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The Tom Munson Story

The Tom Munson Story This dramatic true story was originally presented on “UNSHACKLED”, Pacific Garden Mission’s award-winning radio series heard on over 1,200 radio outlets around the world.

Chapter 1 -3- On Mother’s Day most people honor their mothers with phone calls, flowers or a gift. Mother’s Day came for Tom Munson when he was thirty years old and went to see his mother for the first time. With trembling heart he approached the apartment building where she lived, pushed the buzzer and waited. The voice he had longed to hear all his life came through the intercom, “Yes?” He identified himself as a minister out of Clearwater, Florida and said he wanted to talk with her. Her curt response dismissed him, “I’m kind of busy right now.” Again he pushed the buzzer and again she responded, irritably this time, “What do you want?” “Do you remember a Tommy Lawrence McCoy?” This time her voice was trembulous, “I--I’ll be right down.” While he waited for the mother he didn’t know, the mother who had abandoned him when he was an infant, Tom thought of all the foster homes where he had lived, the loneliness, the fear of being rejected time after time. He would just get used to one family when, without warning or explanation, he would be sent to a new home. Each family talked about loving him but failed to keep him, nonetheless. How he longed for a mother and father to love him enough to keep him. When he was nine, he came home from school and found Republished by Witnessing Made Easy 2018