canada; $74.20 in US; Tel. (403) 578-4111 R 24 pt $135.15 Overseas. (All prices include GST) Mail: Box 70, Coronation, AB Canada, T0C 1C0 Website Alberta Press Council Do you have a concern or complaint about a newspaper article or ad? If after bringing your concerns to the attention of this newspaper, you are not satisfied, you may contact the Alberta Press Council at or toll free in Alberta at 1-888-580-4104 for information. The opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of this newspaper. On the Other Hand Jungles and civilizations by B.P. Schimke It’s horrifying to think how much personal information we are prepared to give away and how willingly we accept others’ opinions with little independent research and thought. Much of it comes down to our animal instinct to follow a leader so as to feel like we belong. Yet throughout history all great human tragedies occur when we stop thinking for ourselves and start rationalizing the decisions and behaviours of a human leader, either forced or willingly. Giving up our minds and personality to Facebook, Twitter and Bots is particularly astonishing. Facebook didn’t coerce billions of people worldwide to give up tomes of personal information, it was voluntary. When we give up our sleep patterns, eating habits, vital statistics and exercise activities by joining an app or wearing a Fitbit, should we not consider that some day this data could easily be used against us to restrict medical insurance coverage? Smart phones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart security systems, smart cars and baby monitors are basically electronic spies that we voluntarily let into what was once private spaces—bedroom, home and car. All may be convenient but, in the same way Facebook was lauded for bringing connectivity to distant friends and family, each smart item can be easily weaponized. I’m a great advocate of reading fiction as much as non-fiction. The advantage of fiction is that it’s often based on historical events but even more, it puts you in the shoes of others whom you may never cross in real life. Reading Victorian literature such as works by Jane Austin showed how privilege and inequality eventually stymied a society. Recalling the past is particularly relevant today as the top one per cent is menacingly wealthy and insulated, while anger and fear amongst those losing ground are turning democracies upside down. Thinking back to George Orwell’s book “1984” or Margaret Atwood’s, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, both depict societies controlled by a central authority where individual thought was punishable by death. Stories albeit, but it’s a sound reminder. Adolf Hitler masterfully manipulated the minds of ordinary, good Germans into monsters. It’s similar to what Donald Trump has successfully done to a vast majority of evangelicals who now support and justify a man who promotes racism, infidelity, dishonesty, obstruction of justice, bullying and greed simply because of who he might appoint to the Supreme Court. Former Governor General, David Johnston in his book “Letters to a Nation”, quotes author Hugh MacLennan’s analogy on jungles and civilizations, “In the relatively rare periods in the past that we call civilized, people understood that a civilization is like a garden cultivated in a jungle. “As flowers and vegetables grow from cultivated seeds, so do civilizations grow from carefully studied, diligently examined ideas and perceptions. “In nature, if there are no gardeners, the weeds that need no cultivation take over the garden and destroy it.” Facebook was not the sole culprit in the 2016 U.S. or the Brexit elections. Ordinary citizens share much of the blame. Distrust of elected officials, hatred of the press, applauding fake news and letting others think for us is a sure way to return our gardens of democracy back to the jungles of autocratic rule. Joyce Webster Publisher/Editor YvoNNe tHulien Manager Gayle Jaraway Marketing 403-578-4111 Bonny WILLIAMs Circulation Manager Lisa MyERs-sortLAnd Graphic Artist JUDY WALGENBACH Marketing 403-740-2492 R 18 pt

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b A p r i l 1 2 ' 1 8 3 Forestburg Council Frozen waterline to be dealt with Emily Wheller ECA Review Many concerned village citizens joined the Forestburg regular council meeting on April 5, regarding frozen waterlines and the fact they have not been dealt with. “ I know why you are here, and I will say justifiably so, you are here for a reason. This whole issue which, has been going on for weeks, I can not defend, and I will not try to defend,” began Mayor Blaise Young. “We were told over and over that there was nothing that could be done or basically we weren’t going to do anything until everything would thaw out. “I took a lot of calls, some from you people that are in here tonight.” “I called a special meeting of council yesterday, and in that meeting we have decided we are going to take action,” continued Young, “and this action was if it can be fixed, we are going to fix it. We said we would do what has to be done.” Mayor Young shared that the line on Railway Avenue has froze solid, and that the line is made with asbestos cement, meaning there more than likely will be a break in the line due to its current frozen state. “We are taking steps” stated Mayor Young “I think council, myself, CAO and our public works people, will be looking at some new protocols for next year, because when these things happen they need to be dealt with.” “Potable water, I think, if one of the nesessities of life,” Mayor Young stated ”I think a municipality has to do everything they can to make sure residents have potable water.” Town of Stettler council Mayor Young said work to amend the issue will begin right away. Deputy Mayor Bob Coutts told council that this is not an isolated incident, and that other municipalities such as Hardisty, are also dealing with frozen waterlines. “We are going to do whatever is necessary to help every citizen of Forestburg.” Strategic planning Council has decided to hire Russell Farmer and Associates Consulting Ltd. to develop a municipal strategic plan for 2018 to 2022. The cost for Farmer and Associates is $5,400 plus $500 in expenses, although there are additional options to include if council wishes. The 2018 budget allows up to $10,000 towards strategic planning. Cannabis bylaws pass first reading Linda Stillinger ECA Review Stettler Town Council gave first reading to amendments to the Land Use and Smoking Bylaws at their