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The Star: April 12, 2018

The Star: April 12,

Supreme NewSpAper of The YeAr Thursday, April 12, 2018 Our fee is from 1% min fee applies FULL SERVICE FREE APPRAISALS Call Debra Hakaraia 0275 620 420 03 384 8600 The best read and largest circulating newspaper in Christchurch Plea to Megan Woods THE STAR is calling on Megan Woods and other Christchurch Government MPs to move faster to solve the disgraceful hospital park and ride situation. Dr Woods, who is Minister of Greater Christchurch Regeneration, Ruth Dyson, Poto Williams, Duncan Webb and Eugenie Sage have been in power since the Labour-led coalition was voted in several months ago. There was strong Labour voter support in Christchurch. It’s now time for Woods, Dyson, Webb, Williams and Sage to repay that confidence. But in spite of pre-election drum-beating nothing has yet been done about the situation at park and ride. Sage hasn’t even bothered to respond to The Star inquiries about park and ride – an issue this newspaper has highlighted since last winter. Today we are again highlighting the plight of hospital patients and visitors – like this pregnant woman in the photo (right) and the gentleman (above) who has cancer. A disgrace. - Barry Clarke, Editor •Turn to pages 4 &5 for the full story Teammates talk about the great Fergie McCormick – see pages 6 & 7 The only heat pump to guarantee full heating output right down to -15°C! Call us today for your free quote! 03 377 0034 Start your own story 03 348 1994 |