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Chapter 1 -16- elected

Chapter 1 -16- elected officials. The guest speaker was a U.S. Senator. Seeing Tom come in on crutches, the senator learned of Tom’s illness and told him about a cancer treatment center off-shore that was having good results. With the help of friends, he and Betty and their infant son flew there for a six-week program. There he found a fertile field for sharing the gospel because most of the patients were frightened about the prospect of facing death. In spite of his own pain, Tom and Betty began a ministry to these patients. They would hold church services several times each week and after church, they had a barbecue for them and ministered in prayer and fellowship. Tom would speak to each patient about the Lord’s grace and love, and many people came to know Christ. He also spoke in some churches on the island. When others asked how he could minister while he himself was in pain, he had an easy answer. “If my life is going to be short, then I’ll make the most of it.” Tom received half the normal dose of radiation and double the dose of God’s touch, and the tumor finally disappeared. Later he learned that some doctors would have given him only a couple of months to live in which case he would not have seen his son. Not only did he enjoy his firstborn, Tim, but two other sons, Daniel and David followed. Republished by Witnessing Made Easy 2018

Chapter 1 -17- God blessed the ministry, and several years later they established a retreat in Tennessee for those in public service and for church groups to get alone with God and with each other. Groups come from all over the southeastern states, and Tom shares his testimony with many of them. He speaks in churches across the state and around the nation urging people to pray for their elected officials. Tom has remembered his promise to never pass up an opportunity to share his faith in Jesus Christ with all whom the Lord puts in his path. Mountain Lake Ranch has grown to include chalets for guests, staff housing, a chapel and 2 group lodges. Tom and Betty and their three sons serve the Lord faithfully and have their home base at the Ranch. He still keeps in touch with his birth mother. So the boy who longed for someone who would love him enough to keep him, found the One Who loved him enough to die for him and Who will keep him for all eternity. Republished by Witnessing Made Easy 2018