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How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock 13 Steps


How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock: 13 Steps 2) Attach the clock mechanism (removed in Step 4) to the backside of your record by placing a few drops of superglue on the gearbox and pressing it against the record. *Tips - Be sure to orient the top of the clock mechanism with the top of your clock's design. Add Tip V Ask Question | Comment Download Step 11: Assemble the Clock (continued) *Optional Step 3) If you so desire, attach any numbers, markings, or decorations to the face of your clock. *Tips - This is a great opportunity to recycle those screws from Step 3! Add Tip V Ask Question | Comment Download[16/02/2018 19:35:58]

How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock: 13 Steps Step 12: Assemble the Clock (continued) 4) Reattach the clock hands to the mechanism by popping them into place *Tips - The clock hands might not fit the first time due to excess paint on the mounting ring. To solve this, simply scrape it off using the X-acto knife. Add Tip V Ask Question | Comment Download Step 13: Brag![16/02/2018 19:35:58]

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