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2017 Annual Report Final

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Photo courtesy of Justin Wright Photography Dear Citizens of Blount County, On behalf of the men and women of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, we welcome you to the BCSO 2017 annual report so that you can see some of the many activities we undertake to keep you and Blount County safe. It is an honor to continue to represent the more than 300 deputies who serve alongside me, and I consider it a privilege to work to keep the citizens of this county safe. This report is designed to give you an overview of Sheriff’s Office operations, highlight local issues we are tackling to include crime, drug addiction, the budget, and public safety. We also focus on the many functions within the Sheriff’s Office. With so many responsibilities, the BCSO continues to evolve as we move toward the future and the many advances in technology in law enforcement. Our many functions work together with the goal of providing the finest public safety services to Blount County’s citizens. We faced many challenges in 2017, namely the illicit drug and opioid epidemic that is plaguing this county and our nation. Drug crimes drive the majority of our other crimes in Blount County. Our Narcotics Unit, as part of the Fifth Juducial Drug Task Force, continues to concentrate efforts on ridding our community of the drug dealers who attempt to peddle this poison in our community. Narcotics agents and BCSO deputies made hundreds of felony drug arrests and seized a large amount of crystal methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and other illegal drugs in 2017, with no let up in the new year as part of our quest to keep drugs out of our area. We experienced many positives in Blount County in 2017. In October, we launched MESSAGE FROM SHERIFF JAMES LEE BERRONG an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) program that as far as we know is oneof-a-kind in Tennessee. Ten deputies became certified EMRs. They are spread throughout the shifts, and available to provide some medical services to improve medical care in the county. This program was made possible with the help of Blount County Mayor Ed Mitchell, who saw a need to fill a void in medical services in Blount County. We also took delivery of a 2017 Lenco BearCat, purchased with drug funds and at no cost to taxpaxers. This 4 x 4 response and rescue vehicle is used to transport personnel, provide ballistic protection for deputies and citizens during critical incidents, and navigate severe weather conditions, to name just a few. With this equipment, deputies are prepared to address any situation. In November we offered an active shooter seminar for church leaders and church security team members. We expected a couple hundred people to attend, and were amazed that more than 1,200 people filled the worship center at East Maryville Baptist Church to hear Sgt. Josh Blair talk about ways to deter active shooter situations and techniques to use if an active shooter situation occurs at church. These are just a few of the good things that we implemented in 2017. Additional programs are covered in the “2017 In Review” section on pages 28 & 29. The Blount County Sheriff’s Office continues to make the most of our resources while remaining within our budget. I am of the strong belief that Blount County is one of the best places to work, live, and visit, and it’s thanks to our citizens that we maintain a superior quality of life. Thank you for your faith in me and our deputies to continue to serve you, and please let me know if there is anything I or this office can do for you. Sincerely, 6

Organizational Chart BLOUNT COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE ORGANIZATION CHART – January 1, 2018 Internal Affairs P.O.S.T. Training Operations SHERIFF James Berrong Chief Deputy, Jeff French Lieutenant, Administrative Ops. Support & FTO - Charles Garner Captain, Administrative Ops. Jeff Burchfield Deputy Chief, Administrative Operations Jarrod Millsaps Deputy Chief, Patrol and Public Safety Operations (OPEN) Deputy Chief, Support Operations Chris Cantrell Deputy Chief, Investigative Operations Ron Talbott Records & Office Management-NCIC Public Information Officer Fleet Management Technology/IT Human Resources Quartermaster & Supply Management Special Projects Patrol and Public Safety Community Relations, Chaplain, Sr. Outreach, Analysis & Reporting School Resource Officers Adult & Juvenile Detention Court Services Civil & Criminal Process TCI/Corrections Training Accreditation, Background Investigations, Professional Standards Crime Scene Investigations/Property and Evidence Criminal, Narcotics and Special Investigations Sex Offender Registry Victim/Witness Coordination 7

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