Apr. 3 meeting. The impending legalization of cannabis in Canada triggered a review of the bylaws to determine amendments required for the permitting of cannabis retail sales, production, and consumption in the Town of Stettler. Initial council discussions took place with the Committee of the Whole on Mar. 13 with council directing administration to prepare appropriate amendments. According to Leann Graham, director of planning and development, an evaluation of the province’s Order in Council amending the Gaming and Liquor Act to the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, revealed that changes were needed to both bylaws in order to bring Stettler’s legislation in line with provincial and federal standards. The proposed changes are designed to ensure that the Town of Stettler and cannabis retail sales or production facilities comply with legislated regulations. Following provincial standards, Stettler’s new bylaw besides RCMP Mischief, theft Coronation RCMP received two separate complaints concerning property related crimes to motor vehicles in the town of Coronation. One incident occurred sometime overnight on Sat., March 24, and the other on Wed. March 28, 2018. On March 24, unknown suspect(s) vandalized an SUV parked on George Street by the Coronation School. Turn to Snowmobile, Pg 3 3” wide version complying to provisions of the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, a premises described in a cannabis license may not have any part of an exterior wall that is located within 100 meters of a provincial health care facility or a boundary of the parcel of land on which the facility is located, a building containing a school or a boundary of a parcel of land on which the building is located, or a parcel of land that is designated as school or municipal reserve or municipal reserve. Development permits will not be required for the cultivation of cannabis plants for personal use not exceeding four plants that must be contained indoors. Stettler’s Development Authority will consider the proximity and relevance of impact to facilities frequented by children and youth, including but not limited to: day care facilities, Parent Link centres, parks, recreation facilities and youth centres as part of the decision making process for applications for cannabis retail sales or production facility permits. Smoking Bylaw – Cannabis Amendments Proposed changes to Smoking Bylaw 1898-04 include provisions for cannabis consumption. The Town of Stettler bylaw will strictly prohibit the smoking of cannabis on any hospital, school, or child/ youth facility or any buildings or land designated as a public place. In addition, no person may smoke cannabis within the following prescribed distances: 6m of an entrance or exit to a public building, a town building or from the boundary of a designated public place - land, or from an entrance or exit April is Dig Safe Month Whether you are a professional excavator, or a homeowner working in your backyard, always remember to visit before digging! to a workplace. No person may smoke cannabis in public transportation vehicles and public transportation vehicle shelters. The town will kick off public information sharing at their booth at the upcoming Stettler Trade Show with complete information of all the proposed changes and maps highlighting designated areas made available to the public. A public hearing is scheduled for May 1 before third reading is passed. Thank you to everyone that came out for our Grand Opening on Saturday. It was an awesome day with a fantastic turnout. Congratulations to the winners of the door prizes! 1. DeWalt Tool Box- Kathy Pivert 2. Exchange A Blade 10” set- Oliver Ball 3. Sexton Group Lunch Bag- Verle Klassen 4. Schlage Keyless Deadbolt- Tony Nibourg 5. DeWalt Circular Saw- Will Rehman 6. $100.00 Gift Certificate- Mark Hancock 7. Ladies Jacket- Zenaida Thorpe 8. Men’s Jacket- Susan Sissou 9. Prime Air Hose Reel- Jody Wohlgemuth 10. 2 Golf Shirts- Ken Johnston Stettler Building Supplies Ltd. Where Quality & Service Still Count. 4201-49 th Ave., Stettler, AB 403 743 0684 Stettler Mon – Fri 7:30 Building AM - 5:30 PM; Sat Supplies – 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Ltd. Drumheller Denture Clinic Committed to Quality and Excellence 403-823-7081 (195-3rd Ave., Drumheller, M, W, Th & F) 403-854-3258 (Hanna, Beside the Brick - Tuesdays 10-3) Full & Partial Dentures Implant Retained Denture Relines and Repairs Same Day Jeff Dallmann, Denturist Free Consultations The past strategic plan has expired and does not address the challenges of Forestburg. Hanna Hospital Auxiliary Rummage SALE Sat., April 28 10 am - 2:30 pm Hanna Arena & Curling Rink Over 200 tables of Odds & Ends, Lots of Clothing, etc... Remember to mark your calendar! Thomas Koehler Biggs TK Ranch September 23, 1929 – January 2, 2018 A celebration of Tom’s life will take place on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 2 pm, at the Seniors’ Drop-in Centre, 5001 Royal Street, Coronation. All guests are welcome; a light lunch will be served. De Jong’s Tours 5 Day Trip to Medora Musical in North Dakota June 14-18 – Cost $895.00/person dbl. Includes transportation, 4 nights’ accommodation, baggage handling, all breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, the Pitchfork Fondue, a professional tour director, and a show called, ‘Cabaret’ Call for detailed brochure. 7 Day Trip to the Sisters Quilt Show in Bend, Oregon July 10-16 – Cost $1,250.00/person dbl. Includes transportation, 6 nights’ accommodation, baggage handling, all breakfasts, 1 lunch, a professional tour director, and many more attractsion. Call for detailed brochure. 6 Day Trip to Norsk Hostfest in Minot North Dakota September 24-29 – Cost $1,095.00/person dbl., Single $1,650.00 Includes transportation, 5 nights’ accommodation, last night at the Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa, all breakfasts, Scandinavian Heritage Park, Our headline shows include Daniel O-Donnell, shuttle bus tickets from hotel to the pavilion. Call for departure time. 17 Day Trip to Nashville, Branson & Pigeon Forge October 23-November 8 – Cost $3,580.00/person dbl. Includes transportation, 16 nights’ accommodation, baggage handling, all breakfasts, 1 lunch, 7 dinners, shows in Branson and a professional tour director. Call for detailed brochure. To book any of these trips, or for a detailed brochure, call 1-866-362-5416, email or visit: We now accept Visa and MasterCard. 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