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BREAST AUGMENTATION AND LIFTS EXPLAINED YOUR BREASTS, YOUR CHOICES “ Whether you are a mother whose breasts have lost their fullness and perkiness due to breastfeeding, or a woman who simply wants to feel more confident about her body, you have choices. Regardless of your circumstances, Dr. Quinn has options to help you recover or construct more youthful, shapely breasts. “ 02 | WWW.QUINNPLASTICSURGERY.COM

Whether you need a breast augmentation, breast lift, silicone implants, or saline implants, Dr. Quinn will help you make the decision that’s right for you. Call Quinn Plastic Surgery at 913-492-3443 to schedule a consultation and discuss your personal needs with Dr. Quinn, a breast lift and augmentation expert in Kansas City. Our consultations are always personal, private, and obligation-free. Dr. Quinn and his staff have options to fit your individual needs. Read on or visit for more information about lifts and implants, and the various choices and considerations available for you. 03 | WWW.QUINNPLASTICSURGERY.COM

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