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2017 Annual Report Final


TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY Information Technology is experiencing rapid growth and change at the Sheriff’s Office. As more advanced technology is developed, the I.T. personnel at the Sheriff’s Office work hard to stay on top of new and innovative changes in the field. In 2017, the I.T. specialists at the Sheriff’s Office completed the move to a new records management system. Spillman Records Management System allows for mobile reporting from the mobile data terminals (MDT) in the patrol cruisers and helps to streamline the booking process. The system also allows personnel to track and manage various records, such as name, property, and incident reports, and it stores it all in a centralized database. This system allows for connectivity of records to one another. The goal is to more easily identify relationships within the data and streamline processes within the agency. It is a paperless records management system, which saves the patrolmen time by inputting reports directly into the system. All patrol vehicle are outfitted with new MDTs that connect wireless to the Sheriff’s Office server. I.T. was also responsible for overseeing the replacement of some of the cameras in the Justice Center, as well as adding cameras to the correctional facility. In 2017, the Sheriff’s Office purchased two Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. One I.T. professional and one patrol deputy is certified to operate the systems. The sUAS is used to obtain an aerial perspective for crime scene documentation, as well as aiding in searches of missing persons and apprehending fugitives. I.T. is comprised of four professionals who are responsible for establishing and maintaining all of the computer information systems and their security, as well as software for the Sheriff’s Office. I.T. is also responsible for the video camera and security systems inside the Justice Center and the communications systems in Sheriff’s Office vehicles, including radio and in-car camera systems. In 2017, the Sheriff’s Office purchased additional body cameras, with the goal of allowing every patrol and front-line deputy to be outfitted with a body camera, granting greater transparency on the job. 24

LT. TOM HOOD 1999 - 2017 SGT. JOHN HOWELL 2001 - 2017 2017 RETIREMENTS DEPUTY JAMES PEARSON 1998 - 2017 DEPUTY DEBBIE MILLSAPPS 1999 - 2017 DEPUTY SHEILA FORTNER 2007 - 2017 2017 PROMOTIONS LT. DAVID WHEELER ADULT CORRECTIONS SGT. ANDREW HOWDESHELL ADULT CORRECTIONS CPL. JESSICA HOUSTON ADULT CORRECTIONS CPL. CHRIS PRYOR ADULT CORRECTIONS CPL. SARINA WILBURN JUVENILE CORRECTIONS Congratulations!! A special thanks and best wishes to Deputy Chief James Long who left the BCSO in May to start a new career as Director of Blount County 911. Deputy Chief Long spent 27 years with the BCSO. 25

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