7 months ago

5 Ways to Alleviate Back Pain in the Office

There are a few simple things shared by Los Angeles spine surgery experts that you can do to alleviate your back pain and make your work day a more pleasant experience.

2- Optimize Your Desk

2- Optimize Your Desk Getting your computer screen to the right level so you are not straining your neck is important. By keeping yourself in an unnatural position for hours at a time will certainly wind up causing you pain. Many desks now have an adjustable keyboard tray that you can configure to the right height so your arms and shoulders rest naturally. A stand-up desk is also an option, although your employer may not want to cover the cost. However, there are kits you can buy that will convert your current desk into a standing desk, which you can switch it up throughout the day. This way you are not in a single position for too long.

3- Change Computer Monitor Height Most people have their computer monitor setup too low. This puts far too much strain on the neck. You should position the bottom of your computer screen at the same level as your chin, which can prevent you from slumping forward and straining to see your work. If you work on a laptop you should seriously consider using a secondary monitor. The laptop screen is far too low and will cause you to strain your neck.