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How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing

How to use LinkedIn as an advertising platform as taught by Trevor Turnbull.

Introduction Welcome!

Introduction Welcome! And congratulations on taking either your first step in affiliate marketing or for those of you seasoned vets - glad to be able to show you this additional method that can be added into your holster of strategies. This E-Book is entirely based on research done within the marketing space and LinkedIn statistics as of and around 2018. Who is the Health Life Influencer? Just another person in the affiliate space wanting to share the wealth of knowledge in a clear and concise manner that hopefully opens doors if not blasts them open. Nothing more, nothing less. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, make sure to pay it forward someday when you have it all figured out. Our community is built upon those who have succeeded ahead of us and offered a helping hand in return. We have a lot of ground to cover and not much time to do it in since everyone is always rushing to know “what to do” and “what are the steps damn, it” so let’s make the required elements brief. When promoting products make sure you at least did the research and joined the email list of the vendor for tips and insights. Some will offer you a bonus percentage per commissioned sales for doing so and know their products (or at least should), better than anyone else. Don’t be shy, reach out and ask for demographics, statistics, audience insights, pre-launch dates so you can hype the product on just about any platform out there. Promote with conviction. If you’re full of it - it will ooze out of your copy and ads as you flounder about attempting to get into the green. Be genuine, be kind, and always - ALWAYS - test. Relentlessly. The competition out there is thick and you’re just the kind of person to bootstrap your way through. So congrats again on taking the step in branching out. Now, let’s use some LinkedIn!

Why Use LinkedIn? Great question! Here are some statistics that should help you out. Microsoft issued a number sometime back not long ago that stated, over 500 MILLION users are on LinkedIn these days. 500 Million. Facebook is close to 2 Billion Instagram is close if not surpassing 800 Million. Twitter is closing in on 340 Million. Snapchat has 150 Million. Just by taking a look at the numbers - you’ll quickly realize why jumping on the LinkedIn train pre-saturation phase is the way to go. Pretty soon Amazon will have its own advertising platform like Facebook and game over. They take over the world. But we digress… If you haven’t heard the term “blue ocean” before, it stems from a concept of heading to unchartered and much less crowded waters of marketing. Everyone is trying to sell a weight loss program = red ocean. The guy trying to sell weight loss via CBD oil extracts to mothers ages 30-60? Blue ocean - and you’re welcome for that idea. LinkedIn at the moment = blue ocean. But you should hurry in an organized manner. Before heading further into the details of what’s ahead. If you’re

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